Where’s Xûr?

Published on: Jan 2, 2015 @ 3:06

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly stop in the tower, with a fresh stock of Exotics. His goods are consistent across all platforms.

For more about the Agent of the Nine, including quotes and his schedule, please be sure to read this article.

Where is Xûr? What’s he selling?

Xûr is located in the Hanger bar. He’ll be in the Tower until 9 AM GMT on Sunday (1/4).

He’s selling the following items:

Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Dragon’s Breath Any Any Rocket Launcher 17
Mk. 44 Stand Asides Titan Striker Boots 13
Don’t Touch Me Hunter Any Gauntlets 13
Starfire Protocol Warlock Sunsinger Chest 13
Curios Type Rarity QTY Strange Coin
Consumable Basic 5 1
Hand Cannon Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Fusion Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Auto Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23
“Emerald Coil” Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23

Are the Exotics worth buying?

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  • BAMozzy69 .

    I will get Dragon’s Breath just because it’s 1 of only 2 Exotics I don’t have – Hard Light being the other. I play on Xbox One so the ‘timed exclusive’ weapons are not yet available to me.
    I will probably buy Starfire Protocol too as its Stats aren’t too bad – High Intellect. I am still waiting for the upgrades to have good stats on the Armour as they are all lower than my old versions. Its not like I am in any rush as I have some great Helms for each.
    Weapon wise, I may upgrade the Last Word as its one of the few Exotics I have at pre-expansion level – Vex, Mida and Invective being the others.
    I will probably buy a few Exotic Gauntlets Engrams too – At the very least I will get a few more ‘Shards’ although I already have 12…

  • Tenabrus

    tough time deciding whether to go for the starfire protocol or hold out for an upgrade for sunbreakers.

  • Petr Švancara

    What is Xur selling? Since the Dark Below he is selling only some shits! For those players that still do not have the DLC he is sell totally nothing. . those DLC’s made everything even worst. .
    – Halogen cz

    • gareth

      no it didnt make it worse the point of dlc is to give exclusive items to those who bothered by it its a joke that the distance isnt greater why reward players for being fuckin cheapskates

      • Petr Švancara

        You don’t even understand it did you? My friend got the Dragon’s Breath from Nightfall, I got the purple engram. . and he’s not even have that DLC, so you can still have that extra DLC weapons or armors from Nightfall even if you don’t have that DLC. So what dou say now you cheapskate? You don’t even realize all the possibilities did you?
        – Halogen cz

        • Anthony VanRees

          The grammar…. It’s real on this post….

        • Anthony VanRees

          Dragons breath was merely added when the dlc dropped, which doesn’t mean that you have to own the dlc to obtain it. Stop your knickering and go out and buy the expansion, all games do this now. You might as well nut up or shut up because whether you like it or not dlc content is a huge part of gaming and nothing you do say will change that.