Where’s Xûr?

Published on: Apr 3, 2015 @ 3:05

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly stop in the tower with a fresh stock of Exotics.

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This is what we think aboutearning” Exotics.

Where is Xûr? What’s he selling?

Xûr is located near the Speaker. He’ll be in the Tower until 9 AM GMT on Sunday (4/5).

He’s selling the following items:

Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Dragon’s Breath Any Any Rocket Launcher 17
The Glasshouse (110/118) Titan Defender Helm 13
Don’t Touch Me (77/83) Hunter Any Gauntlets 13
Sunbreakers (79/85) Warlock Sunsinger Gauntlets 13

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Curios Type Rarity QTY Strange Coin
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable Basic 5 1
Pulse Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Fusion Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Rocket Launcher Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
“Emerald Coil” Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23
Exotic Upgrades Type Class Stats
Achlyophage Symbiote Helm Hunter 119/127 INT
Lucky Raspberry Chest Hunter 121/130 INT
Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Titan 148/159 INT
No Backup Plans Gauntlets Titan 80/86 STR
Apotheosis Veil Helm Warlock 93/100 DISC
Sunbreakers Gauntlets Warlock 80/86 INT
Bad Juju Pulse Rifle All
MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle All
Thorn Hand Cannon All
Patience and Time Sniper Rifle All
Thunderlord Machine Gun All
Super Good Advice Machine Gun All

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  • Nightwing

    DRAGONS BREATH!!!!! WHAT!!!! Seriously Xur

  • ORB1T4L

    Oh, look ! Another week Xûr sells a shitty gun, what a surprise !

  • NLK3

    Dis… a… POINTED!!! He sold Universal Remote, he sold Hardlight, he finally resold Red Death after week 4, he understandably sold Mida Multitool only the second time… WHERE… THE FUCK… IS MY GAWD… DAYAMN… THUNDERLORD!!!

    • Steshen

      +1 :'(

    • Curdledcomb

      I wish he never sells it! because it will make it so much more awsome to get it!

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    After reading this not gonna even bother getting on till monday and do all three characters Weekly Strike and wait for what is most like another week of crap.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    A good week to upgrade Achylophage Symbiote if you have one with a lousy roll I suppose.

    I’m actually happy about Dragon’s Breath. It desperately needs a buff (grenades and horseshoes Bungie, please) but it’s one of only a few exotic weapons I don’t seem to have and we all know they aren’t about to sell Gjallahorn. Given all the exotics I’ve had the luck of getting recently it’s pretty crazy Xur’s managed to sell one I don’t have.