Stranger Than Fiction: Xur’s Nemesis

 Published on: Mar 28, 2015 @ 19:11

This week the PlanetDestiny staff was bombarded by a few notable tidbits in the news, and though they don’t quite merit a full-fledged article, we thought it would be interesting to have a look at a few that are stranger than fiction.

And no, these aren’t just things dealing with Bungie’s new vault space update on the way (though that slips in there) or our feature in Bungie’s Community Spotlight (which we owe to all of you).

Nope, those don’t even hit on the craziest things we’ve seen. Like, who on earth broke our dearest Xur? How did one of the largest Destiny clans save an entire family? And what are the PS3/360 versions of Destiny giving up to get what the rest of us take for granted?

We bring you the most notable news below with some interesting links to further reading.

Xur’s Evil Twin

Like a thief in the night, most of us probably never even realized the drama that’s been boiling over Xur. His inventory has been leaked in the past by megamanexe4 and maimonguy, and Bungie apparently isn’t very happy about it.

So unhappy in fact that they fired Xur. Yep, that’s right, they gave our sweet tentacle-faced freak an unpaid vacation for the indefinite future.

How can we tell? Through that magical trudge of code and cryptic information we call data-mining. Data-mining is the process of looking into large databases of information to try and decipher some pattern that can tell us what Xur is programmed to sell on any given week. These Reddit users have been successful at finding out his secret inventory, until now.

xur nemesis

It appears Bungie has begun employed a ‘second’ Xur, according to megamanexe4, that they can alter on the fly, without need of a patch. This essentially means that on any given week, Xur’s inventory could be anything but random.

It’s a classic shell-game, but one with a different moral dilemma. Can we be upset when someone takes away what we weren’t supposed to know we had? I leave answering that to you all.

Further Reading: Kotaku’s piece delving into the events.

Destiny Dads to the Rescue

And then there’s a heartwarming tale of a member of one of Destiny’s largest clans, Dads of Destiny, and how they rescued his family from a proverbial Hellmouth. Kotaku UK reported that Joshua McClain lost his job in November of last year while his wife was only a month away from giving birth.

Add to this the astronomical cost of pregnancy, and it’s no surprise the McClains were severely strapped for cash come January, when they were forced to move into Joshua’s parent’s house in another state.

One night, with his newborn son beside him, Joshua broke down from a sense of hopelessness and reached out to his clan members. He set up a fundraising account on the Internet and the Dads of Destiny donated over $1000 and sent care packages of diapers, formula, and the necessities to take care of the McClain newborn.

And that’s the beauty of Dads of Destiny. They’re a clan united by common concerns with common goals: to raise healthy, happy families and enjoy the company of other Destiny players in what can often be a hectic lifestyle where casual play is often the name of the game.

And speaking of casual players, they’re more prevalent than we think according to the next article.

A Dying Breed

Game developers often complain about the woeful completion statistics of games they make, but a recent Forbes article delved a bit deeper into those trophy statistics for Destiny to discover that Hardcore players are perhaps even rarer than we once imagined.

Based on PS4 stats, only 16.9% of players have maxed out a Warlock or Hunter subclass, and even fewer have maxed out a Titan. That means over 50% of the millions of active players have never maxed a single character subclass.

Add to this the fact that less than 20% of players have ever completed a raid, largely considered the best post-level-20 content available, and author Paul Tassi points the finger of blame at what he calls “The Gulf.”

Once players reach level 20, they are essentially thrown into a gap of content, which makes leveling a pain most players simply aren’t willing to stick with. If this is the true cause of such poor end-game completion stats (and let’s be real here, some people just pop in a friend’s copy to test it out – never touching the thing again) then Bungie has their work cut out for them to improve the mid-game experience.

