Weekly Update 2.26.15 (Inferno)

Published on: Feb 26, 2015 @ 16:05

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Mobile Vaults Available

If you can read these words, you’re one click away from the Destiny Companion. When you’re on the go, Bungie.net and the Destiny Mobile Application work together to keep you connected to your stable of Guardians, to your trusted allies, and to us.

Today, we’ve updated both versions (Web and Mobile) with a new feature we’ve been excited to share with you: Mobile Vault management.

To learn more about how your Companion is growing to better serve your needs, I talked to Engineering Lead Chris Gossett. His team is always working on new features to enhance your online gaming experience.


Hey, Chris! What’s the goal of this new wonderful new toy you’ve given us to play with?

Chris: One of the primary goals for the Destiny Companion is to help you prepare for battle. If you use your Vault to share items between multiple characters, we felt that this is a must-have feature to get you ready to play.

Here are a few scenarios in which we think you’ll find this handy:

  • You and your buddies are finally all online at the same time about to tackle the Nightfall. That one player in your Fireteam realizes there’s a Solar Burn this week, and wants to retrieve their Ice Breaker from another character.
  • You’re on the bus and want to manage gear between a couple characters. Use the app to move stuff around and jump right into the action as soon as you get home.
  • Oops, you’re halfway through the Daily Story Mission and realize you need that Fusion Rifle with Void. No worries, it’s just a couple clicks away.
  • You’re standing in front of Xûr and you’re two coins short. Your Hunter just completed the Weekly Heroic Strike and he has the extra coinage you need. Tap, Tap, Purchase.
  • You just unlocked that upgrade node and need just one more Shard… you get the idea.

Where did you get the idea? You didn’t steal it from the community, did you?

Chris: We read a lot of reviews and feedback. Allowing transfer of gear to/from your vault has been one of the most requested features. Plus, as players of the game, we’re pretty excited about vaulting from the Companion.


Can you give us a tutorial for how it works?

Chris: On www.bungie.net, Android phone, or iOS device, go to an item in your inventory and bring up the item detail screen. There are two options available (Equip and Move to Vault). Remember, Equip from Companion works only when you’re not playing Destiny in a combat space. With Vault transfer, there is no such restriction. You can interact with your vault whenever or wherever – even in combat.

Hit Move to Vault to transfer an item to your vault. Conversely, when viewing an item in your Vault there’s a button that says Take from Vault. Doing so will move the item to the character currently in focus on the app. If you’re transferring an item that has a quantity (like materials) you’ll get a prompt that asks “How many?” If you just need a couple, there’s no need to take the whole stack. Just get what you need.

We’re used to viewing the Vault from the Tower Map. Is this what we’re looking for?


Chris: Nope. Interacting with the Vault there doesn’t provide item management. It’s simply a list of what’s currently in your Vault. We’ll alleviate that confusion in a future release. To manage items, use the Vault tab and screen in accessed via the Legend.


While Vaults just got easier to use, we know that there’s still a lot of chatter out there about how your Vaults can still grow and improve in the future.

We hear you, and we’ll talk soon about other ways in which we can continue to update and improve the Destiny experience.

Inferno Inbound

If the Crucible is no place for mercy, it’s also no place for complacency. We have a team of designers who love to keep you fighting for honor, glory, and the chance for some loot. One of them is Leif Johansen.

As a Senior Designer, he’s one player on a team that is always striving to give you new ways to clash with other Guardians for control of the battle.

He’s here to tell us about their newest creation: Inferno playlists.


Leif: Inferno is a game mode coming to the Crucible on March 3rd.

We’re starting with Inferno Control, a PVP experience that’s more about basic gunplay and achieving more with less. PvP modes should give you the opportunity to flex new gameplay muscles you didn’t know you had.

What’s the most important change you’re making?

Leif: We’re removing the Tracker that warns you of nearby opponents. We’re hoping this change will provoke players to rely even more on certain skills like map knowledge, teamwork, good positioning, successfully flanking opponents, using jumps to set up ambushes, catching audio cues like footsteps, and using friendly nameplate UI as clues toward enemy position.

Lack of Tracker should also indirectly reduce the effectiveness of Supers and Heavies, and make the mode more about basic gunplay.

Here are some of the changes that will make that a reality:

  • Players have no “radar” in the top left corner of their HUD
  • We’ve removed as many scoring events as possible
  • The mode is much more about getting kills and playing the core objective
  • Without the Tracker, players are much more vulnerable when interacting with objectives because it gives away their position
  • Speeding up capture time keeps the risk/reward for trying to capture an objective more fair
  • There’s only one set of Heavy crates per match and dead players don’t drop purple bricks
  • With no Tracker, it’s much easier to flank an aggressive opponent that’s pushing for kills because they have Heavy
  • Expect players to play more conservatively with Heavy ammo to try and get more bang for buck out of it

Where can we expect all of this happen?

Leif: Inferno uses a mix of old and new maps, but we’ve pulled out a few maps that are so big that players may struggle to find fights.

