“Xûr is Randomized”

You may have seen a stream a few months back where DeeJ briefly discussed Xûr’s inventory while waiting for a Crucible game to start.

If you missed those comments:

Recently his words from that Twitch stream have been analyzed and there’s many claims of Bungie controlling/altering what he sells.

DeeJ took to the Bungie forums to dispel some rumors.

Here’s what DeeJ had to say:

Xur is randomized. There are times when we can pull off miracles like making him stay in the Tower longer when Christmas is cancelled, but his inventory is governed by the same chaos that influences all the loot drops.

Comments in that video about “the plan” were more about the fact that we know what he’s selling before he appears, even if we can’t reach out and stock his shelves ourselves. We set him in motion, and his will is not his own.

Also in that video, you can hear me confessing that I’m not always in the loop when it comes to these things, so you should take pre-game lobby comments among friends with a grain of salt. That video was from months ago, and I was still learning the intricacies of all the new systems that we launched with the game.

These conspiracy theories are symptoms of a burning desire. Gjallarhorn is the most popular ask that comes my way. I know you want it, even more than the collective requests for more vault space. As you can see, these are things that are beyond my control. I don’t have one either.

I’ll do my best to talk to the people who create the code that drives Xur, and see if we can make him more valuable to you in the future.


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  • Rusti002

    Just one thing….BS!!

  • Stryker

    Deej is nothing but a condescending A-hole who lies and attempts to back pedal every time someone calls him out on his Bull. He is a puppet that has no real value to the Destiny community, but to sell lies.

    • Guest

      Everything about Deej rubs me the wrong way. His tone, his foo-foo wording in the updates…to me, he’s not an extremely likable community guy.

      • Stryker

        It’s a shame that we, as the community of gamers, are unable to sway Bungie into replacing Deej as their PR representative. I am under the firm belief that Deej actually does more harm than good.

  • Bungle is lying Deej is lying

    Bullshit!!! Xur is NOT randomized. The Dark Below exotics have been pushed like crazy since the dlc dropped…WHY? To try and lure people into BUYING the dlc!

    The amount of times The Dark Below exotics have been sold in a row instead of the vanilla game exotics (which there are many more of) shows that.

    Also, everyone knows there is nothing random about Destiny’s rng system… Everyone has gotten a few particular weapons so many times (in a row or not) that it can’t be random. I’ve gotten the same weapon three times in a row (from Nightfalls, raids, etc) back to back several times. The probability of stuff like that happening in a truly random system is astronomically low…

    Bungle either weights certain exotics (DB dlc ones) heavily so Xur always has then to try and get people to make a quick decision to buy the dlc or Bungles “RNG” system is straight up broken…

    At any rate, Deej is nothing more than an arrogant condescending corporate mouth piece PR rep trying save Bungle some rep with the fans/customers who are livid with them. Bungle’s word means NOTHING at this point.

    *This is coming from someone who played every single Halo game since Halo CE first came out and has loved Bungie up until Destiny’s true colors became clear. I also have two lvl 32s and one lvl 31 waiting on raid boots…

    • Rosevelt

      Oh boy…. “there is nothing random about Destiny’s rng system… Everyone has gotten a few particular weapons so many times (in a row or not) that it can’t be random.”? You do know that random does NOT mean the same probabilities for everything, right? I could make a random outcome of something that gives poop 99.98463779% of the time and gives 1 billion dollars the rest of the time, and it still is random. Someone who would play these chances would be like “Oh, I got poop 243/243 times in a row! It can’t be random!” No matter how slim the chances of something happening, if there are chances, it’s random. It just might happen that something you would like to see happening is not as likely as you want it to be, now that’s another question.
      It could be that they made Xür random, but made the DLC weapons extremelly more likely, and it’s still random. To me, a Destiny noob who only got the game after the first DLC, I have only known about Xür and all that jazz for the past month, during this time, I thought that the Xür was DLC content. It turns out he also sellS not DLC stuff? Cool

    • ._.

      When there is bad news don’t shoot the messenger.