Special thanks to Reddit user btg7471 for compiling the stats:

  • 31.1% have equipped a piece of exotic gear.
  • 23.8% have worn legendary/exotic armor in every slot.
  • 24.2% have earned max vanguard marks in a week, while just 16% have maxed their crucible marks in a week.
  • 23.1% have reached rank 3 with the vanguard.
  • 19.2% have completed a raid.
  • 16.9% have maxed out a warlock or hunter subclass, and just 15.2% have maxed out a titan subclass.

… And speaking of the game experience, it appears older console users will have to make do with less when the next update hits.

Downgrade Your Upgrade

As we saw in Bungie’s announcement of increased vault space, sometimes compromises must be made.

For PS3 and Xbox 360 users, in order to gain more vault space, something else has to get thrown out the window. Namely, comparing gear from the equipment screen. Yep, to get those extra spaces for guns and gear, we’ve got to give up the ability to see stats at a glance before switching out those helmets and chest pieces.

Why? Well it apparently comes down to memory limitations. In order to use memory for increased vault space, it has to come from somewhere else on the PS3 and 360, which unfortunately means something else has to go.

old console holding destiny

Bungie also briefly talked about hardware limitations in a Ride Along, in which they mentioned that more ambient life such as animals weren’t included because of hardware restrictions.

It brings an old question to the fore again: how does developing for two generations of hardware affect the product on offer?

We’re curious to see what this means for Destiny 2, whether Bungie will decide to support the old systems when that game inevitably hits store shelves.

What do you think – good business sense to maintain support for older consoles, or better sense to focus on a single user experience? Let us know in the comments!

Senior Designer Leaving

Finally, it looks like Bungie will be losing Josh Hamrick, a senior gameplay designer. He took to Twitter to announce that he was joining Bethesda in the future.

Power to the People

Do you know of any other stories of how Destiny has broken the boundaries of a video game? Shoot us an email, comment, or tweet at us because we’re always interested in the ways a piece of fiction becomes non-fiction, affecting us in strange and fascinating ways.

And who knows, it might even be featured in the next “Stranger Than Fiction” article!

But in the mean time, we’ll keep descending into that pit we call the Internet for things that are interesting and finding the best of the best so we can bring them to you.

If you stumble upon your own while traversing the arid plains of Mars or those verdant hills of Venus, please let us know.

Taylor Bair
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  • J.T

    Honestly, HOW should be the last content drop for Destiny on last gen. If the older hardware handicaps Bungie so much in terms of what they can do with their current game engine, then they need to drop it entirely. Hopefully they’ll finally focus on the new generation, and build the game they intended from the beginning.

    • Taylor Bair

      Makes you wonder though how many people would cry foul at a move like that. I’m not sure on the stats, but would be interesting to see how many users are on the PS3/360 version. I could imagine Bungie getting railed in the press if they didn’t support all versions of the game with future content.

      • J.T

        Looking at, in terms of sales most users are on next gen consoles. PS4/X1 sales are somewhere around 7 million. PS3/360 sales are at a little less than 4 million.

        • Detroit Daddy

          Which means they would be losing 30+% of their potential customer base.

          • J.T

            In the short time, perhaps. But once developers stop releasing games for last gen consoles, the number of people upgrading will increase. Right now, there isn’t really a reason to upgrade to next gen when most games are still on the PS3/360.

          • reddez33

            The graphics and game play alone should make anyone switch. True gamers keep up with the pack.

          • Rouge Spartan

            I completely agree on making destiny 2 completely current gen because I feel its time. However since Destiny already launched on last gen they may as well finish otherwise fans on last gen will think they have been cheated out of their game.

    • Time Spiral


    • Niklas bomber

      well maybe high schoolers should run government then, i mean we are the new “gen” and the handicaps of the old gen is going to be inconvenient for the newer gen, i say this because pc bitched about not having destiny, and hey maybe i can’t afford a xbone i may be really tight on cash so i can only play my 360 so before you say another word think about the little people

      • Hi*JaCKeR

        Hey, I can only afford to play on my SNES. Would you support my request to Bungie to make Destiny run on the SNES?

