Weekly Update 3.26.15 (Vault Space)

Published on: Mar 26, 2015 @ 17:10

You can read the full weekly update at Bungie.net


Update 1.1.2 will push the boundaries of your secure repository. The new dimensions will let you store twenty-four (24) ARMOR pieces, thirty-six (36) WEAPONS, and twenty-four (24) GENERAL items.


You might be surprised to learn that not all of us have such a vast array of riches. John Hopson is the User Research Lead at Bungie who can peer into every Vault in the Tower. According to his analysis, the majority of us still have room to spare.

JH: Very few people have completely full Vaults, but a lot of endgame players are bumping up against the limits. For example, 21% of players who are level 30+ have 4 or fewer free spaces in their weapon Vaults right now. The armor and general sections are slightly less full for most people, but not by much. Even at lower levels, there’s a small but measurable fraction of players under level 20 who have full Vaults.

You could charitably think of them as “collectors” or uncharitably label them as “packrats,” but some people just flat out like holding onto their stuff. Personally, I’m still waiting for the Pocket Infinity bounty so I can use up the 10 rare fusion rifles I have saved. It has to drop sooner or later.

Those of you who have put in the time and effort to amass a might cache of loot have told us that you need more space. M.E. Chung has heard you, and as the Live Team Lead, she’s uniquely able to respond.

M.E.: For many, many weeks, Vault space has been an important request in the queue that we’ve been tracking. As we get closer to the House of Wolves content update, we knew we had to expand the Vault or the community would not have enough space to store the new Exotics we’re making!

Different players have different needs, but our goal was to find a solution that could deliver more Vault space to the greatest number of people in the short term. Our challenge was to provide an increase in storage that fit within the memory constraints that limit how many items can be displayed on one screen. This had to be accomplished by a team who is simultaneously working on future content. We opted for making sure that players would have enough slots for all Exotics from Launch through House of Wolves – thus the largest increase in slot space is for weapons.

We know there are a bunch of players in the world who don’t have enough space for Armor and General items. We’ll have a solution for you in the future.

This fix might seem simple. At Bungie, we love to make the development of games look easy. UI Engineering Lead Brad Fish can lend some context to the fact that it was no simple undertaking to add some shelf space to your keep.

BF: Like a time traveler whose actions in the past inadvertently alter the course of history in unexpected ways, each modification to Destiny has the potential to introduce a variety of side effects. Planning and meticulous verification are key to ensuring the continued stability of the game.

In the case of the Vault expansion, it became clear that we would be pushing very limited memory constraints on older generation hardware. We had a choice: leave the Vault as-is, or find some kind of compromise to enable it safely.

We weighed the options, with player feedback in mind, and decided to move forward with the expansion by disabling the item comparison feature within the Vault on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Item comparison will continue to function within the Vault on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in all other contexts on all platforms.


We may not be making you as rich as Charlemagne, but those of you who have Vaults that are bursting at the seams with sweet loot are in for some relief. Stand by, because Update 1.1.2 arrives in April.

From a Certain Point of View

A Senior Artist by the name of David Helsby was talking to me about uploading some of the presentation materials from his recent GDC talk about First Person Animation. I told him it sounded like a great idea, but only if he agreed to share some of his insights with people who didn’t have the chance to attend the lecture.

Here he is to tell us a little about why our Guardians always know what to do with their hands in Destiny.

DH: First Person Animation is the motion of your avatar that you see through the eyes of your Guardian. This includes the ways your arms and hands deliver attacks or handle your weapons, how the weapons themselves behave when they’re being used, and even the movement of the camera in shaping your point of view. It’s the punching, throwing, shooting, reloading, or that moment when you twirl your Exotic hand cannon around the trigger guard before taking aim.

In my presentation, I talked about why it’s important to deliver the right feedback to make you feel like a hero in our world. First Person Animation is all about creating a sense of immersion. Your perception of your own movements is what defines your character. It’s what you see during most of the gameplay. Our goal is to communicate fast, fun, responsive action in Destiny and cast you in the role of a total badass.

