Does it Feel Exotic?

Published on: Nov 23, 2014 @ 10:01

By now, you’ve probably bought at least 1 Exotic from Xûr. For some, this is the only feasible way they’re able to acquire Exotics. For others, they feel he cheapens the Exotic experience.

Do you feel Xûr is a detriment to the game, or a boon? This article will explore both sides, and will discuss how he affects Destiny.

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Cheap Exotics?

Before we talk about Crucible balance, how do you guys feel about Xûr selling Exotics in general?

There’s many people who enjoy the fact that Exotics are sold, since getting them randomly could take an extremely long time.

On the other side of the (strange) coin, many others feel that because they’re sold, those weapons feel less special and  rare.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority don’t have an issue with armor being sold, but when it comes to Exotic weapons, some of them can change the entire dynamic in the Crucible. This article will focus on Exotic weapons.

What does “earning” mean?

Technically, the definition is to receive as return for effort.

You’ve probably heard countless times that if someone buys an Exotic weapon from Xûr, they haven’t rightfully “earned” the item. But is that true?

Acquiring the Strange Coins by completing the Weekly Heroics/other activities and buying the weapon still takes time/energy, and in my opinion that doesn’t deserve the negativity.

Of course it can still be argued either way; being randomly rewarded with an Exotic might have taken days or weeks, whereas doing a Weekly Heroic mission per character can be finished in 1 day.

Many would say that completing an Exotic Bounty is almost the definition of “earning” an Exotic (those are being buffed soon, thankfully).

Here’s a better question: Does it matter? It’s ultimately irrelevant if someone has “earned” the Exotic or not, whatever that means, because it doesn’t change the fact that the person now owns it.

last word exotic

The Underlying Frustration

Let’s use Xûr’s weapon from last week, The Last Word, for example. Call me crazy, but I don’t think people really care about how you got it.

But, “Then why are people telling me I haven’t earned it!?” 

Crucible Woes

Many people are frustrated that so many people have The Last Word, and don’t feel it’s balanced. Those people belittling your Exotic ownership aren’t concerned with you, but with the Exotic weapon that you and so many others own via Xûr.

People equate buying an Exotic, which leads to mass-ownership, to not rightfully earning the Exotic.

The real issue: it’s so effective in the Crucible, which causes people to get annoyed with the mass-ownership, thus resulting in those same people belittling ownership out of frustration.

Feeling Unique

The other reason people may be annoyed with the influx of X weapon is because they no longer feel as special with it.

Hypothetically let’s say the weapon is perfectly balanced, so there’s no worries about Crucible balance, people will still be discouraged that more people will have ‘their’ weapon.

But what Exotic is perfectly balanced? People use Exotics because they aren’t, and the strongest Exotics are generally used the most.

suros regime exotic

Weapon Testing

Could selling Exotics to the masses be Bungie’s way of testing a weapon? No doubt you remember when the SUROS Regime was being sold, the Crucible was filled with them.

Now that The Last Word is being used in the Crucible much more than it has been previously, Bungie can take the feedback from the community & all of the Crucible statistics, and better analyze just how good (or too good) it is.

mida multi-tool

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about your fellow Guardians obtaining an Exotic through Xûr?

Is Xûr a necessity, or should the elusive vendor be altered in some way?

Are you concerned about how the Crucible changes once the Agent arrives?

Wish List

If you could add or change something about the Agent of the Nine, what would it be? Maybe you’d like him to come every other weekend, or perhaps slightly increase his prices?

I’d love if he sold a Tempering-like buff for Crucible/Vanguard/Faction XP!


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  • Reflex

    Personally, I feel like Xur should not sell any exotic weapons or armor. Before people started grinding for 3 characters for strange coins, I would see an exotic weapon like red death in the crucible and say “ohhh sh**”. now I’m like “lol another suros regime, ill pull out my vex mythoclast.” Exotics have lost their flare. You should see maybe 12-3 people in the crucible using exotics. All Xur is doing is phasing out legendary weapons faster. I don’t even care about the legendary guns releasing with the dark below. I know Xur will be their early Friday morning to basically hand me a new exotic for my collection…

    • Brighton Molina

      hehe, so true. but raid legendaries are better than most of their exotic brothers. so i still want the raid weapons reguardless

  • Ben Black

    Thankfully changes are coming to the exotics out there. Very much hope exotics aren’t being buffed across the board to keep up with Suros and Last Word .. These two guns are exceptions to many that are actually balanced fair enough already. In PvP if a gun outclasses DPS so clearly and it’s easy to access.. Many players feel the MUST acquire it to compete.. and others who prefer other exotics (or like me spitefully resist gear that is all too common) end up voicing thier choices are under powered…

    Exotics should have pros and cons with unique qualities that make them desirable.. not just trump competing guns DPS. Thorn in my opinion is a good example of this. same with MIDA. Some exotics do need tweaking – invective needs much faster ammo reg to be in any way effective, Bad Juju needs a larger clip and a graphic fix. there are more but those are two examples. Exotics don’t necessarily need to be the hardest hitting .. they should just bring something and well… exotic.

    Exotics are too common. Buying them or ‘earning’ by random drop shouldn’t matter.. the problem is it’s too easy to earn coins. Three characters and run the nightfall twice with your main alt and in a MUCH shorter time than it takes to grind Crucible or Vanguard Marks you’ll have an exotic. Takes 10 or more Strikes or LOTS of PvP matches to earn a measly Legendary..

  • David Alvarez

    I could see why alot of people hate xur.but random drops shitty to .i have done nightfalls every single week since the game has been out and i have yet to see an exoctic weapon drop for me after playing over 150 hours. Honestly if it wasnt for xur i would have no exotic weapons minus my exotic weapon bountys which is 3 . In adition im not bad at pvp averging 1.65kd and have seen people with a 0.29 kd get a suros 😛

  • Phillip Viera

    I find that if the other lackluster guns are buffed then people will use a variety of weapons. A lot of people find the Suros to be really good. Although I do not own one I have been killed by it countless times. Typically I find that had I have played the situation smarter I would’ve won that gun fight (since I have killed MANY suros users in a fair fight). Therefore I don’t find that the Suros is way too overpowered based on my interactions with other people. I do think the performance of some other exotics are a bit lacking. If they simply adjust those that are lacking then the weapon diversity will hopefully be much wider. I personally love hand cannons but I wish the Thorn would get some kind of magazine or reload speed buff (or both lol). I dont think the last word is OP either. It’s range is incredibly lackluster and therefore is a situational gun. Yes its pretty powerful when used in the right context but I can beast someone using it with the Devil you Know just by staying out of their range, having better aim than them, or simply playing smarter than them.

    • Guardian

      Thorn and several others will get a buff eventually anyways.

      I would like to see exotics like Super Good Advice and Pocket Infinity improved.

  • Dewhitt Ager

    No it don’t feel exotic at all. Most people buy there exotic now. Pointless to even have. Plus you only have one pair at a time on. What a fail bungie. Good thing I got money back for dark below. Bungie is a big sell out. Care about money more then fans just sad. No effort in this games.

  • Oriel76

    At first I thought it was a good idea cause you’d hardly get any exotic at all… Now exotics became common gear that all the players I see have.
    Xur should only sell Upgrade materials (shards), Sparrows, ships or something else that compliment the gear we already posses.

