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Poll: Would you buy Destiny for the PC?
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Poll: Would you buy Destiny for the PC?

Bungie has said in the past that while they would love to make Destiny for the PC, they are not currently working towards it. This doesn’t mean that Destiny or the sequel will never come to the PC, but it does mean that we won’t be hearing about it for a while.

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I’m wondering what portion of you guys would buy and play Destiny for the PC if Bungie gave you the option? This poll isn’t taking into account the potential boost in graphics or framerate that a PC may have over next-gen consoles.

In the comments let me know why you chose what you did.

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  • Raxs

    I am sadly going to have to say no, only to be realistic though. If i had the money to make an epic computer and a controller to plug in I’d be set for Destiny PC! But I don’t like using keyboard for gaming as much, and i also prefer playing on consoles because the community seems to be larger and i don’t have fiddle around with so many settings, lol :D

    • david christoph

      wow… just wow.

      • Raxs

        What do you mean by that? :D Lol.

      • Miles Hayes

        right? PC communities are bigger and by far and away friendlier (less 12 year olds tea bagging) Look at LoL, TF2, any FREE TO PLAY which brings me to another point; most of the games you play on PC are free to play or buy the game and you are set. No monthly bills. Why you ask? because we are not retarded enough to support over priced monthly bull crap.

        P.S. our systems are faster, more reliable, and upgrade. When was your last Xbox/PS3 processor or video card upgrade? oh yeah never

        • Jairo

          LoL being friendly. C’mon. Let’s be real here.

          • Miles Hayes

            far friendlier then COD, halo, or BF3. thanks to it’s ability to report players

        • Shadowreeper1337

          Miles calm down, there is no need for such hatred, I equally respect both PC and Consoles. Though your comment was truthful in that PCs have better performance, you were ignorant in the fact that console communities are less friendly, no one could possibly know that. I have tons of friends on my PS3 that are very friendly, the community is huge, and in my opinion and very friendly. So please keep your biased “facts” out of here, and some people can’t afford a good gaming PC setup. I’m not hating, I’m trying to spread some love and compassion. I voted yes, because I believe PC gamers deserve it. :)

      • Tofu Waffle

        TF2 has a load of 6 yr old kids with mics too…more than cod in my experience

  • Arturo

    Yes, because I love Bungie and since I have bought my PC ive moved away from consoles also it opens the game up to a wider market.

    • Raxs

      Makes sense (:

    • Stoshy

      I want to mod this game and socialize with all my PC friends.

      I am willing to buy multiple copies to supply them the ability to play.

      Buy one! Heck, buy two. That’s an order I’m willing to follow!

      Halo: Comba7 Evolved and Halo: Custom Edition are still going strong.

  • Chris

    Have to say no. I’m not big on PC gaming, but besides that, it’s a game that’s designed to be played on a console. Playing a game designed for a console on a PC is like watching a movie on your phone. Yeah, it’s cool that you’re phone can do that, but you’re not getting the experience that the director had in mind for you.

    • Captator

      It is a first person shooter… The game genre that was designed for use with mouse and keyboard… That you can claim it would be better off on console, using some backwards similie as rhetoric, boggles the mind.

      • Chris

        Yes, but it’s an FPS designed by Bungie, the studio that was the first to perfect FPS controls on a console. Also, I would argue that PC is more designed for Real Time Strategy games than it is for FPSs. Also, I’m not saying anything bad about PC. I’m simply saying that they’re designing with console in mind.

        • Captator

          ok, 1) PC isn’t ‘designed’ for any kind of game, games are designed for it.
          2) FPS and RTS games were both designed for use with a mouse and keyboard, as I said above (go back as far as you want for FPS, e.g. Wolfenstein 3D, Doom).
          3) The first well designed control layout for a FPS on consoles was Goldeneye on N64, and Bungie didn’t perfect anything; the console controller is an inherently flawed device for FPS; the joystick isn’t sensitive or precise enough, this is why console FPS games have auto-aim or ‘bullet magnetism’ to compensate (yes, including Bungie games)
          4) The only design decisions that are different between console and PC are the addition of graphics options, a different control scheme for the different input system, and removal of features built into console to compensate for the controller (i.e. auto-aim/precision compensators). The rest is backend stuff to get the game to work on different hardware.