If we do our job right, you might not even be aware of these decisions. You’re just having fun and shooting aliens. To see what I mean, check out this compilation of some of my favorite samples of our work:

DH: It was really great to talk about all the things that I’ve learned from the great people here at Bungie. It’s been a pleasure to work with Sage Merrill, Josh Hamrick, and the whole Sandbox Team that created the gameplay that we illustrated with animations. Rick Lico (the principal animator here at Bungie) taught me a lot about how camera animations can be used to enhance the gameplay experience while not making you motion sick.

We all worked hard together to create the combat experience you’ve come to know as your own.

I had fun learning more about how they think about our avatars. Hope you did as well. Think about that the next time your weapon-wielding gauntlets are the first thing through the door.

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  • Mr Beerski

    After I just deleted 6 awesome weapons to make room……. ugh…… but yet grateful. …

  • Clint

    it’s nice to have an increase in vault space but this is such a lame implementation. seems like Destiny is full lame implementations. I love this game but it seriously feels like this is a beta that they made us pay for. Destiny 2 better be freakin perfect.

    • Guest

      It’s what the community has been demanding furiously for months. So If you aren’t happy, you know who to blame. You’ll start to notice that players will usually have last say in this kind of stuff, which does make me sceptical.

  • 1.1.2 confirmed for April

    • LLL

      any source?

  • Gamerz_001

    Them gjallahorns…

  • sycoteck

    Planetdestniy.com was featureed on bungies community focus for those of you who dont visit their bungie.net

  • Reflex

    I was actually expecting like a slider for pages…

    • BurningPlayd0h

      They said more was coming in the future. Just be happy we have a stopgap for now.

    • Octus

      thats exactly what i’ve been saying. with each update just add a new page.

  • FattyMoBookyBut

    A few extra spots will be welcome, but why are emblems and shaders limited by slots in the first place. I shouldn’t have to manage them. They should be “unlocked”, not actual items. (and unlocked account-wide.)

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Ask Bungie if they’ve purposefully programmed the mentor missive to not offer the Pocket Infinity bounty when you already have 10+ fusion rifles in the vault. I had it offered on my Xbox multiple times, then stockpiled fusion rifles on the PS4 after realizing how awesome Pocket Infinity is, but it doesn’t get offered anymore. I’ve read a few too many accounts of people not getting the bounty offer until after they give up and break them all down…

  • insanetrasher

    This is a very welcome news, but am I the only one being worried to see that it seemed such a complicated change only for a few spaces? I dunno how they got their systems set up, but it sure looks like a chore to work on, I fear for other basic changes to take this long.

    • BurningPlayd0h

      That’s true for any software as complicated as a modern video game.

      • insanetrasher

        I know thats something that can’t be done in a week within a few hours. But they’ve been teasing it for months, and it won’t be out until about 2 weeks or more, theres a margin between not easy and months.

        The fact that they are dealing with old-gen is not helping I know, but lets talk about it. They had to remove the compare tool for the vault on old-gen.. Why is this simple tool taking so much ressources? Thats pretty weird.

        • dlanor127 .

          The compare tool has to load your currently equipped gear into memory in order to function in addition to the vault gear. Cutting that memory requirement allowed the vault to load more items into memory.

          • insanetrasher

            I do get that, but adding vault space is a lot less complex than changing other systems that needs to be tweaked, so I’m just worried that there’s a lot of things that we won’t see changed until late Destiny lifecycle or D2 launch.

        • BurningPlayd0h

          Its not a matter of of the change itself being time intensive, its making sure it doesn’t break anything else.

          Imagine if they released a larger vault last month and then people started losing items left and right?

          • insanetrasher

            Of course its always better to release later than sooner with issues.

    • dlanor127 .

      It’s more complex for sure. Consider the ability for gear swapping using the app. That implies a lot more systems under the covers.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    I don’t have too many extra weapons I care to cling to. I’m still at the stage where the next clear upgrade weapons means whatever character gets it who then hands down whatever it’s replacing until the last one which usually gets sharded. Maybe if I had more raid weapons I’d feel different.