    So when you can solo Weekly Strike (or even with friends) and multiply by up to 3 chars and at the end be sure to buy an exotic, when on the other hand you have a chance to get shards only for a LvL 30 Raid… I think something is wrong.

    So for this to work the reward system needs to be rewritten from scratch. From 26 to 30 (28 to 32) activities their should at least be a legendary guarantied and a higher chance to get an exotic piece of armor or weapon.

    Now, it is a let down that legendaries are most (to not say all) of the time better than exotics, and that exotics don’t have a more unique way to behave. I used to be a huge Borderlands fan, and on the battlefield from sound, colors, bullet patterns I knew right away what legendary my buddy had. This is not the case in Destiny. Yes some Exotics do have a specific look (Thorn, Gjalahorn, Hawkmoon, etc…) but that’s about it. It misses personality.

    • Martin C

      While I agree that most exotics could look and act better, there are certain things that give away an exotic on the sound front. Icebreaker looks and sounds unique, as does Patience and Time; even the Mida Multi tool has a distinct sound. Even the Last Word sounds different. Too bad they stop there most of the time.

      What the exotics need (and some do) is an excellent set of perks to go with the look and sound. Otherwise the legendary guns are just as good if not better. For me, it is all about a weapon’s special abilities. But I can’t disagree with the bulk of your message. Cheers!

      • You can definitely destinguish a Suros Regime, the legendary auto-rifle from the raid, Vex Mythoclast, and many others

  • Christian Jimenez

    I think xur should sell armor for 20 or more strange coins, and no weapons at all. Maybe he could sell exotic weapon engrams but not the gun itself. Exotic guns, I feel, should be tied to missions or given its own difficult and long quest line. If its exotic it should be earned in an exotic place or way. I have almost every exotic weapon in the game except for thunderlord and red death. The only two I felt like I earned were hardlight and thorn. I got hardlight from the very first nightfall when me and my buddies were only lvl 26 and it was brand new to the entire community. It took us three hours. That felt earned. That’s what I want it to be like.

    • Dinoclaw

      That’s what I told my friends, Xur should sell weapon engrams because it feels dumb when everyone has the same exotic weapon in Crucible.

  • ORB1T4L

    We should have Exotic Engrams for weapons, and a chance to get the Mythoclast because the drop rate is fucking ridiculous and I don’t care if the drop rate is crazy low in Hard Mode and shit. 14 HM Raid attempts to get this fucking rifle and I never got it.

  • cybershark

    Well, this is really a difficult question, but at first, let me exuse my(bad) english, it’s not my main language.

    In my opinion this really is a two sided coin. On the one side, destiny dosen’t make it easy to earn exotic gear. For example, I only got one exotic weapon by a random drop in nightfall after around a playing time of 120 hours. well, this isn’t really a cool thing. If you look at the weapons/armors being sold by xur by this perspective, I like the fact xu is selling exotic stuff. Since I never got a exotic armor piece randomly I like the fact, that xur sells armor even more. I think, the problem is teh selling of weapons. For example, the random drop I got in the nightfall was “Icebreaker”. I was quite happy, since I mist the SALE by xur. It was aviable two weeks before, but since didn’t had the coins back then… Yeah, after I got it, it felt a bit strange, since everybody I know got it from xur and nobody got it by playing a nightfall strike or a raid.

    And now I start to go to the other side. on one side it’s nice to buy those weapons, but on the other, it don’t feel special if you get one as a random drop, which was sold by xur before or after.

    What I really like are the exotic bounty. This was a great idea by bungie. If you work on the bounty to get an exotic, it’s in my opinion a really earned one, since some of the bountys take quite some time.

    I hope I made my point clear ^^

    best whishes,


    • cybershark

      A little addition: I also think the exotics xur is selling, are to good in comparison to the things you only get random or by exotic bountys.

  • Justin Genus

    He should sell legendaries with exclusive Mods. Let him finish selling the remaining exotics, then only sell one once every 2-3 weeks. Have a few legendaries each week and keep exotic gear.

  • Jason Peterson

    Just because the top 5% of the player base plays a ton and run multiple characters through the Nightfall, Weekly Heroic, and VoG doesn’t mean that they need to further neuter the rate at which you get exotic gear. I’ve put 120 hours into Destiny and I’ve gotten two exotics (Invective & Symbiote) through a bounty & Nightfall Strike.

    This kind of acquisition rate is ridiculous. It is only because of Xúr that many people can get what they want at all… And most of the time they have to wait until Xúr actually has said item once every weekend.

    The Exotic Weapons need to look, feel, sound, and behave overpowered, but not quite cross that line in PvP. There’s no excuse for anyone to complain about the Iron Banner, because that’s where gear is supposed to matter more.

    The “you didn’t earn it” line is downright stupid. You don’t “earn” anything by being randomly awarded an exotic for Crucible matches or whenever the game decides to spit out an Exotic Bounty. Doing the weekly for three weeks straight and waiting for that certain item to pop up *IS* earning something.

    The majority of exotic weapons don’t even feel “Exotic” in the first place, just glorified Legendary gear. Suros & TLW are just popular guns for good reasons, while the more obvious balance suspects like Fusion Rifles and the Shotgun fest go unaddressed.

    Let people get what they want. They either earn it through play time & patience or getting extremely lucky through drops. Unless you put in a TON of time these items are barely attainable in the first place without luck. It doesn’t affect else, there’s no trade market, and it let’s people have attainable goals & have fun. You can’t balance the acquisition rate around the hard core players, they should be awarded for the time they put in.

    • Raxs

      You’re right, not, they shouldn’t lower the rate of weapons dropping, but you should know Xur selling them shouldn’t be the only viable option. They need to stop Xur from selling most of them and make Quests and challenging missions for Exotics. Hopefully LV 24s could invest in many and still manage to complete it. Exotics have incredible behaviours and cosmetics, It only feels right they should be backed up by an epic challenge and story, more like Thorn and the Mythoclast (:

      • Jason Peterson

        I don’t think they need to remove anything from Xúr, he’s fine as he is for the most part.

        He should sell a universal 24 hour faction XP buff for a few strange coins, maybe have a “reforge” option for all legendaries, and they should cut the speeder upgrade price down to 8-13 coins. The existing pricing for weapons and armors are fine I think, and nothing should be more than 27 coins.

        The problem right now is that there isn’t enough competing armor pieces to spend your coins on, so everyone just hoards coins for weapons when they pop up. Give people other compelling options and you’ll see a different story.

        The acquisition rate if Exotics and legendary items needs to be balanced around a single characters resources and progression. Based on that the drop rate for Exotics and Legendaries needs to be doubled in my opinion. Almost everything I’ve attained (lvl 28) is from packages and a few Nightfall strikes.

        • Strife

          I would love it if you could modify your weapons with elemental damage. Kind of like the upgrade for sparrows, you buy a specific elemental damage upgrade and you can apply it to one weapon of your choice for an X amount of Strange coins. It doesn’t greatly impact PVP but it will greatly improve Nightfalls and other events with elemental burns turned on.

          • Raxs

            Did you know that “MurMur”; A legendary fusion rifle coming in the DLC, will allow us to select what damage it does at any time? It sounds pretty similar to what you are looking for (: I hope we can do this with more weapons in the DLC.