        • Niklas bomber

          sure go right ahead

  • Kyle Brazill

    What I’m hoping they do is to make weapons damage able to change, like Murmur. It will change their stats around and change certain mods the weapon has. However, exotic weapons and raid weapons keep their special perks. I want them to do this because every time I get a exotic weapon or raid weapon I dismantle it because I have all exotics and raid weapons. This will make me want to keep raid weapons and exotics, so I can change their damage type.

    • Christian

      If we could build our own weapons, chose the perks, Optics and damage types I’d be incredibly happy. People say it would be OP, but I feel if you can get the best possible roles by chance, some people are getting these beefy weapons anyway. It should be expensive and time consuming, but we should be able to build our own weapons.

      • Jeff

        Wasn’t that one of the early promises that didn’t come to fruition?

        • Christian

          Nope. They said we’d get a lot of customization with our characters, which we did. Unfortunately custom Weapons was never on this list because that’s not the kind of thing you’d expect with an RPG. The weapons you get are supposed to be random so it encourages replayability. If we got the same weapon with the same perks every time we played a strike it would be awful. But Weapon shaders will be coming soon, hopefully more customisation too.

          • Kenshiro Genjuro

            I’m okay with the randomness of weapons too but the frequency with which they drop is stingy assuming they continue with the current model of mandatory increased damage ceilings every few months. Sure they need a certain amount of this with the time between DLCs but when everything you accumulate is rendered useless each time this is a bit ridiculous.

            I’ve only barely gotten most of the major weapon groups I favor in the correct archetype and burn combinations, some with useful perks but still most not, while still missing several others and I figure it extremely unlikely I get them before the next DLC. Or heck even during the next DLC prior to the Comet.

            I think it extremely likely once I watch all my current awesome legendaries become irrelevant (again) I will develop the severe distaste for the game I’ve already seen in a lot of the people that have been playing since day 1. All that grinding and really I only got most of my nicely-perked Legendaries and Exotics the last month or so, and already their days are numbered.

            Words some of my friends, in a few completely unrelated circles, have used to describe their view of Bungie’s grind model are “insulting” and “offensive”. Maybe I’ll turn around to having that same view. We’ll see what happens. But Bungie doesn’t appear to have a clear plan to rectify this leveling issue as far as I can see. Nobody is going to keep repeating this degree of grinding just to watch fantastic weapons be made irrelevant every few months. It’s a “fool me once, fool me twice” scenario.

          • Christian

            It might just be me, but I welcome the new wave of weapons. I get sick of using the same weapons over and over. It just bores the hell out of me. I Can’t wait to throw out all of my old crap and star afresh. New gear to try out and enjoy.

            The randomness is good, but frankly it does need more guidance. Nobody should have to play an entire raid without receiving anything of use. Rewards should be guaranteed. I should only have to play a raid 5 times to get everything I need. Run number 9 and only half the items is getting a bit tiring. It just encourages too much grind and really drives me away from the game. Some coordination, some say in the system would be more than appreciated.

    • NLK3

      I’d be happy with all gear giving max level from now on. Vendor armor don’t have to be as good as Raid, Iron Banner, or Exotic armor, but let all armor have more relevance. When you get max level armor, anything you can get from drops or vendors become irrelevant, because they aren’t good enough anymore. I get annoyed when a legendary engram becomes shards, only to remember that if it’s armor, it’ll be shards anyway. And bring back my impact ARs already. Sick of all the SMG guns with no stability nor impact.

  • guest

    Raids are considered to be the best end-game content? How about it’s more like the ONLY end-game content available. I already completed all of the strikes on my way towards 20. Replaying them with level 22 enemies just doesn’t cut it for end-game content.

    • insanetrasher

      Nightfalls and weekly heroic are also end-game imo. Sure they don’t require max level, but are the hardest challenge you can have (considering CE hard is only “tough” for the swordbearer if done with the “cheeses”).

