Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Oct 31, 2014 @ 5:46

Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?


Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Patience and Time Any Any Sniper Rifle 17
The Armamentarium Titan Either Chest 13
Lucky Raspberry Hunter Bladedancer Chest 13
Voidfang Vestments Warlock Voidwalker Chest 13

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Patience and Timepatience and time exotic

This weapon’s signature cloaking ability gives the weapon plenty of character, and the radar that stays up as you ADS is an invaluable ability. It’s much more stable than Ice Breaker, and probably overall better for PvP. Unlike Ice Breaker, it’s got a very limited magazine.

Should I buy it?

We have an entire review of this weapon which you can read here.

The major issue you’ll find when using it is its small magazine. The magazine can be upgraded to hold 6, but obviously it just causes you to be conservative with your shots. If you end up really enjoying this weapon, you’ll have to build your armor around holding more sniper rifle ammo to get the most out of it. Special Ammo Synthesis are going to be essential when relying on this weapon.

However, it’s still one of the best Arc sniper rifles in the game (probably the best). It’s unique perks allows for some very fun and interesting gameplay, and it can simply wreck in PvP. Overall this weapon is very well balanced and with its high stability, if you need a better Sniper, this is a must-buy.

Alternative Buy(s)

Stats Compared to Other Sniper Rifles

  • Above Average: Stability, Range
  • Below Average: Impact

Notable Talents

  • Third Eye – Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon’s sights.
  • Patience and Time – You gain active camouflage while aiming down the sights.


The Armamentarium – Titan Chest

The Armamentarium has perks mostly centered around carrying more, which is extremely versatile. This armor is built for those Titans who love to deal heavy damage. An additional grenade, with more heavy and special ammo means you’re a walking armory, ready to throw some serious punches. This is the ultimate Titan’s chest piece!

Crest of Alpha Lupi, the other Exotic Titan chest, is similar in that it doesn’t provide any subclass specific upgrades.


  • Special Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Special ammo you can carry.
  • Heavy Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Heavy ammo you can carry.
  • Grenade Booster – Carry an additional grenade.

Should I buy it?

A second grenade is so very useful in any and all situations. Even if you prefer your primary weapon, and might just capitalize on 1/3 of its perks, it’s still going to be a worthwhile investment. If you find yourself using your heavy and special weapon a lot, then absolutely buy this… right now. Do it.

Lucky Raspberry – Hunter Chest (Bladedancer)lucky-rasp

Lucky Raspberry – also sold on week #5 – is the only chest piece specific to the Bladedancer. Crest of Alpha Lupi – sold last week – is a general Hunter chest. Lucky Raspberry’s main feature is the ability to spawn with grenade energy, allowing you to use your (more powerful) grenade more often. Along with the grenade energy, your Arcbolt grenade will be improved by chaining further.


  • Fusion Rifle Ammo – Increases the amount of Fusion Rifle ammunition you can carry.
  • Heavy Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Heavy Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • Improved Arcbolt Grenade – Arcbolt Grenade chains further. Spawn with grenade energy.

Should I buy it?

There’s only 2 Hunter Chests in the game right now, and this one is arguably better – especially with a good fusion rifle like Plan C or Vex Mythoclast, as it’ll greatly increase the ammo. It’s somewhat niche, and is outclassed by some of the other Hunter Exotics, but for some the perks could be invaluable.

If you are a collector and have coins to spend or love the Arcbolt grenade, then it might be worth it to pick up. This version that’s being sold has an incredible amount of Intellect on it, which is going to greatly reduce the recharge time of your Super. If you’re not going to make use of the upgrades though, just wait for one of the stronger helmets, or possibly Crest of the Alpha Lupi.

Voidfang Vestments – Warlock Chest (Voidwalker)

The Warlocks only have 2 Exotic chest options too. Soon there will be at least 1 more, that being the Starfire Protocol (see: expansion content). Voidfang Vestments is the only Voidwalker-specific chest, making it very valuable indeed. It’s a great choice for PvP.


