Xûr’s Entire Loot Table! (Pre-HoW)

Published on: Oct 25, 2014 @ 17:02

We’ve uncovered every single Exotic Xûr will (eventually) sell!

By changing the time/date setting on your PlayStation, you’re able to see what items Xûr has the possibility of selling in the future. To learn more about this and how to do it yourself, check out this video:

As explained in the video, you’re unable to actually purchase these items.

Unfortunately you’re not able to see what he has coming next week, only what he has the possibility of selling next week (listed below).

Loot Table Revealed

We went one step further, by doing the above mentioned time/date change 40+ times, we were able to unveil everything Xûr will eventually sell! Check it out:

He will sell us nearly every single Exotic, besides the Vex Mythoclast, the (timed) PS exclusive weapons, and the Exotic weapons that are acquired through their respective bounty.

He will sell all of the current Exotic helms/chests/gauntlets.

He will sell:

Weapons Sold Before?
Dragon’s Breath Yes
No Land Beyond Yes
MIDA Multi-Tool Yes
Thunderlord No
The Last Word Yes
Universal Remote Yes
Patience and Time Yes
Plan C Yes
Hard Light No
Red Death Yes
SUROS Regime Yes
Ice Breaker Yes
Gjallarhorn Yes
Truth Yes

He will not sell:

Weapons Acquired by
Vex Mythoclast VoG Hard
The 4th Horseman* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Monte Carlo* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Hawkmoon* Random reward in PvE/PvP
Thorn A Light in the Dark
Bad Juju Toland’s Legacy
Super Good Advice A Voice in the Wilderness
Fate of All Fools An Unknown Patron
Pocket Infinity Shattered Memory Fragment
Invective A Dubious Task

*These might be added to his loot table once they’re available for Xbox users.

We have an in-depth text + video review for nearly every Exotic weapon – click on a weapon to check out the review.

Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you'd like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


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  • Battleshiplid

    Confirmation that he will sell The Last Word?! yes! yes! yes! yes! YES!!! I can only hold out hope that next week will be the week!

  • BenTargaryen

    Well, this is AWESOME! I’ve wanted the MIDA Multi-Tool and The Last Word for weeks now! It’s no longer a question of “If” but “When” I’ll get ’em 😀

    • Jason David Anderson

      don’t expect them to be half as cool as they are now once Xur sells them – just like the SUROS Bungie will nerf them into oblivion for being unbalanced in PvP.

      I own both – MIDAS will not get a nerf, but Last Word will DEFINITELY get one once everyone gets their hands on one – my k/d ratio went from around .5 – .75 to never dipping below 2.0 once I got mine.

      It sucks that PvP is so broken in Destiny right now, it sucks even more that Bungie have no solution to it other than nerfing weapons that make the game fun.

      • Nicholas Girard

        So you sucked before you got a good weapon and now you have a 2.0 KD and you complain about PVP being broken and Bungie’s inability to do anything other than nerfing a clearly unbalanced gun because you are afraid you’ll suck again with a level playing field?

        • Jason David Anderson

          Not really, I don’t PvP – that’s why I suck at it. If you think it’s not broken – you aren’t looking at it – and I don’t play it because it is broken.

          I don’t want them to nerf guns that don’t need it, that’s all.

          • NLK3

            If gamers want the hardest weapons to receive or “earn” to be nerfed, it defeats the point of having them, like you said. But in PVP, it can seem unfair because these weapons are “technically” overpowered compared to other weapons. My solution is to simply make a secondary version of each mode to allow them with another to not allow them. Hell, for the fu(ck)n of it, I’d suggest a mode where you can equip as many as you want. I always wondered how a full set of Ahamkara armor looks like… Because of the randomness of the rewards, balance, sadly, means little other than leveling up your reputation. If players actually got what they deserved, the the balance would be more of an issue. I have won games against exotic users, but the weapons can make a difference. Skill still matters, but the weapon strengthens or weakens that skill.

          • MakkinjeM

            And they’ve proved by now that’s possible making a split for Shotuns in which they have 200% damage in all PvE activities. So there is potential over there!

        • delta 6655

          i think bungie should relize theres NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT BALANCE. i mean, abilitys and upgrades make it uneven immedeatly. so why not make a seperate crucible match where you dont get any abilitys, level advantages, or weapon upgrades, where everything is equal. then make iron banner the way it needs to be, and keep crucible the way it is, then everyone can have there prefence meet, becouse the extremes are there, and the middle ground shall remain

          • Andre Luiz Lima Barros

            I totally agree with you. Crucible is broken, Perfect balance? No… They can have disabled the level advantages, but they don´t disabled the armor upgrades and weapons upgrades advantages… I always am destroyed by players using Vex Mythoclast and usually I shoot a rain on bullets in some players, and they shoot 1-2 times at me and I´m dead. There are players who don´t die. Yesterday I used 2 rockets at close quartes and the player´s health bar didn´t changed. No damage! I was shot and died… If I have a full upgraded raid armor and a fully upgraded raid weapon I have advantage over a player with a non-upgraded rare or uncommon armor.