          I respect your decision to play a game on any device you wish, but your reasoning was simply incorrect, hopefully you are now a bit more enlightened.

          • Chris

            1) Jeeze excuse me, I misspoke.

            2) FPS and RTS were both designed for mouse and keyboard, yes, but unlike an RTS, and FPS functions perfectly fine on a control pad. I play TF2 on Steam with a control pad all the time against players who use mouse and keyboard and I’ve never had a problem keeping up or exceeding the competition. It all comes down to what you’re better at using. I’m more accurate with a control pad than I am with a mouse, that’s just me.

            3) Goldeneye was not well designed. It had one analog stick and the controls haven’t aged well at all. Halo’s control scheme however has remained the standard in FPSs for ages. Go back and play Goldeneye 007 without rose tinted glasses and you’ll see the problem with it.

            4) Again, I never said you shouldn’t play it on PC. I even said, personally that I wasn’t big into PC gaming aside from TF2 and maybe a little bit of Guild Wars.

            I just prefer consoles to PC’s because when I’m playing on a console, everyone’s on equal footing. Nobody has a graphics card that’s better than mine that will allow them to pick me out of a situation that I wouldn’t be able to. Nobody has a ‘better controller’ or a control input that allows for streamlined use of in game controls. Nobody has the advantage of a higher framerate over me. That’s personally why I like it. You can play on whatever you want, but please, spare me your talk about how you’re “enlightening me.”

          • Captator

            Huzzah, you aren’t as dumb (note, genuinely not a backhand insult) this comment implies: “Playing a game designed for a console on a PC is like watching a movie
            on your phone. Yeah, it’s cool that you’re phone can do that, but you’re
            not getting the experience that the director had in mind for you.”

            To further the discussion relevantly, won’t reply at length to 1) I only have what you write to go on, not your intention..

            2) Thing is, TF2 is designed with very similar limits to the Halo games, which actually to a degree hide the paucity of the controller for the format; they are both quite ‘tight’ in as much as the environments aren’t big and open, but are intricate, with many corridors/twists/changes in elevation. I recall finding it frustrating to play the sniper in TF2 because there weren’t that many genuinely open areas to snipe across (I then discovered the joys of the heavy and his maniacal laughter, and didn’t look back, but that is besides the point :D )

            Destiny has been presented as this vast open world(s) to explore cooperatively, which worries me: Fundamentally an xbox/ps3 controller is an 8-way sensor, which is adept at rapid accurate changes of direction or big turns/adjustments, but breaks down a lot at small smooth precision movements (using accuracy and precision in the scientific sense; they aren’t the same thing). This raises the concern that this big open world will actually be an open non-combat space dotted with tight ‘arena-like’ areas where the actual combat occurs. This describes most of the gameplay that has been revealed, I am hoping that is not all there is, otherwise sniper rifles are a meaningless weapon class largely.

            Try playing battlefield 2/bad company 2/3 with the controller, on one of the larger open maps (or any open map/world competitive shooter). I think you will feel the limitations of the controller if you try to adopt a more distanced playstyle. Hell, sniping in BFBC2 can be infuriating even with a mouse with 3 dpi settings.

            3) As for Goldeneye: It was the best at the time, I did recently play it again and, not having played on my xbox360 in a while, I found it fairly easy to pick up, though I agree moving the controls to be spread equally across both hands was a major improvement.

            4) Your opening statement as quoted isn’t in-line with your position then, that is what I was responding to. As for GFX, I often turn off all the snazzy options my middle-to-high end card can support, because they actually make it harder to see what is going on (FoV, Bloom, vegetation detail etc). It is also moot in this case as Destiny is releasing on 2 generations of consoles, which is a massive hardware disparity, equal or greater to the PC range.

          • Chris

            Fair point, but I don’t recall ever commenting on hardware disparity. I’m simply talking control methods. The problem I have with mouse and keyboard controls is that all available accuracy is funneled into the camera while the movement input is allocated to a clunky four button system. It’s where I prefer controllers, because yes, the accuracy in the camera is tuned down, but there’s an equal amount of accuracy with both camera and movement.