  • bizzysgs

    If those statistics are correct, I’m worried about Bungie’s success with future DLC. I have every single trophy (platinum) in Destiny and 3 level 32 characters so sometimes I forget that most players haven’t even fully upgraded a single subclass.

    • Taylor Bair

      The stats are troubling for sure, but it’s not unusual for games to have low completion rates. GTAIV had less than 30% of people complete the main story mode. Sometimes it’s a good reminder to look at which trophies are considered “Rare” – the sad thing is that some of those are the trophies you get just for beating the game.

      • NLK3

        I couldn’t bare GTA4’s long missions, and Rockstar isn’t known for good aiming controls without autoaim.

    • metalman5150

      Bungie is, too, probably well aware and concerned about these stats!

  • Fufilment

    I’m glad they don’t work solely on one console. If they did it’d just be an insult to anyone who’d potentially want to play their game like how we generally hate console exclusives (stupid ps4 only content) and it would just mean less sales for Bungie in the end right? Also, I’m not sure how many people are really aware of it but the amount of detail they put in this game is stupidly high if you really look into it which is just a testament to how Bungie didn’t seem to notice all the obvious stuff we did. Besides, of all the things I wanted in Destiny from my time playing, random animals wasn’t one of them.

  • Black Crowen

    No! noooooooooooooo…..
    What about us 40+ year olds who still think they’re cool like the young crowd, playin Destiny, just doin their first nightfall… and perpetually 5 years or so behind the latest console? Huh? What about them? 😜

    • NLK3

      The new consoles are only about 1.5 years old, and I still don’t have one yet.

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      The young crowd is cool? I can’t stand them varmints! They have so much time to level up exotics and raid and get Gjallahorns and all that shit I don’t have time to do.

      Anyway, at the risk of going to a testy topic, true adult gamers are actually much more the crowd Bungie depends on with Destiny because most of us are much more financially established and things like those $20 DLC fees are less of an issue for most of us. I myself have copies of Destiny for my PS4, Xbox1, AND the PS3 I left at my parents’ house just so I can still plug in for Xur or whatever when I happen to be visiting them. It sometimes crosses my mind to get a second PS4 and yet another copy of Destiny so I can play side-by-side with a friend, same as I did with the last 2 generations of Xboxes.

      Speaking of the PS3, the graphical concessions that Bungie has had to make on that system seem too large to make it worth supporting for too much longer in my opinion. Unless maybe my system didn’t layer driver updates right or something over the years and the game might otherwise look substantially better, but too my eyes it looks very much like what you see when deactivating most of the graphical features to make PC games run on severely outdated hardware. No surprise right? The gameplay is essentially intact and yes that’s the most important thing but it just looks bad. I’d be interested in seeing how it looks on the 360 but realistically there’s no reason to expect it to be much better if at all. I wouldn’t be shocked if Bungie finds continuing to support the game on the outgoing generation to simply not be sustainable with evolving player demands influencing feature development by the time the Comet is supposed to hit, no matter how much they would (and should) prefer otherwise from a player-support standpoint.

  • MrCoco

    I’m a PS3 user but I hope that Destiny 2 comes out only for next gen consoles. Is better to have an awesome game on few consoles that a bad one on all consoles.

    • ORB1T4L

      It’s current gen now, people should stop calling it next gen…

      • NLK3

        Well… most of us don’t have those yet, so adapting to calling an upgrade “current” is contradictory towards our own position, regardless of the fact it’s true. Perspective, in other words. So as long as the “current” gen is still supported, the “next” gen will be difficult to upgrade to. I can buy a new PS4, but I really want to focus on my PC gaming options as of now.

  • Stop the madness

    84% of players never max their crucible marks in a week, yet have to put up with their weapons being nerfed so they can “fix” the balance in the crucible. Makes total sense. Especially when after the nerfs, it didn’t fix the balance, it just moved the OP to different weapons.