          • I think these could be implemented by adding a special perk, kind of evolving a weapon, where you reset the XP of the weapon but now it has an elemental perk

        • Raxs

          Your suggestion would definitely better the situation, but I must still disagree about him selling exotic weapons. He simply shouldn’t do it almost at all. There should be one or two that are strictly relevant to him as a character or his story. What sense or meaning does it have if he sells you the “Suros Regime”? Someone just did a grind for 23 coins playing meaningless mission over and over to get an equally meaningless weapon that is nothing more than just practical.

          The “Suros Regime” in particular is an incredible weapon. “Only a few where manufactured” as part of a revolutionary movement in military production of a secret project by a renowned manufacturer. The production was ceased due to the lack of the rare material use to build it (Smart Matter). To obtain this weapon there should be a story. You should have to engage a very challenging mission, perhaps you should fly to the abandoned Suros scientific development field (the “Grognok” level design software Bungie possess could build a very suitable area for this mission in very little time.) Fight off powerful fallen enemies that are looking to salvage the secrets of this facility, if you actually manage to complete this very difficult mission, perhaps featuring a fallen archon boss. (Just putting in RIKIS with a different name would suit me) you could find and salvage yourself one of the few remaining and experimental Suros firearms. Only after this dirigible and very challenging fight should you be awarded with Suros. Then it would mean so much! Maybe even make it so it’s a level 30 required level (one of the high end exotic missions).

          Thorn has a very similar idea and worked very well (as did the mythoclast). It made those weapons feel very special and all other exotics have the same potential, they are just left unfulfilled. I wouldn’t want most exotics any more rare, but I’d rather spend my time training for these challenging battles and missions rather than spending the same time grinding for meaningless coins and leave RNG and selling to the Legendary weapons (Therefore increasing their frequency). Exotics are just so cool, but their quest could be just as cool. I’m will hardly leave it as a complaint, I just couldn’t even comprehend how awesome it would be if we had to do this for exotics (:

          • Jason Peterson

            A better question is why do you want it to be so difficult to get exotic weapons? Given enough time even the rarest equipment in any loot driven game becomes commonplace. It makes no difference other than people complaining that they “earned” there’s and others just bought it from Xúr.

            I agree that most exotics should have rather lengthy and interesting quests to earn them, but besides the basic exotic bounties we already have there isn’t much more that Bungie can do with such an idea. Adding more content costs money after all.

          • Raxs

            Considering they are the END-Game weapons, and the masses owning them is really, really harsh on other players in PVP. I was suffering horribly against people in IB who all use Suros or TLW, when really, those weapons should be rare. I was able to compete when I got my own hands on a Suros Regime from nightfall, IB was very, very easy from there on. It was actually a very awesome moment when I was killed by a Suros or Last Word, It makes me respect the player and in a strange way feels prestigious to fall before such a worthy opponent. But that is pretty much redundant now that 90% of people in IB use these weapons. It just lost its touch.

            The whole premise of these weapons is that they are supposed to be rare and valuable. People should respect the owners and fear them, you shouldn’t NEED one just to even compete in things like IB.

            I know they simply can’t add these things now, It’s just not possible. It in-fact doesn’t even bother me. I am just keeping my mind open to what possibilities lie in Future DLCs and Sequels/Prequels. I think the Dark Below is actually making these quest options a virtue, so I think it’s problem pretty much resolved, not gone, just out of the way for the future. Which is nice. I’m just glad we could have a discussion on where we want to see Exotics (After all, this is what the post is about). It’s one of few places we can complain and it actually being acceptable even though it’s pointless. Just a moment to hear what others think and establish new ideas and perspectives.

          • mayhem_x178

            I agree 100% with you raxs. The reason people are complaining in crucible is because the match making is broke, I a level 30 shouldn’t be matched up against teens, thats just stupid and unfair cause I know what its like leveling up my 2nd and 3rd character to 30’s and the high teens are the worst, luckily I usually have a set of gear for them when they hit 20. The matchmaking system should give you filters when you search that you can enable to find better connections and level caps like in the halos. Hell I’d settle for a filter based on play time.

          • Jason Peterson

            Exotic gear is only desirable, not valuable. There’s no trading market so everything is intrinsically worthless. Semantics, but whatever.

            Suros & Last Word are far from overpowered guns. I went into the Iron Banner at level 27 with a Galahad-E (blue) and did fine from rank 0-5. I had to be absolutely on point if I wanted to out gun Suros & Last Word users. Even then they would still win… But ffs I was almost out gunning people head on with a damn blue auto rifle… Compared to a 300 attack exotic.

            If I can do just fine with that equipment, then those guns are not overpowered.

            Anyway, I don’t mind the idea of buying a exotic quest, but said quest needs to be doable and not a grind or subject to RNG. Like dismantling 15 blue fusion rifles or doing 25 strikes. That’s just tedious & frustrating.

          • Raxs

            Bungie proposed that Exotics would turn out different. Obviously they don’t have so much control on how widespread they get as it is always difficult to predict. They are insanely practical and effective. Value is simply not what defines them.

            Suros and TLW are way, way more effective than other weapons. I can tell from experience that I used the exact same rare gun as you through most of IB (Atheons epilogue was very under-par, so I switched to an old rare gun) and it was not doing me any favours. I was being crushed by everyone else and ran negative nearly every game. Suros (When I got it) was just way too effective. Its Damage Per Second was hugely higher than Galahads, It has a massive magazine and simply no recoil, I mean, the thing just doesn’t have recoil, lol. After I got that gun my K/D per game basically tripled. It’s just incredibly good. It sure sucked before I got my own, I don’t play crucible much and so I just couldn’t compete until I got it.

            I do truly disagree with grindy bounties, as do you. Like I suggested one really hard missions per bounty would be fine with me. Something that takes a while because it’s really hard and you have to keep trying is much better than just grinding easy mission over and over.

          • They have plenty of money, they won 500 million dollars in 24 hours

    • Kari Goebel

      I think you nicely capture the two extremes in this case. On the one extreme are the high level players who can sink two to three hours a night into completing the dailies, have the nightfall completed on Tuesday morning for the XP buff and have run the raid more times than some people have turned on their console. On the other hand are the those players who earn 3 strange coins every off week and have spent a month saving up for that one exotic purchase, hoping Xur will sell the one piece they are interested in. Both are earned.

      It seems there are enough people on both sides that the system isn’t broken. I fall somewhere in the middle, and managed to get to Rank Three with the Iron Banner this week. I made special note of the times I was bettered by “The Last Word” and found more often than not it was a “Grim Citizen” or a “Shadow Price” that found my number. I missed out on the Last Word as I didn’t have the coin, so I can support that scrounging up the Strange Coins for a purchase can be just as grueling to some players as any other means to obtain exotic weapons.

      I would also be wary about Bungie limiting the high level content to be attainable by only the most hardcore players, and at the moment, it seems as though the system allows for multiple paths to high level gear. What I would like to see is some way to obtain level 30 armour outside of the Raid. Iron Banner was a nice example of this, although I fell short of the Glimmer mark to obtain what I was looking for before the event ended. I will be interested to see how “The Dark Below” works for sub level 30 characters.