  • Hand Cannon Ammo – Increases the amount of Hand Cannon ammunition you can carry.
  • Special Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Special Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • Improved Axion Bolt – Your Axion Bolt grenade spawns an additional seeker. Respawn with full grenade energy.

Should I buy it?

Voidwalkers rejoice! This makes your Axion Bolt grenades really fast which means more consistent kills! Add in the fact that you now spawn with grenade energy, and you turn into a grenade throwing machine only rivaled by your Sun-filled brethren. This chest would work for the Sunsinger as well.

This is a good option if you’re a Voidwalker, considering that Skull of Dire Ahamkara is basically the only other Voidwalker-specific armor piece right now.

Along with spawning with full grenade energy, the Strength stat will significantly reduce your melee cooldown time, making it an all around great choice – a better choice for PvP than PvE.

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  • KeefGB .

    BLAMO! Just like that my patience and time is next to worthless. Become legend!… until inflation hits.

    • John Blue

      I’m sure you know that the people who buy it actually have to waste the Strange Coins they’ve earned on it, unlike you who got it with pure luck.

      • Captiosus

        Though I don’t side with Keef’s view on worthlessness, I just feel this has to be said:

        “Strange Coins they’ve earned on it”

        Of the near hundred strange coins I have sitting in my inventory right now, at least two dozen, maybe even three, them were obtained from random Decoherent Engram decryption or random rank up packages from Vanguard or New Monarchy. Not exactly ‘earned’, still a lot of luck.

        • John Blue

          Most of my Coins are from the Weekly Heroics, although they aren’t exactly that “earned” either, just given on a weekly basis. They do have to be spent though, so you lose out on current or a potential future purchase (unless you’ve got everything, which I don’t)

          You are right, they don’t qualify as being something you can only earn either, but they are slightly more earned than the randomly looted items 😀

      • keefer

        Idk how 7 people up voted this. You obviously don’t know anything about economics in game, Or pertaining to the real world I’m sure. This argument about something being earned has nothing to do with value. Tell me. when you were walking down the street and found some cash, you threw it away right? I mean it’s not like you could use it to buy something like earned cash can. That would be ridiculous…
        Economic value doesn’t come from something being earned. An ounce of gold is the same if you found it, or purchased it. If king midas appeared however and just started giving everyone gold, that ounce you just bought/found is gunna be worth about as much as an ounce of snot. Even though it can be used and applied in all the same applications as before. The loot and currency system is mess and every week without a change it will get worse. I don’t think they should get rid of xur, but he needs to be changed. After all if everyone’s got the same stuff It defeats the point of a loot system.
        ” and when everyone is super, no one is”

        • John Blue

          Economics in a game without trading?

          In my opinion, from a PvE perspective everything in this game only has worth to the player who has or doesn’t have the item, maybe extended to the team they play with in Raids and other content. The worth is unaffected by the amount of other copies of the same item being acquired by other people – even if everyone in the game had the best in slot Primary Weapon, for instance, it would still be worth a lot to me.

          I don’t know about PvP but many weapons function similarily in the Crucible (which only makes sense or there would be balance issues).

          Of course if you value having something that’s unique it has nothing to do with economics, comparable to owning something in real life that only has worth to yourself but not actual market value, then I understand it better.

          I do apologize though, I assumed that you were talking from the same perspective everyone else seems to be, which is exactly like I described: “QQ now every1 haz wepon i workeded hard 4!” and as you probably realize looks stupid when the loot system is completely random.

    • Robert

      How is it worthless? Doesn’t it still do the same thing it did before other people had it?

      • keefer

        It may be the same in function but In value not at all. After all It defeats the whole point behind a loot system if everyone has it.

  • Theemo Deman

    Same shit as last time…

  • I already have an Ice Breaker in my current gear but I think I have room enough for Patience and Time.

