Dust Palace Nightfall

Bring on the Dust Palace! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=be9_4RB0rhQ Solar Burn is a difficulty modifier normally relegated to Story Missions and Strikes. It greatly increases Solar damage from any source so be sure to apply your SPF 9000 sunscreen pretty liberally. Brawler is an upper that will increase your melee damage. Feel free to whack the heck out of those Elite Legionaries provided you get the chance. If not, Psions should fit the bill just fine. Ironclad is a modifier that will increase the number of enemies with shields. In cases like this, always remember that Snipers are your friend. Shields truly are

real money destiny ammo silver rumor

Silver for Ammo? False.

Gameinformer asked Activision about VG 24/7’s report about buying ammo for money, and Activision simply said, “We’re not doing that.” Thankfully the rumor was quickly dispelled. Real Destiny news is slow right now, but DeeJ appreciates our request for more transparency and is working on addressing some concerns. One eye on #CMAD well-wishes. One eye on an article I'm writing to address issues we face as a community. Thanks for the chance to serve. — DeeJ (@DeeJ_BNG) January 25, 2016