    • BillG8tes2012

      I completely agree with you 100%. However, instead of Xur selling the weapons outright why not sell a quest line or exotic bointy that you must complete in order to obtain the weapon. The prwmise behind the exoric bounty is fantastic and takes you away from the daily grind. If Xur were to sell bounties for weapons even armor that would be another layer of the game that would occupy all players and would add to tjw STORY! ThoughtsComments?

      • That’s a very interesting idea. Have Xûr sell a set of legendaries just like he’s doing with exotics and have a vanguard missive that can be turned in for a random exotic bounty, it doesn’t have to be the bounties that already are in use.

      • Eelco

        Unfortunately, much of the bounties are also just grinding, and the current bounties reward people who like/ are good at crucible (which I’m not… I love the missions, strikes and esp. raids, couldn’t care less about PVP, which makes that Thorn’s bounty has been sitting unfinished in my inventory for over two months.. might just throw it away at some point)

    • Elthaco

      I play with 3 toons through raids and nightfalls etc. I still dont have the Hawkmoon its the gun I’ve been looking for sine they announced it… yet no luck. I know Xur won’t sell it which just make it worst.

      At first I didnt like the idea of Xur. But I like it now. It gives a chance to casual players to have a nice gun to play with, and give unluck bastards like me a chance of getting something they looking for but can’t get it to drop.

      On the Feel unique subject. Xur doesnt spoil that to me. But players who chessed their way into Hard Mode, got heaps of gear, trophies/achievement and got the Vex nerfed… those guys messed up my accomplishment feeling.

      Hopefully Bungie will work harder to make the Crota cheese free

    • Niklas bomber

      well if the idea of “earn is from Rgn in the wild, or with the best scores” then your right but ive soloed the summoning pits weekly the mars weekly and the nexus weekly so i think ive earned the right to but a last word from xur

    • Diego Pedrollo


  • Lee Juriet

    I wish that some Exotic primaries would have Elemental damage… its stupid that the only primaries you can get with elementals are from the Vault… Not everyone has friends to help them with the vault.

    Conversely, even IF you have friends to do the vault, the RNG in charge of loot tends to screw you; I’ve completed the vault onhard 4 times, and all four times I got timebreaker, the ship, and a boatload of shards. No Mythoclast, no Raid helmet, nada.

    • Yeah Hard Light would be much better with Arc damage

    • Tyler Dixon

      You shouldn’t be able to get the vex after four hard raid completions. Lol I do hard mode three times a week for the past 5 weeks and still don’t have every weapon. This is a good thing. They are supposed to be rare

      • Lee Juriet

        At least you have guys who can DO it on hard, I do not.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      There are MANY ways to find people to complete the Raid with IF you put the effort in. I nearly always get invited to play the raid most times I’m in the tower due to my Level. There are Websites (including Bungies) where you can find people too. IT doesn’t require that you ALL be ‘friends’ – it is a form of MANUAL matchmaking!
      I don’t want random match making for these activities (heroic/nightfall and Raid). I don’t want to be put in a team of random players that may not complete the activity, not use Mics, talk a different language etc.
      If you don’t have ‘friends’ that play, make new friends that do, join groups/clans etc. Its not difficult IF you really want to do these things!!

  • victor

    talk about exotic and pot everyone is free to say what you want and if you get the gun in farmeo or purchase is the same do not understand why they feel bad, it will be because they lose their advantage to have just that good weapon, and for speaking gun talk about supposedly the best exotic and harder to get, the ye become a weapon and just used a lot because ye down next time damage to first think of well to do both if users who think the game is your life and think to make people have a good time and enjoy the game does not have to kill to play and get something good and hagais it becomes a simple atma does not.

  • Deano Greenfield

    I don’t think Xur should sell exotic items but legendarys at most and here’s why.
    The Suros, Icebreaker and the last word are by far the best in there class (Hawkmoon maybe beats Last word)
    Xur sells all these top end Exotics for strange coins which are easily obtainable and even drop as rewards in crucible.
    Someone with three accounts can get enough strange coins in under an hours game play per week depending what mission it is.
    Getting an exotic bounty is rare and completing them normally takes a fair piece of your time and effort. Annoyingly most if not all exotic bounties are more on par with legendary weapons ( hopefully the exotic review will sort this ) and miles away from the over powered and perked ones Xur sells.
    The Suros for instance has way to much range, losing to a Suros while using a sniper rifle from a good distance is soul destroying. HardLight auto rifle has 9 impact while Suros has 27 impact . Yes Hardlight is faster at shooting but to kill someone in Iron banner takes 3/4 of a clip at close range ? It’s also useless at anything further than 10 feet away.
    Yes I’m having a little moan about HardLight compared to Suros, Hardlight is the only decent thing I’ve got from raiding ( never any armor :,( )
    Getting Hardlight from the raid felt amazing, Just shame all you need to do is a easy weekly to earn the best items.
    Exotic weapons should be timed event exclusives or nightfall and raid only drops.
    Many Legendary weapons feel more special than an Exotic one, this shouldn’t be the case.
    Something need to be done before everyone just runs around with the same OP weapons from Xur making exotics pointless and Legendary weapons the rare ones.
    Getting enough vanguard or crucible marks for a legendary is more effort than getting coins for Xur.

  • Guardian

    Some exotics are now just too common I believe thanks to Xur.I see players way too often with exotics such as Suros Regime,The Last word,etc.Because of this I feel some of these weapons don’t seem that “exotic” anymore and due to this these are some of the only exotics used while others are forgotten about or ignored.In Crucible these weapons are very often seen for example: One control match 11/12 players in a match I played in had Suros Regime equipped as their exotics weapon.Weapons like these should be more “exotic” so that not everyone will have them, so that other exotics also will become used more too.

    So far out of 290 hours or so of gameplay, I myself only managed to find 2-3 exotics(Patience and Time,Red death,and Truth) by normal means without buying from xur.Now exotics earned through ways such as this truly seem to me to be worthy of being called exotics(due to them being so unlikely to earn).Because of mostly Xur I have like 18-19 exotic Armor/weapons on one of my characters so far and every week I have enough strange coins to buy a new exotic item and then next week with the leftover strange coins and doing the weekly heroic again can buy another exotic this shows how common they have become for me.

    I think Xur’s prices should be increased for both weapons and armor as this will make them more harder to get,more worthy of being called exotics.Now I would really like to see more things such as exotic bounties since I have completed them all(excluding fate of all fools) as these are an interesting means to earn exotics and I would like to see more of them. Xur’s prices should go up or he visits the tower less often.

  • Frank Alamo

    I totally agree with Bungie work done with xur; xur selling exotic weapons does keep a balance on pvp and also give an opportunity for players to pic up weapons for raids and strikes. Having a whole lobby in PVP using( for example) the suros, does keeps a balance between players based on DP only living the skill lead to the victory. In the other in PVE having exotics can lead to a more sussefull game. I believe that the reason of why people complain about xur selling exotics to everyone who is capable of buying then is because they really want a unbalance game that can favor them. I can say this and I know that I’m 100% right because I myself own multiples exotics, as I own 2 lvl 30 characters and a 29 and I have over 30 days of total gameplay all over the seven time I have created a character.
    If someone have an opinion about my explanation on this topic feel free to discuss it with me : ps4 cienfueguero2013

  • Barbarian

    I think it would be cool if all exotics would be earned from exotic bounties. Xûr could sello these bounties instead of selling the weapon directly.

