Challenge of Elders Guide

This Week’s Scoring Chart Source Score Modifier Non-Melee / Non-Grenade / Non-Precision / Non-Super Kill +25 Melee Kill +35 Grenade Kill +80 Precision Kill +45 Super Kill +50 Assist +25 Orb(s) Created +20 Boss Kill +500 Variks grows impatient… -50 / 45 seconds Remember to double the points for each Kill / Modifier in the second round, and triple them in the third round. Also note that the points lost from Variks’ impatience are entirely negligible compared to the amount of points you’ll score during the 45 second intervals. [divider] TITAN Defender Grenades: Suppressor or Magnetic Grenade Perks: Blessing of

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Challenge of Elders Guide

Berserk: Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage. Juggler: No ammo drops for your equipped weapon. Super Kill Bonus: Super kills are worth double points. You can largely ignore these modifiers, especially if you combine and switch between some of the weapons below. Just focus on tagging for Assists, making Orbs, and Super Kills. [divider] Bounties Complete this on all subclasses to maximize reputation. Or, pick two classes and do a 45k run with each, and save the remaining bounty for next week. Shadow Boxer: Use Void abilities to kill enemies in Level 41 Prison of Elders or

Shotgun Meta: How to Play With & Against It

Shotguns are king right now. Beat ’em, or join ’em. Depending on which side of the camp you fall on, there are a number of things you should pay attention to if you want to improve your game. If you’re on the dark side, here are a few things to focus on that will help you use shotguns more effectively: Use grenades to soften targets before pushing. Grenades can be extremely helpful to either weaken a target or forced them out of cover, and an enemy that is wounded or retreating is much easier to attack. Being baited as a

5 Ways to Keep Crucible Fun

The Crucible meta has very much settled, the Wrath of the Machine challenges have been conquered, and now we’re staring down what could be a long and empty tunnel, with only SRL in sight, and Destiny 2 at the end of it. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in Destiny for the long haul. You’ve seen the ups and the downs, but stuck with it, honing your PvP skills or min/maxing your raid experience. If you’re looking for more ways to switch up your experience, keep reading! [divider] Private Matches Private matches were a much-requested and finally-introduced feature,

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Challenge of Elders Guide (Melee Bonus)

Keep it Above the Belt! This week’s Challenge of Elders is a two-fisted pulp action movie, with Trickle and Fresh Troops, forcing us to rely on good ol’ knuckle sandwiches to clear this one. Melee kills are worth double points, so start swinging! Point System Method Points Kill +25 Melee Kill +70 Grenade Kill +40 Precision Kill +45 Super Kill +50 Assist +25 Orb Generation +20 Ultra Kill +500 Variks Impatient -50 / 45 seconds [divider] Gear Recommendations First off, Armor: For a Helmet, unless you’re using an Exotic of some kind, I recommend finding one with a good Strength

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Destiny Taken King: Fusion Rifle Guide

Click here to read the full Fusion Rifle Guide by Battlecrates [divider] Beginner Tips If someone shows up on your radar, consistently tap the trigger as you gauge where they are trying to get the jump on you from. As they get closer, don’t be afraid to let loose a full charge if they could be rounding a corner or rushing. Try to predict where enemies are going – a good practice for this is rumble versus shotgun “warriors” who try to engage head on. Fusion rifles have a very high ammo capacity, second only to sidearms, so don’t be afraid to use

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Challenge of Elders Guide (Week 7)

Aerial Bombardment Challenge of Elders features the Grenade Kill Bonus along with Airborne (double damage while you are in the air) and Exposure (much higher Shield HP, but no recharge). Plan on farming? Use this helpful tip from /u/vredee As soon as you enter a chamber, just start unloading on a boss with the last bullet of Touch of Malice. If your whole fireteam is doing this, have one person stop at about a third of their health bar so that they can revive the two others when they die to Touch of Malice, and then all can continue as planned. This

How to Reach Tier 12

Every Guardian’s armor gives boosts to three stats: Intellect, Discipline, and Strength. When someone explains that their Guardian has a 5/5/2 split, they’re saying they have maxed out Intellect and Discipline, while also unlocking two tiers on Strength. This build is possible in a variety of permutations, such as 2/5/5 or 4/4/4. [divider] Above and Beyond By now, players are familiar with selecting certain armor pieces, artifacts and ghosts to get the desired stat split. But to actually reach the full potential of tier 12 (abbreviated as t12), players must use armor pieces that have the maximum potential for stats.