  • I really don’t believe Xûr is randomized. The best exotics are never available on fridays, the same shit we see everytime. Sunbreakers has its place in Guinness Book. Bungie is underestimating the player’s inteligence.

  • Donnie Stuart

    i hope so

  • 700 hours invested

    I got plan-c like 4 times from nightfalls. explain that random shit bro.

    • s

      Something like this has low-odds compared to yielding something different every time, but compared to your chances of winning the lotto or getting struck by lightning, it’s actually very probable that you’ll get the same item for multiple iterations. PROBABILITY do you speak it?

      Do you guys understand Random number generators? Google it, set up a range of 1-10, and see how many times you get the same thing. Then pick a number and see how long it takes you to get that number. Even in an extremely short list, your still going to have repeats and no-shows depending on the length of your experiment.

      This is called entropy. It’s the scientific name for RNGesus. Controlled chaos. LUCK.

      Get used to it, or get a helmet.

      • This is thumbs up

        We has a smart person yey.

  • S

    until you have statistical logs that show some kind of trend in how items are dropped or chosen by Xur. Then it’s random. You cannot just come on spouting that it’s not because you have one piece of qualitative evidence that yields nothing conclusive.

    Random means your chances are the same every time, so like Rosevelt said, you could likely yield the same thing multiple times. It isn’t a process where you’re chances ever get greater.

    People play the lottery their whole lives and never win, get over not having a Ghorn.

    • FlipFlipadelfia

      It doesn’t necessarily mean the chances are the same for each item to show up. They could have a weighted random list. Like lets say there were only two items. If they assigned Item A a value of 1, and Item B a value of 2 and did Random(1-2), then Item A and Item B would have a 50% of showing up. However, if they assigned Item A a value of 1 as well as 2, and assigned Item B a value of 3, and did Random(1-3). Then Item A would have a 66% chance of showing up and Item B would only have a 33% chance of showing up. So they could still have a RNG randomly select the value, but they could manipulate the values of the items to cause certain items to show up more frequently.

  • Cruzou

    I dont think mg system is random and if it is…why or maybe xplain me this… i been doing VOG with my friend long time now. And he already have 3 vez myto… and i have not even one.. the funny part is he got 2.two weeks in a row.. xplain that. And how about crota endS i already habe 3 black hammer 2 sword brakers… sorry for my english is not my primary languague

    • mrjazzy15

      It’s simple really. Bungie just hates you. Out of the millions of players who have logged in, somehow you’ve been singled out to forever get the same gear over and over again. Randomness obviously has nothing to do with it.

      • Cruzou

        That the problem. Cause when i started doing VOG Before i usually got the dame shit all over again lol.. i could say i got to lvl 3 like in 3 weeks maybe cause always was the dame things… armored and shards. I was like wth…no weapons at all… and some how when i started doing hard mode.. got the fate bringer 4 timeees.. the freking sparrow 4 timeeeds the whitechadder thing a millionn time..lol…

  • Xur could be completely randomized, but Bungie is writing the list of items he gets to pick randomly from. When you have a short list you’ll see items appearing repeatedly each week. Which is exactly what is happening. But don’t worry! Bungie will fix this problem by introducing yet another currency to address the problem.

  • s

    just used an online random number generator and got the number 6 five times in a row. WOW THIS RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR MUST BE BROKEN AND LYING

  • ceedoubleyou

    It strains credibility to make a straight-faced declaration that Xur is random when we’ve just had two weeks in January (Jan 2 and Jan 30) that had exactly the same items. MasterKizz, on his youtube channel, says that the odds of this happening in a actual random system would be 10,000,000 to one.

    • anonymous

      But it could happen. Unlikely, sure. But possible

    • Password?

      Well if a guy that plays the game on YouTube that has no affiliation with Bungie, actual hard evidence of how the system works other than his own calculations that are based on anecdotal evidence and conjecture, says so, it must be true. XUR IS A LIAR!

      • ceedoubleyou

        Hey, I got no problem with Xur. Xur is my friend. Xur is my pal. All my best stuff came from Xur. And as far as I know, Xur never claimed nothin’ about no random stuff. In fact, he doesn’t say much of anything at all (tho… occasionally, he mumbles something about The Nine or how he isn’t sure how long he can stand around before the Speaker gets wise and throws him out).