    • Jerry Lebeau

      This is a great idea. I also like the idea of him coming less frequently but maybe he should offer multiple exotic bounties at once.

    • Shaun Kyle

      thats a really good idea.

    • Micah Yang

      Go apply for a job at bungie

    • Micah Yang

      When ever xur sells a weapon, it feels less “exotic” because everyone has it

    • Type-125

      Maybe Bungie can randomize the times that exotic weapons are available to buy from Xur And instead make some proper legendary items available when there is no exotic weapon to buy.

  • Hunts Rattata

    Exotic armor pieces are the only armor in the game with interesting perks, so they absolutely should be easily available to everyone. Hell, non-exotic boots and chests only ever give you ammo perks, which is usually meaningless for primary weapons anyway (except Handcannons, they seem to have to worry about there ammo reserves a little more).

    Ideally, a lot more exotic weapons would would be the result of bounties rather than Xur/RNG. Lots of non-exotic weapons are good and can have interesting perks, so I think it’s fine to have to put in time to earn the exotic ones – you aren’t greatly inconvenienced by not having any exotic weapons. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to earn exotic weapons outside of the handful of bounty ones, just either hope you get lucky, or trade in an easy-to-find resource that has basically no other use.

  • Larry

    It’s great when everyone uses the last word, because I can just equip a good scout rifle, sit back, and destroy them. Instead of hating the fact that everyone uses it, embrace it.

  • Shaun Kyle

    for me, there is no problem with Xur selling exotics. for most people because of RNG they wouldnt have any exotics even after playing more than most. i know it sucks when you play a game and never get rewarded for it, or grind for an item for weeks and never get it because its just random anyway. i played warframe for about a year, and that’s how it is in that game….well, before they allowed trading at least.
    i think if people are angry that someone else bought an item, for which they had to buy with strange coins. i think they need to step back and realize this isnt an “in app purchase” made with real money. its not a pay to win, or a free to play game. the people who bought with strange coins PLAYED THE GAME and earned them through playing.

    furthermore, if you consider this is a mostly co-op game then wouldn’t you want your teammates to have good gear to help out on whatever quest you are doing together? does being greedy help the team?
    if you are arguing because you think the crucible sucks now because everyone is using the new weapons (suros, last word, etc)then you should also consider that it makes the playing field equal. if you are using the suros, and they are using the suros then you should be trying new tactics to win, it will make you an overall better player if you are all using the most powerful weapons and you are still outsmarting and outplaying them. then you know you aren’t winning just because you had the “better” weapon.

  • Raxs

    I going to say, currently, most exotic weapons do not feel exotic. They ways they are obtained doesn’t feel awesome or memorable enough. Will getting rid of Xur selling these weapon fix it? No. Exotic weapons need to all be challenging to acquire. Thorn and the Vex Mythoclast have the right idea about it. They should challenge players and every exotic weapons should immediately tell other players a story. They don’t do that at all. We have these clever and intuitively designed cosmetic guns that echo a past, yet, they simply don’t because almost all exotics are acquired through RNG or Xur. The weapons themselves are great, but the focus really should be now driven by their challenge and their quest. I think Bungie already understand this now and will, from this point on, refine these weapons and future releases will surely be more appealing (:

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I have the majority of Exotics (Weapons and Armour) and I feel I have earned every single one of them. Admittedly I have bought a few bits and pieces from Xur – mostly Armour but that doesn’t change the fact that I earned the Strange Coins to be in a position to buy these items.
    Due to the random nature of the reward system, you could get an exotic by playing just 1 match in the crucible, just getting through the door in the VoG, completing 1 nightfall (where most of mine have come) or getting lucky with the Cryptarch. It takes a minimum of 2 weekly heroics at level 28 to earn sufficient coins to buy a secondary/heavy exotic – more if its a primary.
    Lets be honest here, A Nightfall can be completed easier and quicker than some weekly heroics because of damage burns. People who have exotics from rewards didn’t ‘earn’ them for any specific challenge or ability but because they got ‘lucky’ with the rewards
    I know some people that have got exotics from jumping in at the very last minute of someone elses game, getting no kills but still get rewarded with an exotic. Can you honestly say that they earned it more than someone who completed the weekly heroic 3 times and getting over 100 kills each time and then bought the weapon?
    The ONLY exotics that can be earned or truly said to b earned are those from Exotic Bounties. All others you either have to get lucky or buy. Even the Vex to a degree too. Some people get it from jumping in at the very end of a Hard Raid (Atheon save point) and get rewarded with the Vex although do very little – Others complete the Hard Raid from start to finish every week and still haven’t got it.
    Buying exotics is still a reward in some ways for the grind – whether that be from completing sufficient weekly heroics or public events etc to gain the required Strange Coins.
    Anyone who thinks they ‘earned’ an Exotic that can and/or has yet to be sold by Xur has in truth got ‘lucky’ with the random reward system. ! have around 800 hours (according to my xbox one stats – more according to my Bungie stats) and still don’t have certain Exotics that some of my friends have with around 100hrs. I have more Nightfall/Heroic strike and Raid completions too so if these items do come up for sale then I will buy and feel I have earned the right to buy as I earned the Coins. I justdidn’t get lucky to get these free as a random reward.
    The fact that Exotics – particularly weapons, aren’t that ‘exotic or great’ is a separate issue that according to Bungie are looking to resolve. There is no way I would use some in a high end activity instead of a legendary equivalent….

  • boostedskyline

    Either they should not let xur not sell specific weapons (we all know which ones) or the perks the weapons have should differ between xurs and loot drops/rewards or make the loot drop ones look aesthetically different than xurs

  • delta 6655

    i wish that xur sold a form of exotic bounty for every weapon that involved a little quest, like bungie says, every weapon should have a bad ass story, “oh, i bought it” is not bad ass. wish i could have a nice story to tell behiend my last word.

  • Vince Calibour

    I honestly believe that Xur is fine the way he is now. as it stands, he sells one exotic armor piece a week (not to mention that he can sell the SAME ONE for multiple weeks in a row, further decreasing the chances at getting that one exotic you really need/are looking for) for each class along with one exotic weapon and an exotic engram of ANY class of weapon or armor. If people are really complaining about how “they didn’t earn it like i did and go through a nightfall 3 times a week for 10 weeks to get that ONE ITEM” they need to step back and think about all the other people that do the nightfall on 3 characters a week and get the same one as a reward very commonly (for example: I’ve gotten 3 universal remotes from night falls and strike playlist but never a plan c). Xur is there to give those unfortunate players OR players that have a work schedule that can’t play as often as others a chance to get an exotic. all of this talk about how “oh but everyone has it now” is kinda stupid. the longer the game goes on.the more people are going to have the same gun.the more time there is for everyone to play with the same list of exotics, the more Suros Regime and Last Word, and Icebreakers there are going to be. the large amount of one gun is going to be inevitable. Now about the pricing on his products, i also think those are fine. 23 strange coins for most weapons and 13 strange coins for armor. First of all if you complete the weekly 3 times a week (with three separate characters) the maximum amount of strange coins you can get is 27. meaning:yes you can get that shiny new gun xur is selling, “but wait, don’t i already have that? well i don’t need a 2nd or 3rd or 4th of that gun. Oh but look! he’s selling that exotic chest piece i really want/need!” Although all of that is only IF you get the 27 max a week. other wise you probably get 9 a week and have to wait MULTIPLE weeks just to get one of his guns or armors. The point I’m trying to make is: Xur is here to help others players to get them an exotic here and there. not EVERYONE can scrounge enough coins to get everything on a weekly basis and he doesn’t ALWAYS sell the best gun or armor piece. Your chances of getting what you want are still dampened by the fact that Xur has an RNG factor just like the nightfall rewards, strike playlist rewards, VoG rewards, or anywhere else you might be able to get an exotic