          • NLK3

            That, to be honest, may not be the player being impenetrable or your rockets doing nothing. Because it’s an online-only game, there will be connection issues. I hate teleporters myself, and I don’t mean Blink users.

  • Callum

    I will now save every single Strange Coin until I have The Last Word

    • dark1232

      i gowt it

      • jameson079

        I got two in one day! One from Vog and the other from running a Vanguard Strike 😀

    • i use last word in pve

      this will sound like madness but i use last word in pve. i found it…xur wasnt selling it but i was happy. and because i like hand canons…well….to be succesful in using last word in pve you must be patient and calculating. place your shots. when you get the hang of it you can really tear assholes with it. as you get better you can get more aggressive.

      • Custom New Monarchy Xbox

        The New Monarchy hand cannon Red Hand IX is also very good.

  • I’m gonna get one of the sparrow upgrades, and I won’t be sad If I miss LAST WURD, It’ll mean more If I earn it through the faith of RNGsus

  • InvalidUserID

    Will he go back and resell items he’s sold before? Namely Ice Breaker, which I missed out on. =(

    • Jason David Anderson

      He has sold the SUROS twice, the Sunbreakers 3 or 4 times, the Armatarium twice, red death twice, and a slew of other things.

      His stock will rotate constantly, at the end of the day he’s going to become a useless NPC after about 3 months – which is crazy to think about.

      • Kenny Hathaway

        not really when the DLC comes out, and the new exotic gear/weapons comes out :p

        • Jason David Anderson

          You know that the number of exotics being released with the DLC do not come close to the current number in game – and that old weapons have the possibility of having their damage scale with the level of the person holding them in order to promote roll over, right?

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          i dont think those that did not purchased the dlcs will be able to get the dlcs exotics though..

      • MakkinjeM

        5 months later and he still hasn’t sold everything that’s in his possible line-up of sales!

    • Micah Yang

      Probably. He was selling the suros which he sold before so I think it’s safe to assume that he resells all his items

  • Jason David Anderson

    Last Word – like SUROS – will be nerfed once Xur sells it and everyone starts using it in PvP.

    It’s not a very good weapon in PvE, but it’s pretty unbalanced in PvP (I own one, my k/d went from .5 – .75 to never dipping below 2.0).

    It’s a shame Bungie have no solution to the broken PvP other than nerfing weapons that make the game fun to play.

    I felt a new found love for Destiny when I got MIDA and Last Word – but after a week or two the love has died out again, I really hope Bungie can figure out how to fix the lack of content and broken PvP issues while keeping things fresh and interesting – but I’m not hopeful with the way patches have gone.

  • Raxs

    The last word! Hell yes!!

  • Raxs

    This is amazing. Basically Xur allows up to buy any Exotic that we can only get in other means by the RNG loot system, Yes! Thankfully there wont be a single weapon we wont be able to get without RNG. This is very good news indeed.

    • NLK3

      Hardlight and Thunderlord, stupidly, can’t be sold by him. Still waiting for the UniRemote.

      EDIT: Nevermind. The list says they weren’t sold before, meaning the UniRemote is wrong. I’ve been keeping track of these weapons and haven’t seen it yet.

      • Help

        It’s been a month since ya posted, but Xur had the Remote last week.

      • MakkinjeM

        It’s been two months since you posted, and only the Thunderlord hasn’t been sold ever…
        Let it be soon. Please.

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  • Micah Yang

    Going for the last word and red death

  • ZeroxiY

    Hmm, Although I Know That The Last Word Will Be Insanely Popular Once Xur Sells It. It Will Die Out… Mainly Because 75% Of The People Who Buy It Will Get Tired Of It Because Whatever Their Reasons Are, Once That Happens They Will All Go Back To Using Their AR’s And Fusion Rifles. My Loadout Right Now:

    Class: Hunter
    Subclass: PVP: Blade Dancer PVE: Golden Gun
    Primary: PVP & PVE: The Devil You Know (Maxed)
    Secondary: PVP: Found Verdict (Maxed) PVE: Plan C
    Heavy: PVP & PVE: Some Random, legendary Rocket Launcher (Maxed)

    Note:*( I DO NOT Play PvP Because It Fucking Sucks)*:etoN

    • delta 6655

      its not terrable, the loots broken, and a few weapons are over powered, but it does work, we have to admit that most games have over powered weapons. but that doesent make the pvp suck, its just not the best it could have been, theres no glitches or anything that can be exploited or anything

    • MakkinjeM

      Why the hell, would you spell every word with a capital letter?