    • Grant Nitchie

      I agree with you on this. That last weapon nerf was terrible to auto rifles. But buffed the shit out of pulse rifles. I would have been fine with this but bungie fucked up YET again. Bungie makes all these balance changes yet goes and makes XUR sell Red Death arguably the best pulse rifle in the game. I can’t even get into a crucible match now without getting destroyed by Red Deaths. It’s worse now then it was before. I don’t understand the logic behind bungies thinking. They completely destroyed AR’s in PVP and PVE they’re completly useless now and for what ? Just so we can use and get destroyed but Pulse rifles? I really feel like destiny is going down hill. Bungie had no idea what they’re doing.

      • Christian

        Autorifles needed a nerf. They had the highest Damage Output of all weapons and are the easiest to use. That doesn’t make any sense. Auto Rifles should be the worst weapon class in the game because they are so easy to use. They definitely made the right choice. If 90% of players basically made it their go to, there was something seriously wrong with the game, there is now a much better balance across the board, They made the right decision big time because now each weapon is equally worth using. Auto rifles for newbies and Hand Cannons for pros, the spectrum translates accordingly for everything in between.

        • bizzysgs

          Much better now that the only weapons you see in crucible are Red Death and Thorn, right ???

          • Christian

            Only weapons you see? I’m not sure what game you are playing. It feels pretty similar to me. I see about as many people using Red Death as I do using Suros Regime, Thorn, Last Word, Invective and any other exotic weapon. Everyone has at least one, so just about everyone uses them. The first day Red Death was sold it was pretty hectic in crucible, but it’s 3 weeks down the line and it’s hardly the biggest thing right now. It’s just merged in with the popularity of other exotics.

          • metalman5150

            Hawkmoon, Bad Juju, Thorn, Red Death –
            I have been killed a lot, lately, by those weapons.

          • Christian

            I expect so. Nobody has been using Pulse Rifles up to this point, they calculated to less than 8%. Players are clearly excited by the changed and using the long disregarded weapons to live out a new experience. I am still using Suros and For the People, My kills still rank about standard, so people are just engaged by the recent changes and trying out new things. To be honest, I have been killed about an equal amount by every type of weapon, for the first time, things feel finally balanced. Shotgun users have declined slightly, sniper choking isn’t as bad, It’s certainly a work in progress and on its way.

        • NLK3

          But with their emphasis on the low/no impact ARs now, they are beyond gone. The medium ones are okay, but they don’t even have the impact ones anymore besides Vanquisher and Suros Regime. Even the IB one is a fucking SMG, and they suck with their combined lack of impact AND stability.

          • Christian

            Truly. The High RoF ARs do need some serious attention. They are such fun weapons but are beyond possibility of efficient use. They should pelt out massive damage. Honestly, should be doing 50% more what they are doing now.

    • NLK3

      My issue is the commendations. They do nothing to improve the experience or getting gear better. Only taking longer. I don’t do crucible unless it’s IB or the exotic bounties (only for shards now), but there may be a gun I want, but can’t get unless I get enough crucible marks. Now I gotta rank up each time? If not for the factions, that would take AGES!!! It literally took me until December to reach rank 3 with one of my characters for crucible. Weapons cost 150 marks, and you max at 100 per week. That’s only 2 weapons in 3 weeks, if you play even THAT much. Why commendations ON TOP OF THAT?!

  • Jeff

    I’ve maxxed a Titan subclass (striker), and just recently reached max crucible marks in a week for the first time thanks to trying to get iron banner equipment, but count me among the number who have not tried a raid. I think there is a bit of an intimidation factor to it. All I’ve had is second hand info, much of which is message board comments of people complaining about new people ruining their run. Plus just a lack of info. How long do they typically take? I hear mmo players talk about raids as things that take hours to complete. I generally have to squeeze in shorter play sessions around life. Plus there is having to have a group (only recently discovered this site and lfg options).

