World Record Vault of Glass Completion Time

Published on: Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:27

An unbelievably fast raid completion time, at just under 40 minutes, has been achieved by this group:

Watch them take on and conquer Destiny’s raid with extreme efficiency in their video below:

Video: VoG World Record Raid Time! (37:00)


They’ve gotten an even faster time!

Video: Vault of Glass World Record Raid Time! (31:51)

Other Raid news

In other Raid news, the world-first for the Vault on Hard mode has been achieved!

InvigorateGaming is the first fire team to clear Vault of Glass on hard mode, this fire team made of 2 Titans, 1 Hunter, and 3 Warlocks cleared the raid in 15 hours 1 minute and 8 seconds.

Raid clear stats

For those who are curious about their clear here’s some random stats:

  • They died a combined total of 2,189 times
  • 9,619 kills happened during the clear
  • An average K/D Ratio of 4.11
  • 3,078 Precision Kills were performed

Raid guides

If you’re looking for some helpful raid guides, check out this article.


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  • chris

    Not that surprising since they are running with 29s being they should be able to kill the bosses in the first round of each fight

  • Micah Yang

    The previous record just got beaten into the dust.

  • Drey

    So many shitty Hunters man.

    • AnthonyReyes

      ?? lol why so hostile to Hunter, do you get owned by them in PVP??

      • Terrel Thompson

        lol you must be a hunter.
        takes no skill to use a hunter
        warlock is the best class imo

        • AnthonyReyes

          I know this is late but i just barely saw it, you say it takes no skill yet all classes take no skill. Not hard for you to hit bumper and come back alive with super fast grenade cooldown or aim your void ball. Everyone has there own preference and all the guardians skills are easy to hit.

  • Noah E

    Kirby tvv has an faster world record 29:41 look up on youtube
    Kirby tvv vog record

  • Brad

    I have a clear time of 2 minutes 11 seconds…