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Top 5 Legendary Scout Rifles + Pro Tips

Published on: Mar 25, 2015 @ 19:37 Scout Rifles fit comfortably in the category of designated marksman rifles, a primary weapon with ‘sniping’ qualities, encouraging users to place patient and accurate shots. This weapon class hasn’t seen much change in the recent patches, continuing to stay fairly strong. We also have a top 5 list for auto, fusion, and pulse rifles. [divider] The Basics As with any weapon, scout rifles can be used aggressively or cautiously, but you’ll probably do better if you try and remain at a distance. You will not prevail through reckless engagements that you may be able to


The Saterienne Rapier Review

To the death! The Saterienne Rapier is a Legendary primary scout rifle. This weapon is purchasable from the Crucible Quartermaster, and can also be rewarded randomly. 7.6/10 8.7/10 The good: High stability, quick reload speed, great default perks. The bad: Average range, low magazine size. Conclusion: Its vendor perks are too good to pass up. Read the full review here This is a Legendary WeaponScout Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded272/331 Quality Lvl60 Rate of Fire 37 Impact 48 Range 74 Stability 52 Reload 74 Magazine Size 13 Aim Assist 44 Equip Speed 53 Recoil Direction 63 Zoom 20 Talent