Dust Palace Nightfall Guide

Comrades, another bout with Destiny awaits. The tattered shores of time and space have gifted us a new Nightfall. This week, we find ourselves knee deep in Dust Palace once again.  Void Burn should come as no surprise. This difficulty mod increases Void damage from both you and your enemies by up to 300%. Ready your best Nova Bomb for this one. Add to this a renewed interest in Brawler, and this week’s Destiny appears to be a winner. Brawler increases melee damage so don’t hesitate to get up close and personal. Grounded ensures you stay close to the ground

sunless cell dual nightfall tefty

The Sunless Cell Nightfall Guide

If the week’s burdens left your coffers dry, fear not. Nightfall’s come free. Destiny is one of those games that lives up to the reputation it sells. It is a social experience that definitely grows on you if you’re not too careful. This week’s foray involves is the Darkblade. A strike that received a lot of attention upon release and has continued to enjoy a moderate degree of appreciation among fanatics. Berserk is a mod that lends itself most to Destiny’s mythos. Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after you hit them with all you’ve got. In other words,

Shield Brothers Nightfall Guide

Ready your Fusion Rifles, this week’s Nightfall comes locked and loaded with Arc Burn. For more PvE action, Clash Course highlights are in! The setting is Shield Brothers and it’s a doozy if you don’t know what’s around the corner. This week’s foray involves Arc Burn, Ironclad, Juggler, and Catapult. Have something along the lines of a Fusion Rifle or Sniper handy (because you can switch between Arc and Solar damage). Those Cabals won’t stand a chance. Throw in some Ironclad and you may feel inclined to use a higher caliber weapon. Ironclad makes most enemies have shields so the standard