    • h1zz

      Just as a heads up. Crota’s End is not too bad to solo. It saves your progress so you can do it in chunks.

      Other than that, Google “Destiny Sherpa.” Those guys are super friendly. Their whole purpose is to help and explain raids to new raiders. Good luck!

      • Jeff

        How long does Vault of Glass usually take to get through?

        • Luc J

          It depends on the group you go through with. My first run we played hard mode with sooo many bugs that it took 2.5 hours.

          The next couple of times, just normal mode, with a strong team we completed the VoG runs in around an hour.
          Same goes with Crota’s End. The first run we were looking to finish in an hour but then bugs and lag related issues hit when facing Crota so we took just under 2 hours. The next CE run took us just over an hour as the bugs weren’t so catastrophic.

          I can’t recommend enough. Enter your details and join an event at a time that suits you, or setup your own! If it wasn’t for the100 I’d still be longing to run raids, now I fit 1 or 2 in each week while watching dozens more fill up.

          • Jeff

            Thanks for the info

        • Taylor Bair

          Vault can take a good 2-3 hours if you haven’t done it before. It really depends on the team you tackle it with. If you get in with an experienced team, that’s the best scenario, as one person dying really isn’t the end of the world, and you can go through at a good clip. But I’ve spent a good 3 hours trying to tackle VoG with friends for the first time, and we didn’t even finish it.

          But as h1zz says, it saves progress at various checkpoints, so it really is worth giving it a go. You won’t regret it – those raids are a blast.

          That being said, if you get a good team, expect VoG to take about 1-2 hours (as even with a good team, accidents happen) or 1 hour on normal difficulty.

          • Jeff


      • NLK3

        Really? The only one I can solo the first part with is the Hunter because of the cloak and Don’t Touch Me. Without that, it’s EXTREMELY gear specific, like a Mida Multi-Tool for the extra speed and Helm of Saint 14 for the Defender Titan, and for the Warlock… clueless.

        • vith

          First pArt of Crota is easy with warlock and Titan look up YouTube video it takes probably 5 min to do it second part easy with two

      • CrimmReap3r

        The Sherpa start up is a really cool idea. Check them out. As a veteran with 3 32s (each class). The most joy I get out of destiny besides playing with friends is meeting a newcomer. I recently had someone reach out to me in the tower to run a weekly heroic, 2 weeks old and worried about trying heroic on lvl 30. I enjoyed walking him through (not boosting away while he ate my dust). He had never even done that strike before. I miss that feeling, so I tried not to spoil it. Let him take the lead and such. Anyway, there is much more, but it is a fond memory that I will keep. To you newcomers, reach out, every once in a while someone will bite, if they don’t, it’s not personal. If you’re seasoned, accept an invite once in a while from the tower, it could change your experience for the better.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      Which console are you on? I’d be happy to take you through either of the raids if you’d like. (I’m on PS4)

      • Jeff

        I’m on Xbox one.

        • chris

          add me, killakill072711, im on the one as well. im almost always on and can not only carry you through entire crota raid, i can usually get it done under an hour. 30 -45 minutes average. i also fully explain and teach all the mechanics/scenarios so you will be able to solo it too if you liked or just join a team and not be the person who dont know whats going on that some teams out there dont want to bring along or teach. i have no problem with that and and can also help with nightfalls as i solo those too. for Vault of Glass, i can do the same except we wil need a couple more people, at least two dependinmg on your skill level and how well you can hold your own against mobs of high level enemies. for hard we will need full team, vog on easy will take about 30 to 45 minutes and hard, 1 to 2 hours depending on team and how much the glitches act up at atheon. i digress, just add me and shoot me a message that you are the guy i wwrote this message to on here so i know its you. cheers.

  • GreenLego

    I’m very dubious of Bungie’s claim about memory limiting the maximum vault space for storage. They seem to whip out the ‘last gen console is ruining everything’ excuse whenever they don’t want to do anything.