  • Dinoclaw

    It took me 4 days to get my first exotic(SUROS Regime), next week was Thunderlord, than Gjallarhorn, those were all in the Crucible they felt earned. I bought 1 exotic sense it was useful for PvE, I felt like I didn’t truely earn it. During the “Loot” trailer it made me think you would be the most powerful person when you get an exotic, but I see so many exotics that they feel like commons, and sometimes I see people with all rare expect for 2 exotics.

  • For me, a primarily PVE player, I’m thankful that XUR sells exotics. Otherwise I would never get one. The whole conversation about whether an imaginary weapon was “earned” is ridiculous. I only have one 20+ character and that one is the one I run to earn my 9 weekly coins per week. I save them up and hope Xur has something worth buying.

    I bought IceBreaker from XUR and it has never left my side. I’ve done the bounties for Bad JuJu and Pocket Infinity and those are sitting in my Vault, both being utter disappointments.

    I paid $95 for the game and expansion pass like everyone else. To me it feels that Bungie is catering more to the PVP crowd than PVE. Perhaps because of the economics as PVP is more about maps and arenas vs story driven content as for PVE & campaign players. Where is the stuff for us PVE players. I bought into the ViDoc hype like everyone else. We’ll see where it goes after these expansions, but my expectations have been adjusted downward.

  • lugee2

    Destiny was designed for all types of players. Whether you like PVE/PVP, or PVP, or PVE only – it is meant to cater to many. Not many of us have thousands of hours to grind away at each exotic. By having Xur in the game, they are keeping players in the game and offering ways to obtain exotics other than being graced by RNGesus. There are exotic bounties that cater to those who play both PVE and PVP, providing opportunities to get awesome exotics. Weeklys and Nightfalls offer the same opportunity to those who only play PVE.

    I have met low hour count players who have exotics, because the RNG has been generous to them. I also know of many players who have many hours who haven’t been graced with RNGesus and have few exotics. These guys worked hard through the game – and these players benefit from purchasing the exotics from Xur. And the same goes for those who are casual players and don’t have the time to invest 100 hours a week on the game.

    That is what Destiny is all about, giving opportunities to more players. Bungie is just giving other players the ability to own awesome gear – and I don’t see a problem with that. If I am in a PUG and the guy has a Icebreaker/Gjallerhorn/Suros, it only makes my game easier and him more helpful.

  • df81

    Your choice of exotic essentially defines your loadout. They are powerful, so you should have to work for them, but they should not be inaccessible. Casual players should be able to collect at least some of them. It would be cool if upgrading them required a quest chain like an exotic bounty rather than a straight grind, but the guns are fantastic.

    An exotic should feel more powerful than a legendary, and i think it is okay if players without exotics feel like they are at a disadvantage, even in Crucible. The question is whether one exotic is clearly dominant.

    The Suros regime is on the list of weapons changing in the next patch, and based on previous statements from Bungie, the change will not be a buff. A lot of people think Suros is too strong and too popular, but hand cannons kill faster if you can get head shots with them, and if the Suros is nerfed, then Last Word or Hawkmoon might become a dominant gun.

    The advantage of the Suros is really the lingering preference of the community toward auto rifles, and if the gun is nerfed, a lot of people will switch to legendary autos as primaries, and we’ll start hearing balance complaints about exotic heavy weapons. The seeker missiles on Truth and the short time-to-kill on Thunderlord are pretty powerful in pvp, so the price of not carrying an exotic primary needs to be significant to balance the benefit of exotic heavies.

    Personally, I don’t think the Suros should be nerfed, especially if the Vex will be returning as a top crucible weapon. I’ve got Vex, Hawkmoon and Last Word fully upgraded, so I will probably have a better k/d in a post Suros world, but that gun isn’t a problem. The issue is that auto rifles are still too versatile, and scout and pulse rifles don’t have enough advantage at range to compensate for auto’s dominance in shorter-range fights.

    • ƩɴɪɢϺΛ™

      I agree with your last paragraph’s last sentence in particular.

      DISCLAIMER: I don’t use auto rifles, I prefer scouts and hand cannons, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

      I have mixed feelings about the Regime. I don’t necessarily believe it’s OP by way of damage, but in terms of range and stability, I believe it should be nerfed a tad. Often do I see it beat pulse rifles, hand cannons, and even scouts at ranges beyond 30m, and that is frankly ridiculous to me. Beyond those distances, it should miss just as much as hit. I’m not saying turn it into a shotgun, but give it some more recoil at least. It’s not OP just because it’s widely used, it’s widely used because it’s easy to use and has a big payout pretty quick.

  • aaron

    i think he should keep selling exotic gear and he should sell exotic weapon engram for 27 coins so nobody have same weapon and ruin pvp

  • Micah Yang

    I don’t have any exotics or legendaries 🙁 I’ve been putting a lot of time into other games. I’m like the only person here sub lvl 25


    Just because he will eventually sell many of the Exotics, it does not make them less exotic.

    I have several friends with Icebreaker and it’s the weapon on the top of my want list. Unfortunately, I hit level 20 the week Icebreaker was released, so I didn’t get a chance at it. Now, there are 6 or so Exotics that Xur will sell that he hasn’t yet. Add to that the new Exotics being released in the expansion (if he sells any of them) and it could be 2-6 months before he sells Icebreaker again.

    That’s makes it feel pretty exotic to me.

    Also, I do like the “Xur sells quests” idea. That would add needed content to the game.

  • echelon

    From Bungie’s standpoint they want people to keep playing the game. From that standpoint having multiple ways to acquire loot is like dangling multiple carrots in front of people or different types of bait if you will.

    Some people will grind out PvP matches in hopes of loot drops. Others will grind strikes for the same. Some will do the Nightfall and high level endgame stuff.

    Having Xur there is just another carrot.