    Also, I’m fuckin tired of seeing the void chest every single week. Where the fuck is the sunsinger chest?

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  • delta 6655

    did you know that the element of certen weapons changes based on how you got the weapon?

    • John Blue

      In more detail: all legendary weapons that have Solar, Arc or Void damage and can be bought from Vanguard, Crucible or the 3 city factions have a random element when you find them yourself

      • delta 6655


  • I think I will save my strange coins for the next week 🙁

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  • Alan Baez

    So what about the sparrows???

  • delta 6655

    all i know is, thank god xur is not on some stupid cycle function, i want him to sell every item he physicaly can before going into this random jumbo.

  • Alex Davis

    Nice things about Lucky Raspberry that the article doesn’t talk about:

    1. More ammo for Vex Mythoclast.
    2. Always spawn with a Grenade in PvP.

  • Eric

    Lucky Raspberry is very useful if you have a Vex Mythoclast. It adds 42 extra rounds to the max ammo capacity, which is a big deal since ammo shortage is one of the biggest issues with the Mythoclast right now. Nice bonus since it will also increase the ammo for an equipped fusion rifle in your special weapon slot, effectively doubling the bonus.

    It’s ugly as hell, but extremely beneficial to any Mythoclast using hunter.

  • Captiosus

    Since the analysis is copy paste from before, I’m going to paraphrase what I wrote last week, then copy/paste the full detail under it:

    Abstract (TLDR): Unless you’re a Crucible oriented Warlock with a quality hand cannon and a terrible KD/R, Voidfang Vestiments are a waste of 13 coins. If you’re a Voidwalker, don’t be tempted simply by the name and the extra Axion Bolt.

    Full info (copied from last week):
    If you look at the Voidwalker’s skill tree, Strength is the WORST stat for VW.

    In PVE, a Voidwalker wants to stack Int and Disc for more frequent Nova Bombs and Grenades, both of which can proc the Energy Drain effect via talents (Embrace the Void + The Hunger + DISC higher than 60% means spamming grenades every 20 seconds or less). Energy Drain, the actual melee attack, promotes getting out of melee either with increased speed, increased survival, or increased cooldown of the super to obliterate enemies.

    Because Voidfang is a single stat (other than light) item, you will have to shuffle around pieces to accommodate the one-exotic rule. Unless you are a fresh low-20s with single stat gear, this means you will likely lose both Int and Disc somewhere as you switch your gear around. In turn you get less grenade cooldowns until you reach parity between the robe benefit and DISC stats to have 6 Axion seekers in the same time frame AND you sacrifice the frequency of Nova Bombs with the reduction in INT. Even with the increased Strength, you will not be able to obtain the Energy Drain effect as frequently because you will be reducing the frequency of the talented Energy Drain effect from grenades and Nova Bomb talent but not supplementing it equally by the increased melee cooldown the STR stat provides.

    The biggest benefit in PVE is the full grenade energy on respawn perk but unless you’re dying a lot – not exactly a helpful trait in Nightfall and VOG – this benefit is useless. (Added: Ironically, this perk is more useful for Sunsingers who will make the most of it with self-rez.)

    In PVP, Axion Bolt is, hands down, Voidwalker’s worst grenade. The seekers are easy to see and even easier to dodge. Adding a third one and slightly speeding them up doesn’t really offset these issues. Vortex Grenade and Cluster Grenade are your friends in battlefield control and enemy kills. Since stats and power cooldowns are normalized that STR becomes somewhat meaningless. This means the best benefits for these robes here are the hand cannon perk and the full grenade on respawn perk, but again this only matters if you die a lot and if you prefer hand cannons.

    • So….I’ve got the Sunbreakers right now, almost maxed out. Was thinking about picking this up. I’ve got a pretty low K/D….My sniper is an Epitaph. Is it worth picking up the armor, sniper rifle, or just wait?

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