        (Oh, and friend, since you don’t seem to know: the word “anecdotal” means a personal opinion based on spurious or unrelated events or facts. It is not in any way anecdotal or conjecture to calculate the chances that two dozen slots in a supposedly random system would turn up exactly the same as they had three weeks earlier. It would be like shuffling a deck four times and pealing off the top twelve cards to find that the exact same cards came up twice. You’d immediately conclude that the dealer had stacked the deck.)

        • Password?

          You got me. You’re right, I couldn’t possibly have meant anecdotal or known what I was talking about when I suggested that a guy that calculated the odds of Xür’s stash based on the base numbers of how many items there are and their possible combinations but has no idea what the odds of each item appearing really are or if some have a higher likelihood of appearing. Especially after you don’t read the part of his post where he states, “Let’s assume the probability of rolling each item is the same.” Meaning he has no clue and is basing his calculations on his personal opinion based off of spurious and unrelated facts. See, and I didn’t even have to take shots at your intelligence or insult in you in a passive aggressive way. Learning can be fun.

          • ceedoubleyou

            Well. I’m glad you’re not being passive aggressive or anything. I mean, who would get so twisted up about a video game that they would post a sarcastic response to someone’s post, then post an angry response when someone responded to that? Not YOU, that’s for sure!

            (Gosh, you’re right: Learning IS fun!)

          • Password?

            Who’s twisted up or angry? I think it’s hilarious that instead of admitting you were wrong you try to shift the argument by painting me as an obsessed fan that won’t stand for someone slandering a terribly flawed game. And I wasn’t being passive aggressive, but I guess that’s two things you’ve learned from this conversation now.

          • ceedoubleyou

            So… here’s what I’ve learned from this conversation:

            You don’t think you’re twisted up or angry about a video game. You don’t think your responses are those of one defending a flawed game. You don’t think you’re being passive aggressive. You think my opinion is wrong and you’re right because… well, reasons.

            And you still don’t know what the word “anecdotal” means.

            Okay. Good to know.

          • Password?

            You’re easily the most entertaining part of my day.

          • ceedoubleyou

            Glad I can help!

          • racerxag24

            I just heard all of that, and I just want to say this family is fucking disintegrating.

  • Guest

    Being random doesn’t have to mean everything has an equal chance of showing up. They can have weights applied to items that will make it more likely it will show up while still being random chosen. For example, lets say there are 10 exotics. If each exotic has a weight of 1 then you could do random 1-10, and each exotic would have a 10% chance of showing up. However, if you weighted the value, you could have 10 exotics with some having a value of 2, some having a value of .5, and do random 1-10. The higher weighted exotics would have a higher chance of showing up, but the actual determination of what shows up would be random.

    • Yeah I’d bet money that TDB Exotics are weighted stronger

      • ProfessionalCitizen

        Possibly. In any case that makes sense doesn’t it, as many players have a lot of the base exotics already. Imagine the complaining and outrage if a bunch of people bought the dlc and then almost never had a chance to buy its exotics.

        • Yep it makes total sense, for the reason you mentioned and also from a business perspective. I’d really be surprised if we didn’t see them as often as we do

  • Petr Švancara

    Xur is randomized? Oh, wait a minute. . I was thinking that Bungie made the game alright? It seems that it may be a Xur himself who made this shit! I don’t accept any of these apologies, no, just no. . it is same like when someone says : “It was not my fault, it was the God who told me to do it”. Bungie made this shit, Bungie should fix this shit, it is simple as it is. . or is anyone here thinking that Xur is personally responsible for every shit or what? He just don’t have any kind of intelligence, or any AI at all. Jesus, Xur is innocent after all, he is just another slave. I guess, someone here is risking a hit in the face. Destiny’s true colors became clear, what else I can say. Sorry for my English, it’s not my main languague.