    Why don’t they remove all the superflous stuff around the tower that doesn’t do anything to free up memory? Or just move the vault to Orbit since there are pretty much nothing there and should free up lots of memory. Do we really need full 3D animated guns in the background when you look at a gun, especially when you can’t even rotate the gun/camera?

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      That last sentence of yours was the first thing I thought reading that segment.

      Taking out those detailed 3D renderings of every gun should free up drastically more memory than a few paltry data bits about the name of a gun and its few performance metrics.

  • Karsten

    Please just stop using the term data-mining. Reverse engineering would be more adequate.

    • Password?

      That depends on how their getting the information. If they’re taking apart finished builds and looking at the code in those builds then yes, that’s reverse engineering, if they’re able to access Bungie’s servers and get information stored in their data tables, that’s data-mining. Since we know people have been able to access Bungie’s servers and gain access to their tables, why would data-mining be the wrong term? The article also explained that PD have been looking at information stored server side.

  • MakkinjeM

    Seriously? So little players maxed out a single subclass? Or are players who have maxed out one,and not the other counted in as well? I rarely run into players who don’t have a maxed out subclass, so i find this hard to believe if not.

    Regarding the other question in the OP; Please drop the last-gen consoles, or create two different types of Destiny for current en last-gen consoles. I have a strong feeling you’re holding back the potential for the current consoles, which really is a shame. F.E.: I read that 75% of playable areas were left out due to hardwaere limitations of the last-gen consoles.

    I really hope they start this split-up from up to Comet already!

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      My bet is it simply comes down to the fact that players who don’t max out also don’t spend much time playing. If those 1 in 5 players that have at least maxed out something play 20 times more on average then they represent the lionshare of who you play against.

      Also though, I think player matchmaking plays a strong role. I’ve been noticing when I equip a bunch of incompletely-leveled armor during ROC strikes I tend to get lined up with other similarly-equipped players.

      • MakkinjeM

        Okay that might be true, but still hard to believe. I think they are counting in players who have 3 hunters as well, for the numbers of players who haven’t upgraded a single warlock and titan subclass. That doesn’t necesserily mean they’re not active players.

        And agreed on your second point. I do get matched up with lower level or better said, lower experienced players from time to time, but mostly indeed with same level players. It might be a coincidence, but it’s noticable at least.

        Btw, we tend to agree a lot now, don’t we!

        Just replied on another of your comments concerning Dragonsbreath, as well. Just noticed I was agreeing to the same person again haha.

  • JDM14755

    I have been on ps3 since day 1, but just got a ps4 last Sunday. Even though I still have my 3 and destiny, I hope Bungie will add more content for current gen then last gen.

  • Scott

    Keep supporting current and last gen. The last gen will have parts left out and the current gen will have all the goodies. Its that simple. It will motivate people to upgrade if they would like to experience everything that destiny has to offer, start separating the updates.

  • SF_Chris_72x

    Bungie should reward teams that have ‘rookies’ on them with better or more loot than a team that has all hardcore veterans on it. It would help promote and reward hardcore vets to work with and help casuals and rookies more.

  • FloydRTC95

    Look, I totally understand the hardware limitations, and I really hope Destiny 2 is next-gen only. The thing is, the Xbox One and PS4 were so expensive at launch that many players just paid less money to get the game on their Xbox 360’s and PS3’s. While the price has been going down and more players are moving forward, the problem stems from many players having bought physical copies and are unable to use said copies on the next-gen consoles. It would cost even more for them to buy the game AGAIN for a new console. Destiny needs to support both next-gen and last-gen consoles, because that’s what it released for, and anything less than total support is a disservice to the players that spent $60+ on a game.
    Destiny 2 should definitely be made for only the next-gen consoles, allowing consolidation of resources and maximizing of efficiency. While I hate to say that, my Xbox One gets played less than my 360 because of Destiny, and something about that strikes me as wrong.