Where’s Xûr?

Published on: Dec 19, 2014 @ 4:12

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly stop in the tower, with a fresh stock of Exotics. His goods are consistent across all platforms.

For more about the Agent of the Nine, including quotes and his schedule, please be sure to read this article.

Where is Xûr? What’s he selling?

Xûr is located across from the Speaker. He’ll be in the Tower until 9 AM GMT on Sunday (12/21).

He’s selling the following items:

Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Patience and Time Any Any Sniper Rifle 17
Ruin Wings Titan Any Gauntlets 13
Knucklehead Radar Hunter Any Helmet 13
Claws of Ahamkara Warlock Any Gauntlets 13
Curios Type Rarity QTY Strange Coin
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable Basic 5 1
Shotgun Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Sniper Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Rocket Launcher Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 1
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23
“Emerald Coil” Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 23

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  • Christian

    If I’m totally honest: I’m quite relieved he is selling duplicates of both the Weapon and Titan gear. I was only just about to get enough coins, so thankfully I have anther week to save up. Last week I spent all 50 of my coins XD

    And good for the Warlocks. You now have something other than a Voidfang vestment.

    Just to add: If you are a Titan, do not hesitate on getting “Ruined wings”. It’s the best Exotic armour I have ever owned. It has a great appearance and the “Pick Up more Heavy Ammo” and “Heavy ammo drops more frequently” is amazingly useful. I even swapped it out for the armamentarium. It’s a good buy.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      I may pick them up if the stat roll is amazing but in general I prefer Helm of inmost Light for my Striker and The Glasshouse for my Defender. The Armamentarium is also great and allows extra Heavy as well as Special Ammo and mine has a great stat roll too. Finding more Heavy would be handy when trying to upgrade my Heavy weapons but generally I don’t find I run out that much in the majority of circumstances.
      Most of these ‘carry extra’ perks don’t seem to work very well with certain weapons with the field scout option selected. I notice my Visions of Confluence never gets extra and Corrective Measure gains 1 extra shot with the field scout active and wearing armour to carry more ammo in each category.

      • Christian

        For when I’m running Endgame activities I have truly realized how beneficial the extra Heavy ammo is. For the lower levelling activities, it’s not so beneficial because Heavy weapons and such are not so crucial, but in those life and death situations this armour has saved my life countless times, that is something I never get with other gear. Other stuff conveniences me more and gives me more edge in Strikes, but items like Saint 14 and Ruined Wings really save you another living breath. In Nightfall especially. That extra heavy ammo has saved me so much time and frustration. I love it.

        • BAMozzy69 .

          Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly see its benefits. I don’t know that its benefits outweigh other options overall for me. The stat roll isn’t that high compared to my other Exotics and the Armamentarium (for example) gives me extra Heavy as well as Specials and a grenade too which has saved my life a LOT too.
          I much prefer the Glasshouse to St-14 s St-14 is far more situational – probably better in PvP? I tend to use a dome behind me so I can step out and shoot – not in front so enemies rarely if ever step into it. Having Weapons of Light for longer is far more useful to me. I rarely use my Helm of Inmost Light in the high end activities as I prefer to keep my distance and therefore don’t use my Fists of Havoc unless I get surrounded but its great to have the extra perks in all other situations.
          I know its personal preference and playstyle but for me the benefits of other Exotics outweigh the benefits of this.

          • Christian

            Sure, at the end of the day, it’s down to playstyle. I Loved being able to carry all of that extra ammo with armamentarium, but I just can’t see it topping the fact I end up with 600% more heavy ammo using ruined wings. 3x as much dropping, 2x as much on pickup. It’s pretty nice to be able to fire constant volleys at rockets.

            Ruined wings is basically useless in PVP though. Haha. It doesn’t get the added benefit of more ammo drops as that is out of your control. So Armamentarium dominates there for me.

            I pretty much agree with you 100% about fist of havoc use. Inmost light is fun when you aren’t delving into harder levels.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            You may end up finding ‘more’ drops but you can’t carry any more than the Armamentarium offers as well as the extra special and an extra grenade which charges really quickly thanks to a very high discipline stat. thee combined benefits of all of these mean I am never short of ammo or grenades even if the drops are less frequent and less in quantity too.
            I can see it being helpful for Rockets and low mag LMGS but I prefer the Armamentarium overall. I know these won’t get much of a look-in so more of an extravagant than necessary purchase for me

          • Christian

            The problem I had with Armamentarium is that it had a huge cap, but I was very, very rarely using that cap. The extra grenade is very useful, but when you are regularly using Heavy ammo and Grenades Armamentarium loses its effective purpose. Now I have familiarised myself with my weapons a bit more I never found my Ammo being stockpiled, I was using it where needed and very rarely keeping more than a couple rockets on me. As it stands, armamentarium is great for when you want to get the most out of ammo synthesis. But with the fast moving playstyle I’m now accustom too Ruined wings was a good thing to move on to.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I certainly don’t use it cautiously but it enables me to be far more aggressive. I have my boots to carry more Primary and my gauntlets allow faster reloads for it too.
            I rarely use both grenades at the same time so I always have at least 1 available if I need it and the high discipline ensures I I am consistently stocked up. Because of the way I have my Titan set up with the Armamentarium I always have ammo in ever slot as well as a grenade. I also never seem to need Synthesis packs as I always have ammo in every slot. As I use my weapons appropriately – I don’t run around with just a Heavy – unless trying to upgrade it – I have ammo for every situation and rarely need synth packs. There is almost always some ammo drops. I rarely use a Rocket Launcher or just spam with my Heavy so maybe that’s why I don’t see this as a necessity

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I do want Knucklehead Radar but not sure if the stats are as high as my old version. As for upgrades I want Heart of the Praxis Fire, Lucky Raspberry and Plan C but the stat rolls on the armour aren’t great. I already have upgraded versions of P&T, Thorn, SGA and Truth and rarely use Mida and Universal Remote (if at all).
    Of the Exotic Weapons I really want to upgrade Gjallahorn, Plan C and the Vex Mythoclast (if they do) are my priorities and then I will consider Mida, Last Word, Red Death, Invective and Universal Remote. I already have Suros, Thorn, Icebreaker, P&T, Pocket Infinity, Thunderlord, Truth and SGA and now Xur is back I can finish off Bad Juju

  • Rob Poole

    Oh Xur when will you bring Ice Breaker and Gjallarhorn back around?! I have the money now! I HAVE THE MONEY NOW!!!

  • Diego Pedrollo

    Give up the Ice Breaker…

  • Punkindrublic1

    Kinda curious as to what exotics you can exchange with him this week. Anyway you can put that up on there as well??

  • ElectricZealot

    “…with a fresh stock of Exotics.” Only if…. Only if the PS4 prognostications were coming true…. :o)

    I guess we should be glad that Voidfang Vestments aren’t back in….

  • insanetrasher

    Was very disappointed to figure out I couldn’t buy the DLC exotics from him. Those lock gauntlet looked amazing…