  • delta 6655

    maby bungie should release a hardcore mode where everyone gets to choose between specific weapon loadouts and gets no supercharge excpet as a killstreak. then there will be a crucible mode thats always balenced

    • NLK3

      Killstreaks are never balanced, because if you aren’t good, it’s completely pointless. There will be a mode where there are no supers at all, which I want. No capitalist game mechanics.

      • MakkinjeM

        Agreed totally. Giving the Supers to killstreaks, rewards those who already own a match. They don’t need extra ownage material. It would be much more fair, to grant people who are on a death-streak a super. Let’s say after 10 deaths in a row, without a single kill.
        Just like the ‘Back in Action’ medal.

    • Ferafrank

      You can already do that. You just need to buy COD advanced warefare.

  • Pumpkin Fone

    To quote another video game: Bloody Expensive!

  • Dinoclaw

    I hope they nerf Xur so it makes it that the exotics cost more than the sparrow upgrade and make it so some exotic weapons he sells can only be obtained in Crucible/Nightfall/Engram or maybe make it so that way he doesn’t sell weapons

  • Alan Dick

    i make destiny content youtube.com/tehalantv

  • Donnie Stuart

    he is currently selling patience and time

  • Bullet

    Update the list please. Patience and Time already sold before. Last week to be exact. 😉

  • YouPeopleAreIgnorant

    Yay, everyone wants the last word. It was nice being the only guy in most games with it while it lasted.. Now everyone and their mum is gonna use it. :I

  • Sergio Cardenas

    Sold midi multi tool on xbox1 2014 November 21

  • David McEwen

    Could you add what Armor Items he can sell to the list?

  • Karim

    When is he selling the gjallahorn again

    • NLK3

      Nobody can know. I’m just pissed he sold Plan C twice in a row and NLB twice at all.

    • AC Temptation

      It was added back to his sell list recently

  • NLK3

    The fact he doesn’t sell Hardlight and Thunderlord is INCREDIBLY stupid! They aren’t PS exclusive, nor from a bounty, nor raid weapons, but your chances of getting them are just as difficult as anything else. My brother has both, and if not for not selling the earlier ones again, he’d have all of them. And the URemote, c’mon. Hasn’t sold that once, but sold Red Death, Ice Breaker, Last Word, Plan C (twice in a row…), and NLB twice.

    • MakkinjeM

      He hasn’t sold em before, he will sell em in the future (Hard Light was already sold ofcourse).

  • Itsablog

    I’m kinda mad I missed out of SUROS from Xur. I didn’t know he existed until AFTER he stopped selling it so frequently. I hope he sells it tomorrow though. .___.

    • MakkinjeM

      So am I. I came 2 strange coins short, last time it was sold. Now SUROS Thunderlord and Necrochasm are the only ones I still miss. and the first two mentioned don’t ever drop for me, or are being (re)sold by Xûr…

  • wigpusha1

    i need shhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaarrrrddddsss !!!

  • GreenLego

    Hi – is the Gjallarhorn still in Xur’s Loot table? Megamanexe4 says that it is no longer in the Loot table. Can you re-do the analysis please?

  • MakkinjeM

    this clearly has been edited since october, since that was a pré TDB stadium of Destiny. When has this been edited and how accurate is this today?

    What i’m mostly interested in; When is Thunderlord finally being sold by Xûr?!

    • SGT_Pannenkoek

      This has been edited recently. look at the Universal Remote. It has been sold for the first time recently and they edited it. and don’t worry about the Thunderlord. He’ll bring it soon 🙂

      • MakkinjeM

        I think with that kinda name, I can reply to you in Dutch as well hehe. 🙂

        Kijk, wat mij opviel was dat Hard-Light nog niet was/is aangepast, die was 6 dagen geleden namelijk al wel verkocht door Xûr. Er is ja sinds kort een patch geweest, waarin er een soort van reserve Xûr is gekomen, of in ieder geval een makkelijk aanpasbaar format op het Xûr concept voor de ontwikkelaars. Vandaar ik me afvroeg hoe recentelijk dit is ge-edit en of daar ook al rekening mee was gehouden. Ik denk van niet namelijk, omdat die patch vlak na de Hard Light kwam (of was het nou een aantal dagen ervoor haha).
        Thunderlord, SUROS en Necrochasm, zijn namelijk de laatste 3 die ik nog niet heb, en met name Thunderlord wil ik gewoon heeeeeel graag hebben (Wat een awesome wapen is dat zeg).

