Xbox Digital Guardian Edition Pre-load

The Xbox One version of the Destiny Digitial Guardian Edition has been added to the Xbox store. A full breakdown can be found in this announcement at

Once purchase is complete, download this game by selecting the “Manage” button on the product details page on your console. Upgrade to the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition to receive a digital download copy of Destiny, and access to the Vanguard Armory and Emblem pre-order bonus, an exclusive Ghost Casing, Player Ship, and Player Emblem, and a reservation for two upcoming Destiny Expansions featuring all new storylines, new cooperative and competitive activities, and new weapons, armor, and gear to earn.

You may download the game from XBL before 9/9, but it will not be playable until 12:01 AM PDT / 3:01 AM EDT on 9/9. 

Microsoft confirmed by saying,

We’re thrilled to make Destiny available for pre-order and pre-download for Xbox One owners around the world. This option was available for a short period of time before the official pre-order window opened. We’ll have more details to share soon about the pre-order and pre-download window for Destiny.

While we’re on the topic of the DGE, the US PS4 version is apparently less than 20 GB. Oddly though, in the UK store it shows that it’s 29.7 GB. Whatever the case, without compression it’s probably closer to 40+ GB.

In other news, check out this new series of informational videos by My name is Byf – this one focusing on the Golden Age:

Finally, MoreConsole has another video showing off some rare and legendary items on the Dark Below mission.

Check out if you'd like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • chris

    This kinda confuses me so the xbox marketplace will have this pre load available and is this the $80 one or the $150 and also will it be playable at the same time the gamestops and bestbuys release them midnight?

    • The Digital Guardian Edition is the $80 version, it will be playable at 3 AM EST (East Coast).

      • chris

        i checked on this and they will be selling the regular version as well for pre load and also i messaged a microsoft store representative and they said that they game will be available at 12am the same time the local stores open so for me i will be able to play it 12 am central time so im not sure where you got the 3 am EST stuff from but i sent them the link and they said that was wrong
        EDIT: just wanted to let people know this in case of going to stores to preorder or what not if they dont have to or dont live close to one and you can double check my info by contacting mircosoft they have a live rep available

        • I got it from their own page, which has since been removed, so perhaps that’s why it was taken down

          • chris


            here you go i want you to be the first website that has it right so people come to you guys instead of places like reddit spreading the false rumor

            Read this line on the bot right Exclusive offer: Pre-order now and get a $10 Xbox gift card digital code* Plus, get it the day it’s released when you pre-order by 2PM PDT on 9/5.**

            also you get a 10 dollar reward if u preorder b4 sept 5th just fyi

          • That’s the regular version of the game though, not the Digital Guardian Edition

          • chris

            Well it’s still going to be released at whatever time the game gets released first just like this link says

            worst case we wait until the 6th when they will allow the preloading

          • KolorWhite

            Will there also be Xbox 360 version of Digital Guardian?

          • I believe so, yes

          • chris

            Do you know if Bungie/Destiny will have a panel or be revealing anything tomorrow at PAX Prime? Like an update on this stuff as well?

          • There’s going to be a panel, they’ll be talking about Destiny’s future. There will be an article with details about what they discuss

          • chris

            Ya it’s on their website to buy and also I’ll keep an eye out on the exact confirmation of what’s happening with the pre load and I’ll post any info I get since I would rAther buy it instead of driving an hour away

        • DrowningFish

          regaurdless of what time the stores are selling the game, bungie isn’t turning on their servers until midnight their time which would be 3 am EST. Im fairly certain they said this before in an interview.

          • chris

            the only thing is if you checked out my link/post of destiny twitter it mentions the server goes on whenever somewhere in the world turns 12am so that means it would be on at 12am for pdt so im not sure about the exact details they need to kinda tell people either they get it in store or online at the same time or not

          • DrowningFish

            Ah that would make sense too. Well either way enjoy! I won’t be able to play for a few days Cus I’ll be on vacation! Lol

  • mlocke22

    This launched on the XBox Store in Canada either last night or the night before. Little confused because the file size was somewhere around 17.9GB, which is obviously too small to be the entire game.

    At least it will be ready to play at 3AM EST and you will not have to wait to get your copy at the store. The pre-order bonus through Gamestop is not worth waiting for… Seeing as you only get an upgraded Red Sparrow. The sparrow you get from collecting all 5 Golden Chests in Old Russia is super easy and practically the same thing.

  • Sara

    Already downloaded my copy of the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition. So excited for it to finally come out.
    The Xbox store says that it will be live at 12:01 AM AEST which is midnight where I live. 😀