Weekly Update 3.5.15 (Patch Coming)

Published on: Mar 5, 2015 @ 15:25

The full update can be found on Bungie.net

Buzzing the Tower

Now that 1.1.1 has been tucked in below decks, we can line up the next “release candidate” for final approach.

Don’t get too anxious, now. Traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops. Without precise calculations, we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova. That’d end our trip real quick…

We’re still weeks away.

But, before the House of Wolves begins its own descent through the stratosphere with precious cargo in tow, you can expect another Destiny Update to come in for a landing.


“What’s in the box!?” you demand. The work of an air-traffic controller is never done.

I’m going to monitor their flight plan for one more week. Now’s not the time to put an ETA on arrivals. Right this minute, the best I can do is to make promises about future information.

“Awwww, man! Are these updates about to become useless again?”

I’m pretty confident that the weeks to come will play host to a very interesting conversation.

  • We’ll start rolling out exactly what’s being loaded up for 1.1.2
  • You’ll meet the people doing a lot of the work to bring updates to Destiny

This week exists in a space between updates… an update within a series of updates. Even an air-traffic controller gets a coffee break. Watch the skies, because we have more birds inbound for you to enjoy.

To the MOON!

We’ve had a ton of fun with these Ride Alongs on Twitch. If you haven’t aimed your browser at one yet, you’re missing out on guided tours of the warzones you know, led by the artists who built them. You can find them up on YouTube if you want to get caught up on the series.


Next up, we’re headed to the Moon. World Artist Sam Jones will be on hand to show us the seeds of the Lunar colony. TerraMantis will be along for the ride to lend his unique expertise about the stories that pockmark the surface of Earth’s closest neighbor.

Follow us on Twitch, and tune in tomorrow at 4:00 PM Pacific.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Linh Vo


    • Frozenpheniox101

      You hear that, that’s the sound of no one giving a fuck.

  • insanetrasher

    I know we shouldn’t expect news every week, but at least give us fun numbers or anything worth writing about.

  • Christian Jimenez

    Well that was a waste of time

  • Alan

    If nothing else, I’m glad my video was featured as the winner of the MOTW. Lol.

    • Grymwulf

      Congrats! I enjoyed the video and felt the pain of every “whiff”

  • Grymwulf

    I count around 8 references to flying/space travel, including an awesome Star Wars quote…could the next update include something along those lines?

    Please, crucible with ship battles…I would be so happy.

    • Thanks for a constructive–and insightful–comment. Guessing that ship is coming in for a landing at the Reef.

    • Tdw

      Plot twist; Traveller is a Death Star.

      • Grymwulf

        Haha, nice. I have thought of something similar (since, in the absence of a very compelling story, I’ve had to make up my own). Here’s what could be happening in Destiny:

        The Traveler is actual this evil being, whose physical embodiment is The Speaker. The Traveler travels through space, finding entire races of other beings and “shedding his light upon them”, when in reality he is bringing darkness. Over time, he corrupts the races he comes in to contact with, turning them dark. He has already done this to the Hive, the Fallen, the Vex, and the Cabal. Now they pursue the Traveler relentlessly through the stars to put an end to his reign of terror.

        In a plot twist, mankind and the guardians actually ally with The Fallen, Vex, etc. to put a stop to the Traveler and The Speaker. Alternatively, since the Traveler “created” the guardians and the Ghosts, Mankind sides with the Fallen and others and the Guardians become puppets of the Traveler, fighting against the very race they believed they were created to protect.

        Then again, the Traveler could be a Death Star, biding it’s time, waiting to destroy Earth.

        • Jerry Sköld

          The Traveler was *supposed* to be if not evil so at least very morally ambigious, going from what people areound the web have dug up about earlier story incarnations. Of course, all that seemed to work much better for a single player game with a set beginning and end rather than a cooperative lite-MMO, so I can understand why that was axed.

  • Thiago123

    For the love of the Traveler – Please let this update be the one where we get ….MORE VAULT SPACE.

    • Decdog2

      The only reason you and many other people want more vault space is because you guys hoard weapons and armor. To avoid this problem, Bungie has allowed players to carry up to 9 of each armor and weapon type, plus the one that is equipped. Also, if you have 3 characters, you can space out your weapons and gear across all 3 characters. Now more vault space would be nice, but is it really necessary? Not really. IF, you have three characters with every space filled up with gear and stuff like that and your vault is filled up aswell, then more vault space would be worth the trouble.