            The Last of Us for instance, would be impossible to play on a mouse and keyboard because it specifically utilizes every input of the left thumb stick as a movement device. You don’t have the accuracy available on WASD to play that game without having one hell of a difficult time.

            There are ways to get a super amount of accuracy in your controllers as well, from the thumb stick extensions to the simple tightening of dead zones which is currently one of the improvements on the Xbox One controller, but again I will reiterate this.

            It’s simply my preference. I don’t feel comfortable using mouse and keyboard and that’s really all there is to it. Are keyboards more versatile? Sure, but it hardly matters if the person using it doesn’t feel that kinesthetic projection. Personally when I’m using a m/k I don’t feel as if I’m playing the game, I feel like I’m playing the keyboard. I’m not sure how to explain it, but when I’m using the controller I forget the controller is there and I have a nicer experience using it. Again, it’s simply a preference.

          • Stoshy

            You do realize they pay people to program control functions and manage input from users, right?

            The Last of Us could easily be converted to a control scheme that suits users of Mouse and Keyboard.

            I’m a Junior UX Designer. That’s pretty much what I do. I make sure the interface looks clean and users can get to everything and anything they need in a timely, efficient manner.

            Know why The Last of Us will never see the light of day on PC or Xbox? It’s an exclusive title for the PlayStation 3, and is the sole property of Sony Entertainment, created by Naughty Dog, their partnered studio.

            None of anything has to do with controls. By that logic, PC would be better because you can easily customize your controls and choose forms of input, whether it be a joystick, controller, smartphone, or even a mouse and keyboard.

            Do you even think before you type? I’m curious.

          • Stoshy

            Not with aimassist. It’s like I have an aimbot.

          • Stoshy

            What are you talking about? I can hook up a XIM 3 and right there and then I’d have an advantage over you. Using a CRT or small HDTV? Well my upscaled game on a 52″ 1080p flat screen gives me all the detail I need. Then we got Turtle Beaches and surround sound setups. Every sound at any direction will be noticed. You cannot hide.

            Your arguments are fallacious!

            Then we got the performance and graphical argument.
            No, no, no, no! This isn’t 1998. Games today are made to run on the most weakest of systems. In this case, they are the current gen consoles. Retail computers at Best Buy, even cheap laptops with an Intel HD 4000 APU can outperform the PS3/360. Because they are made to run on the weakest system commonly available, you don’t see much gain with increased visuals. Developers work to ensure that there isn’t an advantage with lowering or increasing graphics. By logic, lowering graphics would give you the advantage by increasing performance and removing distracting rendered objects like trees, sun glare, and smoke/dust effects!

            Higher framerate means jack when TVs/monitors are commonly capped at a mere 60hz. Even then, the increased animation detail might be distracting to some.

            I have discredited your arguments. Now spare us of your supercilious arguments for your supposedly infallible console experience.

            I’ve been gaming on console since I could press D-Pads and move analog sticks. I know BS when I see it, and you’re full of it. If you’re never going to play on the PC, then why the heck do you care?

            Let me illustrate your comments back to you. Hopefully you’ll notice how inane you’re acting.

            People want a movie to release on Blu-Ray so they can watch it in HD and access extra content. You say no. You state, “DVD is a more standard medium for watching movies. You don’t need an internet connection, an expensive TV, or surround sound system. I’m fine with my DVD experience so don’t make it for Blu-Ray.”

            Way to crash on everyone’s party. You’re being downvoted because people are calling you out on your BS. The game is already coming out for console so just shut up. Before you claim that you’re just simply stating your opinion, there’s a difference between sharing your views and just plain arguing them like they’re fact. There are people that have the assets to bring this game to its full potential and they want to utilize them. Many, including I, want to mod the game. Others want to play a game from their favorite, one and only, Bungie Studios on max settings with awesome performance. We want to record and share clips, socialize with friends on Skype, Steam, Xfire, etc. But no! The game shouldn’t come out because some kid (who doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about) thinks it shouldn’t be ported to Windows because the game (that was designed on a PC with the most expensive hardware money can buy) was ported to the consoles because it’s an FPS and is meant to be played with a controller. Oh boo!

            Allow me to state my opinion:
            You’re a moron!

