“Work has begun on next full game”

During an earning’s call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed, “Work has begun on our next full game release.”

They also announced that Destiny has more than 9.5 million registered users.


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  • delta 6655

    this makes me so angry, is activision trying to kill destiny. make an ok game and overhype it only works once, if they dont make destiny amazeing now, no ones gonna buy a second one, becouse they know what it will be, as much as i love destiny, it pisses me off that they wont work on this one and make it the best it can be before makeing a new one.

    • Andros

      Makes you wonder if the “10 year plan” is to release a Destiny game every 2 years with just 2 DLCs, since as far as I know apart from The Dark Below and House of Wolves they haven’t announced anything else.

      • delta 6655

        i just think that, if they atempt this, then they wont sell, if a product is unsatisfatory, you dont try to remake it until you work out the kinks, destiny needs some serious work before its in that stage that says “im ready for my sequal” its untested at best, and flat out broken at worst. its still a great game, but given that it could be so much better, that detracts so much more then if it had not been so hyped up.

        • Andros

          I completely agree with you. I just found it odd that they haven’t even finished their work on this one and already Activision is telling their Shareholders that Bungie is starting its design on Destiny 2.

          • delta 6655

            i wish that bungie would do there damn job as well, i mean, they make the game, i think they have some level of sway with activision, so why dont they go. “hay act, you know what, your breakeing this game, and you wont make money if you keep it up” or if bungie is the issue. (i mean, we have no imput, and they clearly dont care what we think. i am of course refering to the raid) and given how destiny already has a rep as a coperate whore, wouldent it be really counter productive to release this news now. is this there 10 year plan? release a new destiny every year, is this the new cod?

          • delta 6655

            it makes me so freaken angry, i think activision and bungie are giveing us a big middle finger right now. this news is just so enrageing!

            HULK SMASH!

      • David B

        If you read the statement given by the Activision bloke he actually says there is also future expansions for this game in development.

  • RoguePaladin

    I think people are jumping to the conclusion that the “next full game release” is a sequel to Destiny; or am I missing something?

    • They were referring to ‘Destiny 2’

      • Bryan Coleman

        Didn’t first rumours of Destiny begin in 2009?

        I mean worst case scenario it’s out in three years.

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