    I will admit though that I think if he sold engrams or if the stuff cost more it might be helpful…but then again if that was the case everyone would just complain and whine even more about the high cost and the randomness of the engrams so…

  • J1bber

    Actually… exotics in general don’t feel that exotic. The only exotics that I have found useful so far are Icebreaker (which I have taken as my god) and the Pocket Infinity (which is niche, I know)… those actually feel exotic… The Thorn is cool… just not practical in something like a Raid or Strike, the Suros is cool… and very, very effective… But I can pick up a Grim Citizen and get almost the same damage without wasting an exotic spot… which would probably just go to the Icebreaker anyway… Alll other exotics seem underpowered… For example Bad Juju… Really? Anyone taking that over the Super Pox VLO should have their head examined… If you had to choose between Lord High Fixer and the Last Word, maybe the Word would win… but by very very little… The true exotics seem to be the Raid weapons that give primary weapons elemental damage… The choice between Lord High Fixer and Fatebringer is easier because of the arc damage, take that out, they are basically the same Gun… Take out the void damage from Atheon’s Epiloque, then its almost useless… but with it, I use it constantly in strikes or raids… As for being earned? The other night I played a nightfall with a lvl 28, he got himself in a jam by running the wrong way. There was no way to safely revive him… so me and the other guy just finished… He finished with about 6 kills to our 80 or 90 or whatever… Did he earn that exotic he got at the end? Raid equipment feels more “earned” particularly getting the Vision after getting 10 Sparrows in a row (I do like making an entrance by having my sparrow explode though). I would say exotic weapon bounties also feel “earned” and you can at least solo the missions. But you usually feel stupid after putting in that much time to get Super Good Advice… So, what harm is Xur… people will pay for an Exotic from their hard earned coins , and then suffer buyer’s remorse for the next week until they buy something else…

  • Lamp Shade

    Xur ought to sell exotic weapon engrams to avoid “flavor of the week” weapons.

  • Adama

    I like the idea of Xûr, but I to be honest I think I would like it if he didn’t sell exotics at all. Telemetries are useful, and maybe he could sell some other really rare items. But I’ve gotten a little tired of everyone having all the exotics.

  • Frank Campodonico

    Xur selling exotics is fine because of the drop… or should I say random drop system. If exotics were a guaranteed drop for completing a special raid, then having Xur sell them would diminish their value greatly. However, in Destiny there are no guaranteed drops having Xur sell exotics is more than necessary.

  • Chris

    So to start off in a bit of a neener neener, I’m logging about 10 hrs max a week and am quite literally drowning in exotics, most of which have not come from Xur. I think I bought two from him, then picked up five through drops and the other five through bounties. Side note to that I do the regular bounties, not the crucible bounties, like all the time and get those coming up enough to the point where I’ve started throwing them out cause I have all of them already.

    Anyway, less boasting now, I think that as it currently stands Xur is watering down the exotics. Not to say that doing the missions and getting the coins and buying that way is not “earning it”. It’s just that prior to it being available, the Icebreaker was like my pride and joy.I got it really early, level 22 or something and right at that moment I started tackling way harder missing because this thing was like amazing. And at that time it felt to me that about 1 in every 10-15 people had the icebreaker, which made it rare and super special. People would look at my gun when playing and ooo over it and were totally envious of it and I loved that. Then Xur went and sold it and that spoiled everything. I think that Xur should axe the specific exotics. What I mean to say is that I would prefer it if he would sell more engrams Maybe one item that is exotic and not a n engram and four that are. Introduce a little bit of randomness to this. That way you don’t end up with whole PVP matches of last words or suros regimes on fridays when he starts selling them. I’d also like to see him selling the bounties like someone else has already mentioned. Or they could have him showing up at random times rather then every friday morning. This way it would also stop absolutely everyone from getting all the same stuff.

    Current setup has us all wearing and using the same stuff. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve gone into the crucible and at the flag/launch screen, I’ve seen other titans that are wearing the same gear as me completely. For all the gear customizations there is way too many people sporting near identical loadouts and honestly that make the game a bit boring.

    Any way that’s my two (ok it was a bit long, maybe 200) cents on this thing. Long sory short, Xur making the whole game too much of boring taupe of diverse characters in his current setup and needs to change.

  • Raxs

    Xur simply shouldn’t do it, almost at all. There should be one or two that are strictly relevant to him as a character or his story. What sense or meaning does it have if he sells you the “Suros Regime”? Someone just did a grind for 23 coins playing meaningless mission over and over to get an equally meaningless weapon that is nothing more than just practical.

    The “Suros Regime” in particular is an incredible weapon. “Only a few where manufactured” as part of a revolutionary movement in military production of a secret project by a renowned manufacturer. The production was ceased due to the lack of the rare material use to build it (Smart Matter). To obtain this weapon there should be a story. You should have to engage a very challenging mission, perhaps you should fly to the abandoned Suros scientific development field (the “Grognok” level design software Bungie possess could build a very suitable area for this mission in very little time.) Fight off powerful fallen enemies that are looking to salvage the secrets of this facility, if you actually manage to complete this very difficult mission, perhaps featuring a fallen archon boss. (Just putting in RIKIS with a different name would suit me) you could find and salvage yourself one of the few remaining and experimental Suros firearms. Only after this dirigible and very challenging fight should you be awarded with Suros. Then it would mean so much! Maybe even make it so it’s a level 30 required level (one of the high end exotic missions).

    These mission should be very very hard. Even some harder than Atheon (Maybe some could only allow a person to do the mission solo, so you have to rely on a single player’s skill to achieve greatness, a lot of people would back this up as some people can’t do raids because of the lack of team mates.) To compensate for these missions being so hard, remember, there are 20+ exotic weapons in the game, that’s plenty of missions and some should be easier than others.

    Thorn has a very similar idea and worked very well (as did the mythoclast). It made those weapons feel very special and all other exotics have the same potential, they are just left unfulfilled. I wouldn’t want most exotics any more rare, but I’d rather spend my time training for these challenging battles and missions rather than spending the same time grinding for meaningless coins and leave RNG and selling to the Legendary weapons (Therefore increasing their frequency and making Exotics less common than legendaries). Exotics are just so cool, but their quest could be just as cool. I’m will hardly leave it as a complaint, I just couldn’t even comprehend how awesome it would be if we had to do this for exotics (:

  • Bonesy

    Xur should definitely sell exotics, they’re incredibly hard to come by if you don’t raid, and raiding isn’t for everyone. I’ve wanted The Last Word since I got the game and despite playing every free minute until Xur carried it, I HAD to buy it off of him. I’ve gotten other exotics but nothing I particularly wanted, liked or used.

    Everyone clamoring for him not to carry them probably got their favorite exotic early and now they’re sad they don’t get to be special snowflakes anymore because EVERYONE gets to be happy. And everyone knows for some players the game is NO FUN if they don’t have an unfair advantage.

  • I believe that the weapons sold by Xûr should be an escalator to getting the exotics, he should have his own roster of legendary weapons and armor but also sell exotics that would be a little different stat-wise or perk-wise

  • The only exotics that transmit power are the 6 exotics from the bounties, when you see someone nailing hard with Thorn I respect him and feel empowered. I actually just completed my first bounty and got Invective. The only exotics that really do feel exotic are the bounty ones: Thorn, Super Good Advice, Invective, Bad Juju, and Pocket Infinity. Sadly they are basically won with RNG, after you get lucky then your skill takes in place. There are probably tons of guardians capable of doing the bounties better then I but RNG keeps them from that. What brings me to my point: Is RNG in Destiny good or bad? I would say both of them. It keeps the exotics actually exotic but for the rest I believe that every Strike should have a roster of armor and weapons just like the Raid. I’m sure some of you have played World of Warcraft, if you have you know what I mean.

    • Eagle X 245

      Dude Super good advice is a piece of SHIT! It took me like an hour to complete the entire bounty. And there are WAY too many solar damage exotics.

  • CardinalUncle

    I still don’t have an exotic, I have been playing since the game has came out.