Here’s what you’ll find in the rotation:

  • The Anomaly
  • Firebase Delphi
  • Twilight Gap
  • Rusted Lands
  • Shores of Time
  • Blind Watch
  • Asylum
  • The Burning Shrine
  • The Cauldron
  • Pantheon

Inferno Control will be active in your Director for one week, to return in rotation with other playlists you know. The Crucible heats up on March 3rd. You have until then to practice flying blind.

To kick off the festivities, a few of our most aggressive players are forming a dream team for a Bungie Bounty. They’re practiced up on the new rules, and most of us refuse to enter matchmaking with them, so this promises to be anything but a cake walk.


And remember what Leif said: Check your corners, Guardians.

There have been a lot of changes to the way you fight, the weapons you use, and how they all find balance in the chaotic sandbox where they live. Tomorrow, some of the Designers behind those updates will visit the Bungie.net forum and chat with you about their process. Should be fun.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • Too 1337

    how about a windows phone app damnit!

  • FlipFlipadelfia

    Mobile Vault… Most exciting thing ever! Now I don’t have to worry about Vault space as much.

    • Alex Davis

      It’s not extra space, it’s mobile vault management. You’ve just read it wrong.

      • Dan

        I think he meant that he can probably keep more items in the character inventory since it can be so easily moved now

        • FlipFlipadelfia

          Thats exactly what I meant 🙂

          Got so tired of switching guns I had all of the VoG and CE raid weapons on each of my characters so I would always have what I needed. Which only left like 1 primary slot free, and a couple of secondary/heavy weapon slots free.

          Now I only need to keep 1 of each gun, and I can carry some weapons I had stored from the vault on my chars which will effectively increase my vault space!

  • Alan Gaunt

    Windows Phone App!?!?

    • Brian Collins

      windows phone… hahaha good one

      • Alan Gaunt


  • Mike Levene

    So with inferno we lose radar, which is great. But what about weapon and armor perks? Third Eye? Knucklehead radar?

    • Don’t think those will make a difference

    • WSquared88

      Those perks only removes the penalty of blocking the radar out with the scope. If that penalty is removed the radar still won’t be there. To use a metaphor, those perks cut a hole in your scope so you can see the radar. The hole doesn’t do anything if there is no radar there anyway.

  • NLK3

    Very interesting. I always thought having access to seeing your characters’ inventory while selecting them would be good, but the mobile app vault thing seems dope. Also excited to play Inferno. No supers and shit, just pure skill. Still wanted radars though, if not custom crucible features and split screen.

    • Alex Davis

      Supers are still there, just no radar.

  • Oriel76

    Man , that phone app update is probably their best idea ever ! That loading screen time saver ! WoW ! Plus you can now manage how many material and ammo you can give to each of your guardians ! Love it !

    • Oriel76

      But at the same time it disconnect you while playing the game…

  • Keith Christmas

    Wow, another feature that we should have had from the start. By time Plague of Darkness arrives Destiny might finally be the game it should have been at launch…

    • Thomas Harrison

      another person who complains that they want something and as soon as the company does it they complain that it should have been there from the start

      • Keith Christmas

        I’m not sure I follow your logic. I complained that I wanted it *because* it should have been there from the start. I’m not sure what my response is supposed to be if not for “finally!”

        • Thomas Harrison

          My apologies I miss-read (also im usually not that venomous when commenting, I have no idea what came over me)

          • Keith Christmas

            Well, apology accepted. We all have bad days, mate. Don’t worry about it 🙂

    • Christian

      What? Destiny has easily triple the content of a normal FPS. No other FPS/MMO/RPG whatever, has ever had this feature ever. How can you possibly have such high expectations as to expect this game to have everything other games have never had just so it is to your standard?

      I’m sorry, but your demands are obscene. Can’t you just appreciate the 100s of weapons and armour, Standard multiplayer, Strikes, Raids, Patrols and the endless piles of updates that attempt to refine the game by the week. No other FPS does this, why burn this game for it?

      Don’t like the game? Sure, granted. It’s not a perfect game, probably not even the best of the year. But given your expectations you can’t possibly like any game that has ever existed. It makes no sense.

      • Keith Christmas

        You think me saying that remote vault management should have been included in the app from the start is am obscene demand? I think the only obscene thing here is your sense of hyperbole.

        But scolling and and looking at some of your other comments, kinda looks like your whole thing is pouncing on anyone with a bad word to say about Destiny and telling them they should shut up, so I sincerely doubt you’re gonna pay much attention to me.

        • Christian

          It’s not something that should have been done from the start because they never would have known it would be necessary. It is a feature based off the desires of players. You can’t see into the future to see exactly what players would want. A Vault is not something that would be considered used a lot. I’d have expected the Vault would be for players keeping Strange Coins and Currencies so that when players what to buy stuff or upgrade stuff just go to the Vault.