        • SGT_Pannenkoek

          Nice, Ik moet alleen nog de SUROS, Gjallie, No Land Beyond (ja ik weet t :P) en de Necrochasm. Ik neem aan dat je op PS4 speelt aangezien ik een mooie Monte Carlo zie staan. Ikzelf speel op Xbox, dus ik moet ook nog die 3 exclusives van de PS. Thunderlord heb ik net voor de 3de keer gekregen lol. voor alle 3 mn Characters 1 :P.

          • MakkinjeM

            Jaloers… En ja inderdaad PS4 🙂 Daarentegen heb ik de gjallar al 3x als drop gehad. Tis net of je de één of de ander vaak krijgt en de andere nooit (Beste RL vs. Beste MG). Monte Carlo is ontzettend cool en leuk om mee te spelen, maar niet uitmuntend goed. Vooral van de Hawkmoon ga je ontzettend veel plezier hebben. Dat is echt één van de betere exotics. 4th Horseman heb ik dus, maar nog nooit gebruikt. Necro schijnt kut te zijn, en ook aan No Land Beyond mis je weinig, behalve de Grimoire card dan misschien. Tijd voor een mega-buff voor die 2.

            Maar vooralsnog hoop ik maar dat die nieuwe aanpassingen snel tot een Thunderlord bij Xûr leiden.. en anders vandaag in ieder geval weer drie Nightfall kansen!
            Man wat wil ik die Thunderlord graag. Gjallie is bijna een vereiste voor veel endgame shit, maar Thunderlord is gewoon ubervet in alle opzichten haha! (Ik heb er wel eens mee gespeeld bij een maat thuis)

          • SGT_Pannenkoek

            Haha nice. ik wil inderdaad heel graag een Gjallie, maar hij dropt niet voor mij. ik kijk uit naar het moment dat Xbox-ers ook de PS-exclusives kunnen krijgen, want Hawkmoon en Monte Carlo lijkt me zeker heel vet. 4th Horseman weet ik niet echt wat ik van moet denken, maar ik ben op een quest om alle exotics te verzamelen dus ik moet er maar aan geloven. ik geloof dat Comet ergens eind 2015 uitkomt dus ik moet nog wel ff wachten. kijken of tot die tijd eindelijk mijn Gjallarhorn dropt :P. sorry voor late reactie, had het nogal druk

          • MakkinjeM

            Oooooh dat geeft toch niet man.
            Monte is gewoon supervet, vereist wat wennen, maar erg leuk. Vind het persoonlijk een van de mooiste en hij klinkt heel vet bovendien. Alles wat aan de SUROS ontbreekt haha.. helaas blijft die superieur qua prestaties. Hawkmoon heeft het gewoon allemaal, dat Is er een om echt te missen. 4th horseman is cool, maar inferieur aan de andere 2 Exotic shotguns. volgens mij moeten jullie trouwens dit voorjaar alle Ps-exclusive content vrij krijgen btw. Ergens tijdens House of Wolves zal wel. Waarschijnlijk krijgen we dan wel weer vanaf Comet nieuwe exclusive shit. Reken er maar wel op, door de onrust tussen Bungie en Microsoft.

          • SGT_Pannenkoek

            Ik dacht pas rond Comet, maar rond House of Wolves is natuurlijk nog beter! ik moet nu nog maar 3 exotics (Want Suros wordt nu verkocht!! :D) Gjallarhorn die zal niet lang meer duren want ik doe elke week 3x crota hard, 3x crota normal, 3x deadsinger, 3x vault of glass hard, 3x de exotic vault chest openen en 3x nightfall. op een gegeven moment moet ie wel droppen :P. als ik al die raid/strikes heb gedaan ga ik vaak de forums op om lagere levels te helpen. na dat artikel van PlanetDestiny over casuals, ben ik erover gaan denken en vind ik dat de lagere levels natuurlijk ook geholpen moeten worden. geeft vaak wel een goed gevoel als je iemand hoort schreeuwen van blijdschap in zn headset omdat hij een raidarmor heeft gekregen die hij nog niet had. doe jij dit ook?

          • MakkinjeM

            Oohja. En Gjallarhorn dropt vanzelf wel ^^ Voor mij hopen op Thunderlord morgen..!
            En SUROS heb ik trouwens ook gekregen eergisteren ^^