      • Thiago123

        So in a game heavily centered around cool loot, your solution is to throw the loot out so ‘m not “hoarding,” rather than just giving us some more vault room? Or better yet, to HAVE to juggle the inventory of 3 different characters? Ridiculous.

        I do use a second character as a sort of mule, but I’m pretty sure that the intent of 3 characters was for people to experience the different classes, NOT to alleviate a vault space problem. If you think that managing 3 inventories, even through the much needed app updates (i.e. using a second screen), is good game or UI design, you are nuts. The fact that you suggest using other characters pretty much admits to a vault space problem.

        Armor isn’t so much a problem because it is class specific, and new armor will invalidate old armor, but the guns are because they are situational or great collector items. There are what….23 exotic guns. Factor in some legendaries you want to keep, those spots start disappearing very quickly. In an expansion or two, how many exotics are you willing to dismantle?

        It is clear that a LOT of people want more vault space. I don’t think I’m entitled to it – if Bungie doesn’t want to add more space, so be it, I’ll guess I’ll have to deal with it. But If you don’t want to keep some of your weapons, that’s fine – it doesn’t mean that I don’t OR that I can’t ask for it.

        • Decdog2

          Yes, their initial intent was to not have each character as a mule, I understand that. But to fill up your vault space with exotics and legendary’s is kindof silly. Now, if the legendary’s are worth keeping, such as raid weapons, then by all means keep them. If you have three characters and all three are level 20 and up, then move some of your legendary’s and exotics over to those characters. If, for instance, you have a hunter thats about to do the raid and you need an exotic, then use the destiny companion app to pull that exotic off of that character, put it in your vault, and use the app to move it to your character. This makes moving gear much less of a hassle, and this makes keeping your exotics without dismantling the loot, and makes the current amount of storage for vault perfectly fine the way it is. Look, I like keeping exotics but as long as they are worth keeping like the Suros or the Gjallarhorn, but if they are worthless like No Land Beyond, or Necrochasm, or Super Good Advice, then there honestly is no reason to keep them. Now i dont have a problem with gun hoarders and maybe its my personal opinion, but more vault space isnt necessary. Would i appreciate more vault space? Sure! but is it really vital? Not really. But hey, everyone has their own play style so you play your way and I’ll play my own.

  • GlacianNex

    So this was an announcement announcing an upcoming announcement. This is almost as bad as having a meeting about scheduling meetings.

    • thelongestyodel


    • reggie


  • Lee Juriet

    …. I speak for many here when I ask “we’re supposed to give a shit about a Twitch stream about stuff that frustrated players couldn’t care LESS about”?!

    • insanetrasher

      I’d put it differently, but basically yes.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    News flash!

    We have some news for you. Details at 9.

  • sqwonky

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  • Grymwulf9

    This *could* be a tactless reference to Harrison Ford (i.e. Han Solo) being in a plane crash recently and having to perform an emergency landing due to engine failure. I doubt it is, you know, but the timing of Bungie’s post and Ford’s accident is…uncanny.

    • BenRM

      Update posted at 2:15 PM
      Plane crashed at 2:25 PM

      • Grymwulf

        Dangit. Unless they predicted it would happen with an algorithm.

        • BenRM

          They probably had the Vex run a simulation

  • Sterling Mallory Archer

    Hahaha these weekly blog “updates” are such a fucking joke… It went from sad to hilarious right back to tragic for Bungle with them…. What a pointless fluffy fluff filled pile of garbage…

    They need to fire that ass clown DeeJ ASAP! Tired of his “friendly joking” tone in “his” posts and tweets as all it does is come off condescentding and arrogant…

  • Linnes16

    An update saying that an update with more details about an update is coming up… great.

  • EnflamedApple

    that picture is the most deceiving thing about the update

  • jetlastshadow


  • ORB1T4L

    I know that’s not relevant but I really hope the House of Wolves Arena’s ship will be an Awoken ship, I really love the design, especially when you’re in the cutscene in which you go to the Reef, the way they deploy their wings is simply beautiful !