  • Southwestgringo

    I’ve both “earned” exotics and straight up purchased them from xur. If RNG gives you an exotic instead of 5-8 SCs (nightfall) then congrats bro, good for you I’ll just take my 80 stange coins and go fist myself with all the unworthy noobs.

  • Shard Falcors

    I can sum up every “exotic” primary in one sentence. They don’t have as much value as the raid reward primaries, as the raid primaries have an elemental damage type. So, no. They are not as exotic as those.

  • patrick williams

    I think the real problem is that there are not enough top tier exotics out there so people are all using Suros and Last Word. What bungie should do is buff other exotics and make them more available so that they can compete with the top tier guns. I guarantee if guns like Bad juju, thorn, red death, and hard light got some buffs less and less people would complain about suros and last word being used in every match and necessary to be competitive. and honestly people who got their exotics by RNG didnt “earn” anything more than a person “earns” money from a lotto ticket. If people are Running Nightfalls, or Heroics for strange coins they deserve to get an exotic even if it means buying one with in game currency. If you have something against that then you dont care about balance you are just selfish and dont like it that your advantage is gone. I run the Raid, Nightfall, And heroic every week at least once, And I do get Exotic Drops every now and then. The Week before Xur sold Patience and Time i got it as drop from the Raid and there were 5 other people in my raid that did the exact same thing I did, and only got shards and energy. So how exactly did I earn anything? I didn’t I just got lucky. If these Changes to XUR are even to be considered then the RNG loot system has to go. It doesn’t matter that your got your Exotic from a nightfall or if you bought it with coins.

  • John Smith

    Though its a bit too late in some regards, I think it would be/ would have been great if his inventory was smaller, as it would mean more turn over. To clarify, he would sell one armor piece per class one week, telemetry units and an engram another week, sparrow drives and an exotic weapon the third week. Repeat this cycle infinitely. There would be something to buy every single week, but the turn over would be much better.

  • BaniLoki

    I have around 400 hours played in destiny and I am only
    missing one exotic weapon. I have gotten most of my exotics from nightfalls and
    raids but I have also bought some from Xúr. I do feel that you earn your weapons from Xúr
    but wish it was harder. I wish they would make it so that you
    have to save your coins to get an exotic item from Xúr.
    I don’t feel you should be able to get all the coins in a single
    week. They are exotics they should be rarer
    then legendary but they’re not. Everyone knows
    that the same people that are saying that you don’t earn
    weapons from Xúr, have bought weapons from Xúr.

  • inquisitor314

    in all honesty its a game. i would have rathered xur sold the frame and then players worked on the weapons in various missions to bring out its exotic value as well as its perks. the mere fact that there are so little perks on weapons show case that bungie has gotten lazy with weapon function. if xur sells a weapon its due to the fact that a player cant get into the system of proper player item drops. the random BS is just that. no way a player does terrible in a raid and is at the bottom of the list and still manages to get an exotic. while his more superior players see no justice in the system of work equal reward. while my thoughts are players who do work should have access to the exotic draw. players who are not ready for the raid should be considered for legendary item rolls while exotics are rolled among the elite

  • Erik Rowland

    Xur provides a great balance between the infuriating reward system and allowing those who seem to be plagued with terrible luck, a way to enjoy exotics and keep pace with other players.

    Case in point, I was trying to solo this weeks nightfall hoping that by doing so, I might increase my chances of receiving an exotic weapon. After hours of being sent back to orbit, I broke down, looked up my roster and asked a friend to join me. He stated he’d be happy to help but had already done the nightfall for the week so he wouldn’t be getting anything from it. Matter of fact, he had received a pretty good exotic from it. Still, he agreed to help me out.

    Feeling even more optimistic, he joins my fireteam and we blow through the various stages with virtually no problems. However right before taking down Sepiks Prime, my friend asks that I stop shooting and find a safe spot so he could change to one of his much weaker characters. I agree and within a few minutes he’s back. However because his new character is so weak, he keeps him hidden while I finish off the level. My hands still trembling, my heart still racing but feeling a huge sense of relief, I wait for the payout. Still waiting….. nothing. Then I noticed in the left corner of my HUB that my friend had just acquired another exotic… Yup…. screwed again. Instead, and thank GOD I get 9 strange coins.

    Which leads to my point.

    I read about similar experiences over and over again. There seems to be a group like myself that are plagued with never being rewarded with anything substantial no matter how much we play or how many times we try. It’s demoralizing… it’s frustrating… it’s even ridiculous to the point I find myself maniacally laughing at my own misfortunes. I’m convinced I’m either a masochist or going insane. After all, what’s the definition of insanity…..

    Our only options of “ever” climbing out of the pit of rare weaponry and armor is either acquiring enough Vangaurd or Crucible marks so we can buy something decent from one of the vendors or from Xur with our strange coins. So please, those of you that feel none of us should be able to “buy” legendary or exotic gear because we didn’t “earn” it while you strap on your Vex…. STOP. Saying you earned something based on a completely random loot system is like saying you earned the lottery.

    As a matter of fact, knowing the weapons and armor I have are a result of weeks of grinding, playing the same levels over and over, turning in dozens and dozens of bounties so I can EARN some strange coins, leaves me feeling much more appreciative of what I have. Actually, saying I “earned” them through what I had to do is far more true to the word then my friend saying he “earning” them by changing his character the last minute, not firing a shot and still “earning” a weapon. He didn’t earn it.

    Funny thing, I don’t feel quit so screwed from my nightfall experience. Maybe it’s being able to buy an IceBreaker with my EARNED strange coins.

    Thank you Bungie for having the wisdom to allow for this balance to the loot system.

  • agunZagun

    I really don’t know why people making fuzz about this actually. Ice Breaker (in my opinion) isn’t a great PvP weapon. When you’re dead, it cames with 0 ammo and you need to wait for to get it charged. Stability is sucks for PvP too, but as I said, it’s not a great PvP weapon, hell, it isn’t even a PvP weapon too. IB is only a PvE weapon and we need to get everyone’s help in PvE. If someone have Ice Breaker on Crota fight other than me, thank god finally can do the Boomer duty other than me. Or Solar Burn Nightfall weeks, we can finish it easily. So, why are you making fuzz out of it, they can’t “wreck” you with Ice Breaker in PvP. It’s gonna help you in PvE. You should be happy, finally you can use your other exotic weapons.

    And thanks RNGesus, CE HM is coming soon and lots of guardians gonna have one of the greatest weapon in the game. And no one going to escape from the Boomer duty after this. Mwahaha!

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    But how am I supposed to beat people that are actually better than me when I can’t spam that one weapon no one else had anymore?!? [Insert crying baby noise here]

    This conversation wreaks of everything about gamers that make me shudder about being identified as one.

  • Eelco

    The end of the day though, who cares whether ‘everyone’ has it or not? It gives players choice, which makes the game more fun. Everyone loves Suros, but I don’t. I happen to love Mida Multitool, which is on sell this week. Good for all the players who leveled up their characters enough so that they can earn the required coins, and saved enough of them to be able to get this weapon. I think the way this works is fine, and in fact, while I like the idea of bounties (as an alternative/ for some weapons), they are currently favoring people who like to grind PVP. Imho, it would be better if there was a similar choice as vanguard/ crucible weapons, so that you can choose your grind path so exotic bounties as well.