            Allow me to turn it into an argument:
            You’re a moron because you said this, this, and this even though it’s all asinine!*

            *See information above for further support of these claims.

        • Stoshy

          Tell that to the Halo: Custom Edition community, you -blam!-.

    • blt54321


  • qwerty

    Everyone who said no needs to be fire bombed.

    • Mygaffer

      The people who said no are not PC gamers. They are console games who dislike PC gamers enough to try and actively deny them games, not knowing of course that Activision could care less about a poll like this in any case.

    • Stoshy


      • joe

        I said no because I don’t have a good enough computer and I’m getting it on Xbox One but it would be cool if it was on pc so pc gamers could play it.

    • RevolutionaryKing

      I said no cuz I’m getting it on Xbox One. When it comes to PC “Buying” is against a pirates law.

    • Shadowreeper1337

      I don’t have a PC just PS3 but I voted yes because if I had a PC I would plus even though I’m a Playstation fanboy I was never that into console or PC wars seems pointless.

  • Michael Milburn

    I would like it on PC but the poll is probably a bit biased because only people who really wanted it on PC would click on this page

    • Stoshy

      Well duh! It shows that there is an active community that wants this game ported to PC! Bungie makes great games. It is a shame that Microsoft denied them the ability to have them ported, after Microsoft themselves screwed over Halo 2′s chances by trying to make it a Vista seller. All support was dropped for it and the ability to replace tags was never implemented. It could have been the next Halo: Custom Edition!

  • bigmike20vt

    I would buy for the PC in a heart beat!. Mainly because I am ditching console this time around as imo they are, unlike in the past, bordering on obsolete before even launching (just my opinion). For me it is a sad state that games like RYSE is already having the graphics cut from E3 due to poor performance, and both BF4 & Ryse are unable to manage 1080P@60fps.

    That being said, I am no PC fanboy, and truth be told, I am gutted as personally I find gaming on pad a far more enjoyable experience in fpsers than KB&M (not to mention working on them all day, if I game on them as well I get RSI symptoms, the pad is a welcome break).

    But fps on a pad on PC games is a disaster as you dont get the assists you get on a console, so, I find I get owned – even more than normal – if I use a pad. I suppose it comes down to your definition of “better”. KB&M is certainly more effective, but I find gaming on a pad, lounging on the sofa, more enjoyable, as well as more comfortable. Given I am not a professional gamer I know which I would prefer, if it was an even playing field.

  • DarkLordGiggles

    Anyone who says FPS work better on consoles needs to try playing Tribes: Ascend with a gamepad. (Hint: you can’t do it)

  • Matt Barnett

    I would DEFINITELY preorder Destiny for PC. FPS just plain play better with a KB/Mouse. And since BOTH PS4 and XBox One are x86 “PCs” with fixed hardware, there is NO reason it can’t play well on a PC. Who gives a dang about “cross platform” saves?! I don’t, nobody I know does, so what the hell Bungie?

  • Wogimusprime

    I for sure do want it on Pc, i have a xbox 360 but i never play it and i prefer everything on my Pc, Especially this game

  • Nethanéal MacDhòmhnaill

    YES! And to completely ignore the PC vs Console arguement, it is an additional marketing group/demographic/whatever to sell the game to. There are people (like myself) who would love to play the game, but we don’t have a console for whatever reason, and we are missing out on the experience. You know what’s going to happen then? I’ll go play on my friend’s console, for FREE. I’m willing to lay down some money to buy the game for, and so are many other people. Plus you are missing out on the modding community. By not releasing for PC, you are missing out on sales.

  • Anytyme

    I’m holding out for a PC release.

  • michael jones

    If I could play it with keyboard an mouse on ps4 and all other 1st person shooters I would seriously consider switching to ps4 for gaming. Playing shooters on a joystick is fucking crap.

  • Andy Taylor

    PC gaming lots better than console, would never buy PS4 or Xbox 1 so bring Destiny to PC, have i5-3570k @4ghz, HD7870 2gb, 8gb DDR3 and plays Battlefield 4 at Ultra settings 1920×1200 and get min 45fps.