    – Halogen cz

  • Erik Rowland

    Ok fine… it’s random. I GET IT!!! I can understand the laws of entropy, trending… blah blah blah. Not the point. Blaming randomness for apathy would be like driving in a car headed towards a cliff. Then when asking the driver to do something about it to hear they can’t because the magic eight ball said “ask again later”.

    Or getting kicked in the nuts every week and asking, “Why…. why do you kick me in the nuts so?” only to hear, “Sorry, our hands are tied. The decision to kick your nuts is based on a random decision generator and it’s saying kick again.”

    Just because it’s random doesn’t justify inaction.

    What does it take for Bungie to step in and say enough’s enough. The very people who support the games are calling out BEGGING to stop getting kicked in the nuts. Regardless, who the hell decides to make a random generator the sole link to your players enjoyment? For something like Xur, can’t someone from Bungie, an actual human with the ability to put into consideration the needs and wants of the community approve what he is “randomly” going to sell? If the roll comes back “exactly” as before, make it roll again!! Why turn a blind eye and say sorry… it’s random.

    Or give options that are outside the random decision process! Allow us players to be masters of our own destiny. My hell, let us buy all the weapons and armor. If it takes insane amounts of currency for highly sought after items then so be it. A ghorn for 25,000 glimer, 500 ascendant energies and 100 Exotic shards. Make those willing to put in the work, PUT IN THE WORK! Rolling the dice every time you play to be either rewarded or kicked in the nuts is…… well that’s just masochistic.

    At some point, one gets pretty sick and tired of it all and jumps from the car. After all, there’s plenty of other cars to choose to ride along with.

    • s

      Depends on how you choose to play the game.

      If the lack of a yellow square popping up when you beat the nightfall is equivalent to a kick in the nuts to you, maybe you should stop playing.

      This attitude of BUNGIE WONT PLEASE ME WHY OH WHY BUNGIE DO YOU HATE ME SO BECAUSE I DONT HAVE GHORN is really childish. I understand Xur’s sold things multiple times in a row, I understand somethings probably have a greater chance of showing up, i get that you think the game isn’t playable if your 12 yr old bff has a vex mytho and you don’t (actually i don’t get it), but you really cannot expect Destiny/Bungie to cater to every players demands. Consumers usually don’t know WTF they’re talking about, and Destiny players are by far the most entitled I’ve seen.

      Xur either helps you, or he doesn’t. Just like the vex isn’t guaranteed to drop, Xur’s not guarantee’d to have crap. You all sit around anticipating OMG WHATS ZUR GOING HAVE THIS WEEK IS IT NEW BARBIE DOLL? and when it’s void fang vestments again, you cry.

      Play the game, enjoy it, or GTFO.

      • Erik Rowland

        The only thing childish so far seems to by your reply “s”. If anyone is sounding entitled it’s you since apparently unless we agree with your opinion you’ll result to bullying… really?! Is that really the limit of your ability to provide an intelligent response to someones viewpoint?

        Oh well… haters gonna hate so why respond right? Ohhh but I can’t resist such low hanging fruit.

        Your statement, “somethings probably have a greater chance of showing up….” shows how blatantly ignorant you are to even understanding the very nature of this article. If Xur’s inventory was truly “random” as Deej is saying then “nothing” should have a greater chance of showing up. All available items would be treated with equal weight…. and yes I also understand “equally” does not imply equal distribution. Regardless, my issue is based on the concept of randomness being so thoroughly embraced in Destiny. When you think about it, it’s kind of funny really. After all, randomness should have nothing to do with destiny.

        I digress…

        If entitlement comes from a reasonable expectation to manifest one’s own destiny after putting in hundreds of hours into a game only to have that rendered mute due to a randomness generator is the very premise of frustration. So yes, by that definition I along with a lot of other players are feeling “entitled”…. and that feeling is a perfectly justifiable.

        If this where an experiment in the effectiveness of allowing a random generator dictate a reward mechanism then I would say it’s not looking good. Especially if the objective is to maintain longevity and long term interest in a game. However it this was not the goal and rather the objective was to excuse accountability and allow as much automation as possible, then Bungie has met that goal. Being said, I would hope it was the former rather then the later.

