Destiny Confirmed for Sony’s E3 Presentation

In addition to Destiny’s 20-minute E3 showcase scheduled for Tuesday, June 10th at 2:00pm PST, Destiny will also have a spot during Sony’s E3 press conference. Sony’s conference is scheduled for 6:00pm on June 9th, but it is unknown at what point in the presentation Destiny will be featured. This information was confirmed by the Official Destiny twitter account earlier today.

Firestream Guardian Wallpapers

The ever talented fan-artist Firestream, just released a Destiny Titan wallpaper for you to use to your hearts content. The reason the title says “Wallpapers” is because Firestream noted that he plans to make similar wallpapers for both the Warlock and the Hunter. I’ll add the new ones to this post when they become available. Check out more of Firestream’s artwork on his site. [divider] More Destiny Wallpapers For more awesome Destiny wallpapers, be sure to check out our Wallpapers page here on [button color=”white” size=”big” link=”” ]Click here for more Destiny Wallpapers[/button]  

E3 Destiny Showcase: 2:00pm PST, June 10th

Today Twitch released their official livestreaming schedule for E3 2013. The announcement states that Destiny will have a 20 minute showcase at 2:00pm PST on Tuesday, June 10th. While not confirmed, it may also be possible to see more Destiny footage during the Sony presentation. If you remember back to last year’s E3, Bungie demoed Destiny during the PS4 showcase. Check out the full schedule on [divider] Twitch Livestream Schedule Monday 6/9 PT 9:30am – Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing 11:00am – Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing Post show 11:30pm – Hotline Miami 2 (Dennaton Games/Devolver Digital) 12:00pm –

Weekly Update 5.30.2014

You can read the Weekly Update here, or on [divider] This week at Bungie, we trained rigorously for a vital mission. There I was, leading a Fireteam in a live fire exercise. I strode the floor behind my six Guardians with nervous hands clasped behind my back. They were my charge. My orders were to mentor them as weapons of light. It was my responsibility to guide them into battle and return them safely to orbit with the bounties of victory clutched in their bloody fists. Only that wasn’t happening. My people were getting their armored asses kicked. Deadly,

Breakdown one weapon to upgrade another

Bungie’s latest tweet has sparked an interesting conversation about how weapon progression will be implemented in Destiny. The tweet reads: This has lead some to believe that players will be able to breakdown a weapon for its specific parts to use on a different weapon. While this would be interesting, what this most likely means is that players can scrap a gun for its “Glimmer” and use that to try and obtain a new weapon. An example of requiring Glimmer before an upgrade USplendid showed an example of this on the Destiny subreddit.

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What We Know About Destiny’s Multiplayer

With E3 rapidly approaching (June 10-June 12th) and Bungie’s promise to show PvP gameplay there, it’s hard not to get excited. At this moment, we’ve only been told bits and pieces about how this competitive PvP will play out. Even with only bits and pieces MoreConsole has put together a pretty comprehensive video detailing everything we know about Destiny’s competitive multiplayer.