  • Dan

    I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because the added vault space will be great. I was just hoping for something more like multiple pages. My Vault has just as big of an issue with space for Misc items as I do weapons. But I’m sure they’ll do something better in the future. I’ll take it for now!

    • Christian

      This is that attitude I wish everyone had! (:

  • Jerry Sköld

    I wonder how many of the people who have Vault space to spare are like me – I habitually shard items or pack my characters´ inventories pretty full just to make sure that I have room for some stuff I might need to send back on short notice.

  • Time Spiral

    What I hear is the few people that play on the last gen console are screwing it for the rest of the community….. May sound harsh here but maybe they should cut away last gen for comet?

    • WSquared88

      They won’t cut last gen until Destiny 2. Comet is still a part of the first game and they have to release for all platforms otherwise they would be in some serious trouble.

  • n3

    +4 Slots for Armor. This is so fucking retarded. Is even someone from Bungie playing Destiny? Making a huge story about the Vault Increase and then such a troll!!!

    • WSquared88

      Bungie is trying their best to increase the vault size with the amount of memory limitations that they have. They said that they will release another modification to the vault again later, but this is what they have now. They are probably doing a huge overhaul of the vault system so that they don’t have to load all of the items at once.

      • David B

        I have a feeling they are talking about the Ship, Shader and Emblem banks that were datamined before TDB dropped.

    • SFChitman

      Alao now us 360 users get boned hard as we cant use the compare function…..Seriously are we going to have to count and manually comparee 76 Intel +75 str vs 165 Disp vests on the fly as what to keep or not?

      Come on, while this is cool they at least listened its clearly another “Bungie” type hyped prom,ise about game changing content…You know like, player trading, or up to 9 planets or the other 1 million fibs they told

  • Captainbirdseye

    Shame, I expected more space to be honest.
    I really struggle with space because I love collecting loot.
    The main problem is misc items and weapons.
    I tend to keep all armor on the character so that’s not or ever been the issue.
    Having old legendary guns I refuse to dismantle like Shadow price for instance kind of soon adds up with all those exotics.
    The other problem is my love for rare weapons with crazy stats that I murder people in crucible with.
    An extra 16 will help for sure, maybe I just need to get a grip with my hoarding problem and then everything will better.

    I’m a sick man.

    • Resident

      No man, I use the vault to transfer stange coins and upgrade materials and to store the Kovosvog (how ever the hell you spell it) for crucible. I wish there were more exotics that dealt arc or void damage than just solar damage.

  • Captainbirdseye

    Like to add the new app companion helps so much with these problems, being able to move stuff around from characters to vault and visa versa is AMAZING !

  • Battleshiplid

    When I first read about this I was initially disappointed. But after reading their explanation I have to admit that I’m happy with this short term solution. I personally don’t need any extra armour space and the 4 extra general slots will be a welcome relief. 16 more weapons however is a god send, for me that’s plenty for now.

    As for what Chung said about future solutions for Armour and General, which will probably come with House of Wolves, I hope that by only mentioning those two she doesn’t rule out even more weapons space; this sentence hints that we will have to wait even longer for more weapon storage.

  • WSquared88

    What is up with Charlemagne and his vault? They have teased him multiple times before. Before release they said that we would get Thorn from raiding his vault, yet in the full release there isn’t a single mention of it. Where is it? They also mentioned planet crushing war beasts way back before release.

    • David B

      “They also mentioned planet crushing war beasts way back before release.” – That’s clearly the Cabal.

      Also Charlemagne’s Vault is rumoured to be in/under Dust Palace. That’s the point of the Dust Palace strike as the Psion Flayers are trying to take control of Charlemagne.

      • WSquared88

        I’m on the Xbox One so I don’t have the Dust Palace strike. I just didn’t know

  • MakkinjeM

    It’s easy to say a lot of players have 4 spaces open in their weapon vault, but imo you can’t count that as still space left. Since those spaces are used to transfer weapons between characters, they are counted in by players as necessery space, and therefor may be counted as full.