        It’s been my experience the reason people do things are pretty simple. To reach some kind of goal… whether that be something physical or psychological in nature. Most human beings like to think and reasonable expect the time they put into something will be rewarded in some way. Destiny is very VERY good at that in the initial stages. Not so much later in the game.

        This is why the definition of insanity is what it is. Without the reward… without that reasonable expectation of something different…. then well…. one can’t help but wonder if they aren’t going a little insane by continuing to play the same missions and grind through the same strikes and not expect something different. Google “Chasing the dragon game”

        So if offering a few opinions results in you telling me I need to either shut up or GTFO as you so articulately wrote, then absolutely, I’ll join the tens of thousands who already have. You can have this dragon all to yourself.

        • s

          en·ti·tle·ment: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

          ill just leave this here

  • Matt Dunnigan

    Randomness?……….Seriously randomness?! Another talk about Bungie’s RNG system. And, no disrespect Bungie (I love all you guys), their RNG system is could surly be like upgraded to do something better. Like maybe have Xur trade Ascendant Materials for like Radiant Materials or like during the Nightfall win like any good Legendary or Exotic items other than Ascendant Materials.

  • Deciver95

    God the Destiny community is full of sooks.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      I feel that way almost any time I read any comment threads on bungie or here :/

      • Deciver95

        It’s unfortunately the way it is. I’ve been called many words simply for saying I enjoy this game. However, this isn’t unique over the internet. Being faceless allows us to say things we never would in reality

        • ProfessionalCitizen

          Yup. Anonymity is nice, but it allows an outlet for rage with little chance of punishment or reprisal.

  • Michel Makkinje

    Although I actually do believe it’s random, I think they should implement a system, in which they keep up which loot has been put up for sale and which hasn’t. Increasing the chances of putting up loot for sale, that has never been offered before. For example for Thunderlord, which hasn’t been sold by Xür yet. As well they should implement such a system for loot drops in nightfall and raids. This way, the loyal players will be rewarded over time. Even if it is a really long time, you give guardians reason to grind over and over again.

  • phillip

    the people at bungie write the (coding for xur) so you do control xur!!!!!

  • josh robinson

    It’s obviously not random, Bungie will give us the same rewards countless times. To everyone and everybody here knows that. Despite the fact Xur’s description reads him “coming and going freely” but we all know it’s every Friday the vendor spawns in the tower. All that Bungie wants is MORE and MORE playing time to even attempt to possibly get something you want. That’s why we play the same strikes over and over again each week is cuz we hope for a good loot drop. Or how we have to play the raid over and over again each week to hope for raid gear we want. They separate the drops week for week. And that’s why you don’t see anyone get all they’re drops in the same week. Unless you have 2-3 of the same character type. Any ways I could go on for days ranting about how the drops are definitely not random. And that’s why we keep getting the same BS gear from Xur. And it also explains why as soon as the DLC launched that’s all he wanted to sell. Then people would buy it just for DLC exclusives. If you ever wonder why he doesn’t sell the good items we all want such as Suros Regime or Gjallahorn, it’s because they want you to play more and that gives more $$$ than they already have. Just an extra way to get money, that’s all they want. And watch they’re gonna do the same thing when the “House of Wolves” is released, he’s gonna sell items only from that DLC the first times he appears on Friday.

  • Pollux_Troy

    lol i got a ghorn from the current nightfall. RNGesus must love me.

  • tom

    Weighted values

  • Bliss Seeker

    Xur is not randomised. I honestly do not know why you would see otherwise. From Sunbreakers among other items selling more than four times in a row the odds are extremely low. And when DeeJ posted that “Enjoy your Ice Breaking” just after it was sold… Yeah. And since TDB released the majority of the weapons have been ones from TDB Expansion itself just to entice people into buying the DLC. Sure, it may be that they have a higher probability but I highly doubt it. It would be much easier for Bungie to hand-pick each item. Either way, that’s Bungie manipulating the RNG system for their own benefit.
    The video above is enough evidence. There’s just no way DeeJ can spin that.