Is That Worth Buying?


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Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Dragon’s Breath Yes 23
Legacy (Y1) Heavy Engram 31
No Backup Plans (30/43 DISC, 27/40 STR) Titan Defender Maybe 13
Knucklehead Radar (35/50 DISC, 36/51 STR) Hunter Any Maybe 13
Apotheosis Veil (33/48 INT, 35/50 STR) Warlock Any Maybe 13

Dragon’s Breath

No Backup Plansa1dd669dfb04332d87e56f94ee3b1792

Worth Buying?

Y2 No Backup Plans are a load of fun. In addition to the (underrated) boon of lengthening your Force Barrier, you can now proc Disintegrate’s benefits with a Shotgun kill, providing you have a active melee charge. This tandem works extremely well with an aggressive Titan skating build in PvP – unfortunately, with Shotguns in their current PvE state, it’s less viable there. Regardless, as these Gauntlets do everything their Y1 iteration did, the addition of another way to take advantage of Force Barrier is welcome indeed. Mid B tier in PvE, and a very “undiscovered” PvP build that is an absolute joy to run.

Twist Fate? No

If you’re running these gauntlets, you should be all in with your build. That means a Shotgun for a secondary, and this roll provides the necessary buff to Reload Speed to ensure that you’ll never be caught with your pants down. Of course, if you really want that extended duration but have no interest in running a Shotgun, it never hurts to reroll for Sniper Reload Speed. Then, spec War Machine for lightning fast reloads for when you run Shotgun. Big fan of Impact Induction and Strength regardless.

Knucklehead Radar0eb91d9597b46040d2e4d53aadde3b18

Worth Buying?

Never much of a PvE standout, Knucklehead Radar is still not worth your time in Destiny’s endgame content. PvP is a fully different story, where having constant radar gives you an edge over the competition. In PvE, you should be aware of enemy spawns and be cautious enough to not throw yourself in a situation where you’ll be caught unawares from a flanking position. Could be fun in Strikes, but a pretty obvious C tier in PvE otherwise.

Twist Fate? Maybe

You could re-roll for a different stat split, but Inverse Shadow/Ashes to Assets/Better Already covers every base for PvE and PvP that you could want. This roll the perfect utility helm, but as I really didn’t recommend it too heavily on the PvE end for its intrinsic perk, the “Maybe” tells you that if you’re absolutely going to buy this, then you’d probably want to re-roll for the exact roll you want.

Apotheosis Veil580f0e75513671b7190cb98a3306fa08

Worth Buying?

Once known as “the helmet you only put on for Crota” because of its (admittedly lame) focus on healing you. Now, every helmet can roll Infusion/Better Already, so its intrinsic perk has to be really valuable to have a niche. Bungie smartly anticipated getting full health being a little underwhelming, and so they added instant ability cooldowns, à la Ward of Dawn. Chuck a grenade, smack an acolyte, pop your super for full health and rinse and repeat.

It’s not going to fix your game or revolutionize the way you approach PvE, but if you have no desire to run a better or more specialized Exotic, you could do worse overall. A mid B tier in PvE. PvP it’s worth a look, with a rather weak field for Warlocks overall.

Twist Fate? No

You’ve got exactly what you want right here. Intellect/Strength is just as viable as Intellect/Discipline depending on your preference of Sunsinger/Stormcaller/Voidwalker. Inverse Shadow covers your PvE (Second Thoughts is redundant), and you’re given the classic Infusion as a throwback to the halcyon Crota days. Don’t bother re-rolling this unless you want to specifically get a better perk for PvP.

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