White PS4 Bundle Unboxed

Both Destiny and the white PS4 arrive on September the 9th – and PlayStation Access gives us an exclusive look inside the box!

In addition, MoreConsole has a video about what we need to know about PlayStation’s timed exclusive content.


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  • Novrehs

    09.09.14 – That’s all I got to say.

  • christian Johnson

    Every since destiny was first announced I was ready to be apart of the game I have always been a halo fan I first played halo when I was 5 it was halo 2 so anything and every thing made by bungie I will and this is a game will absolutely be buying.the only thing that Kinda gets frustrated is the fact that ps3 and ps4 get exclusive content I mean I understand why they do and its because this is a game system that bungie has never made a game for so my theory is that they want them to see and experience what bungie has to give.I think that great but is there gonna be anything for xbox360 and Xbox 1 gamers I is the expansion pack exclusive for Xbox?Just wanna To know,but even if we don’t get anything I’m still gonna by this game.it’s made bungie and Activision so I 150% sure this game will last for a long time like gay 5 plus it looks freaking amazing on all consoles.last thing is I want to thank both Activision and bungie for always makeing such amazing games,thank you for all the hard work stay up late to make sure that US the gamers get the best content really is a some we all should notice and if this game were to get put back I would still by it because I know that it means y’all want to add something for us that you think we’ll like.that all I have to say peace ;).