Destiny Focus: Public Events

Public Events are Bungie’s way of making a big world seem that much bigger. With Fire-Team’s limited to only 3 players, it’s Bungie’s hope that these randomly occurring instances will help the world at large seem brimming with life, as fellow Guardians join a shared-world for a brief time in order to help you complete an objective. It can get lonely out there fighting evil, and whether you’re content to run it alone or are part of a trio of well-versed Guardians, Public Events bring your allies right to your doorstep so that you can fight and fall together in bigger

Bungie Weekly Update 5.9.14

This week at Bungie, we continued to sort through our findings from the recent Pre-Alpha test of Destiny. You can learn a lot when a small delegation of highly-trusted testers inspects your brave new world for the very first time. Insights tumble from their unspoiled, eager minds like the luminous heaps of loot that litter the ground after a hearty battle. They teach you about everything from networking to weapon balance. Sometimes, much to our surprise, they can even teach you about geology. That’s right. It all depends on the test subject. Each of them reacts differently to a mission.

Beta Month Revealed!

Though we don’t know the exact date (7/7 perhaps?) we do now know the month of the Destiny beta! In the Activision/Blizzard first quarter earning report, we see that the beta will be released to the world in July.     MoreConsole goes over some interesting tidbits about the earnings report. [yframe url=’’]

PS4 Dev Diary: Armor, Weapons, Loot

“Destiny’s arsenal is vast and varied: fire-spewing shotguns and head-melting fusion rifles coexist beside traditional pistols and rifles. Weapons span three broad categories: Primary (autorifles and hand cannons), Special (shotguns and sniper rifles), and Heavy (rockets and belt-fed machineguns).” “There’s plenty of variety within each category, too. The autorifle sub-category include burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines, and an array of full-auto assault rifles that prove murderously effective at close range. Despite the sprawling arsenal, Bungie’s designers are taking pains to hand-tune each weapon’s look, feel, and lore, making them feel like natural extensions of the game’s fiction, not the expressions

Bungie Weekly Update 5.2.14

This week at Bungie, we sent three Guardians into the wild. We invited you to come along. It’s very likely that you already saw it, but we’re still gonna post it one more time anyway. [yframe url=’’] Right about the time those three Guardians were spilling their little secret – along with a ton of Fallen blood – enough journalists to staff a clan let slip with their thoughts and opinions about our game. Admittedly, that resulted in some more talking from us, but someone has to stand up in front of the hot lights and face the music. Did

Why Destiny will make you love loot

Hey guys, here is some more awesome Destiny content to pour through if you have the time. I’ll being adding any other new pieces of media that come out today to this post. Articles EuroGamer: How Destiny turns into Diablo when you hit level cap. Polygon: The 10 Key Questions [divider] Why Bungie’s epic shooter will make you love loot Playstation: The Access Q&A – All YOUR questions answered MoreConsole: Gold Tier Missions Destiny Strike Gameplay – Rewind Theater

Destiny Focus: Competitive Multiplayer

There’s a lot to be said for the boundless cooperative campaign that exists at Destiny’s core, but for many, a competitive multiplayer component devised by the same team that bought us the original Halo trilogy is another huge draw in an already sizable game. We already know that Destiny will include a fully-fledged campaign that will be playable in both single-player and cooperative play, whilst the game will also play host to all manner of additional pursuits such as the relatively shrouded trio of Strike, Raid and Bounty. But it’s Faction Wars, the mode that has been loosely associated as