  • Webhead111453

    i hope it comes to pc :)

  • Tofu Waffle

    I hope Destiny is released for PC, but at a later date…having to work on another extra platform will just delay the release date even longer…please PC gamers…even if it doesnt come out on PC, you are always welcome to console gaming! without consoles 50 % of the games wouldnt be on pc anyways

  • Jason Andrew Hahn

    Piss and moan Pc players, lol

  • Bombolz

    This discussion has become a flame war between pc gamers and console gamers. I will first state out my ‘opinions’ and also try to be unbiased as much as possible as I am a pc gamer.

    Destiny on PC vs Console

    First we have to break it down into several parts to simply things:


    PCs will require more money for their systems, especially if you want to run it on maximum settings. Games across all platforms have similar pricing but pc is generally slightly cheaper – therefore one factor which reduces profit (will discuss in further detail later)


    Keyboard + mouse vs controller. There has been huge debate seen here about which is better for fps games. The answer is none, it all comes down to preference, performing well is a different matter altogether in itself. A person using keyboard and mouse ‘should’ theoretically be able to beat a person using a controller. Why? Simply because humans are allowed more freedom in controlling a characters turn speed – consoles have sensitivity options which are changeable but a person cannot alter these settings mid game and the game character will turn with a constant rate. Player on a keyboard and mouse allows the player to freely control how fast their character turns which is further enhanced by changing the sensitivity option. An example: CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive) had intentions of allowing players to face other players across any platform – i.e. a playstation player, xbox player and pc player could all be facing each other in a single game. This idea wasn’t further pursued and was discarded due to the over dominating pc users. Additionally, players who don’t have a console and prefer using controllers have the option to purchase a controller to use on pcs.


    There is no ‘better’ community, because frankly you will meet angry kids and trolls no matter what online game you play. The PC community is larger in number, hence it makes sense there are more friendly players, but this statement is misleading. Even though there are more friendly players there are also more trolls and 10 year olds. Theoretically, the ratio between friendly players and trolls should be fairly similar across all platforms, maybe PC gamers will have a slightly lower ratio due the fact that kids will have trouble navigating on a PC (unstatistical and just my hypothesis), but overall the ratio should be fairly similar.


    The question is, how much profit can you make with the assets the company has. It seems that Bungie seems to have a state of mind where they believe that porting to PC will not generate much profit due to the failure of Halo 2 on pc, but that is totally understandable. It took forever for Halo 2 to be released on pc, and by the time it reached our desktop screens, it was outdated, and had many competitors to compete against. I’m not a professional and trying to look at the financial benefits that the company could generate the best I can. Several factors which reduce profit when a game is released on pc includes:

    Pc games are sold for slightly cheaper than console games, especially if it is associated with online companies such as Greenmangaming and Steam, which sell their games for even less. From what I heard, porting to pc is very costly and takes time, but luckily, the PC community is larger in size by quite a substantial amount, therefore it should generate more profit right? Not necessarily, even if the pc community is much larger, it varies for different games as to how many people will purchase a game. Different games interest different people, but how many pc players are interested? I will use a recent game which is still in development as an example. “The Divsion”, by Ubisoft orginally had no plans for a pc release but they were open to change. This may or may not be true, but there have been speculations as to the fact that the game was already being developed for pc, and that Ubisoft were using this as a leverage to freely advertise their game. It generated over 150k signatures on a petition on, one of those signatures being from me as well. A smart move which shows how much interest that game has over pc gamers, but the possibility of the game being developed for pc despite having ‘no plans’ may or may not be true, we will probably never know. In my opinion, Bungie is attempting the same thing, but I am fairly sure the game hasn’t even started development yet, but partly due to the reputation that Bungie has for console games porting to pc games, they have lost an audience which had interest. From a business perspective it looks complicated and I will end it here, but overall, Bungie is having difficulties deciding if the cost and time of porting Destiny to pc is worth it or not.

  • Stoshy

    Have Gearbox port it.

  • C336

    Why is this even a question that needs to be asked?
    Destiny NEEDS to come to the PC.

  • Leonardo Leal de Freitas

    For sure Me and all Bloodline guild will play on PC, Epic Bungie come to PC =D

  • Gary Infinger

    I absolutely love this game on Xbox One but when my wife wants to watch TV I can’t play. Therefore, I often play a game on my PC like TitanFall, Cod, etc…

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