          People hating on someone who doesn’t like Destiny is stupid. People are entitled to their opinions and deserve all say. However, you can’t expect not to be hated on considering this is basically a site where fans gather to hear about the news. Better of which, just don’t say anything negative unless it’s constructive. It’s very unwelcome and unnecessary to just bash a game for no reason other than the fact you don’t like it.

          I see why people don’t like it. It has its issues, big time. That isn’t an excuse for people to act the way they do, though. They can do the mature thing and just stop playing it and forget about it. That would be the only way to get on the other side of me. Just as long as people can act like adults I have no problem with them.

  • Dan

    First off, the mobile app update is awesome!! Can’t tell you how much time this will save with 3 characters. Second, that new Crucible mode worries me. With no radar, it feels like this mode will be even more prone to shotgun and sniper camping

    • Christian

      Shotguns, I expect so. Sniping. Maybe not. It’s very easy to sneak up on a sniper. I find it very hard to snipe without patience and time giving me that Luxury radar. If you saw where the sniper is, it should be pretty easy to take them out, especially if they don’t move often (i.e: camping).

      I share your concern for the shotgunners though. The Radar was the only thing I could use to be prepared for them. They don’t Fly much so it’s hard to hear them coming. I’ll wait and see on release, but I expect snipers wont be too big an issue.

  • Lee Juriet

    …. the app is useless to me. I don’t have a smart phone…. how is having a app that some people can’t use a “Good thing”?

    • Works on the computer too if you’ve got one close to your console

    • Edwin

      Maybe your console has a browser function?
      Not sure about PS4 but on the One you can snap a browser.
      Not ideal but at least it saves you flight, store, switch char, flight, retrieve, flight.

      • Lee Juriet

        I have neither. I am still on 360. And this still doesn’t help with limited vault space IMO.

        • Edwin

          It doesn’t help with me needing to work either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it 😉

          If they should only develop things that serves each and every player and solves every problem or desire, then we would get nothing as that’s an impossible task.

          A big part of the player base is verry happy with this function. Be happy for them 🙂

    • Christian

      Smart Phones are very inexpensive. I have an Android that runs this fine and it only cost £40 New. Even some lumia phones are about £80 (Don’t have the app though). If you have a part time job you could get enough money to buy one in a single day. Anyone with a job can have access to this app, since this game is an 16+, almost everyone that age should have started investing in Part time Jobs. So it seems pretty reasonable to expect that almost everyone has access to their app (Because they should, really).

      • Lee Juriet

        Um, I’m Canadian, not british….. things are a BIT more pricey where I am, mate.

        • Christian

          I doubt they are substantially pricey. Even if they are double the price, that still in’t crazy expensive. Plus I know a few companies that ship world wide with fair shipping costs. You could even get yourself something nice off ebay. There are plenty of great phones on there that spoilt kids don’t need any-more because their parents get them a new iPhone every year are something ridiculous like that.

          Plus you can always use your PC for the app. If you are able to post comments here you have access to the app. Just go to Bungie.net. They have the whole thing in browser form. Much nicer than on a phone too.

  • Dexion

    Inferno Inbound= Introducing Camping

  • Bungle be Bungl’in

    Mobile vault….what about people that don’t have a smart phone (or just an older slow ass “smart” phone) or just don’t want to fuck around with a second screen experience to affect the game their playing!?!?

    Why isn’t this mobile vault nonsense implemented IN THE GAME ITSELF!?!? Riddle me that? Seriously… would that not be easier than doing it with the Destiny app also??

    This update doesn’t help me at all…. What would help me, and what people have being asking for for EVER, is a BIGGER vault (weapons space specifically)!!!!!! And/or access to the in game vault from anywhere IN THE GAME.

    Jeezus Bungle…

    • Christian

      The whole point of having an external UI is so features like this can be implemented. If they put this in the game it would make the vault itself redundant. It would be a complete waste of a feature.

      Having a Smart Phone is Luxury, the features that come with it are also Luxury. The whole reason a smart phone is designed is so it can do stuff like this. It is a piece of superior technology. The world shouldn’t have to try and support obsolete items like Calculators, Calenders and Alarm clocks when there is a device that can do all of that for us is on the uprising. This new technology is just a part of society.

      Plus, My phone cost me about £40 new. It’s no magic box but it can run this feature just fine. Anyone with even a part time job could save up and own one one these in a single day. It’s not exactly far from reach. Smart phones are pretty inexpensive.

      This update helped a lot of people out. It has a lot of very handy features and fixes. I don’t think people want to hear you complain about how you don’t like it. Nobody has an obligation to make sure you like the game. You either do or you don’t, either way, nobody wants to see people moaning about it purposelessly when more interesting or constructive comments can take its place. Thanks.

    • Edwin

      Guess it would be best if they just removed the whole vault, gave you unlimited bags pace and made it swappable between characters whenever you want?
      Maybe, while they’re at it, they should so make Xur sell Gjallerhorn every other week, cycle the top exotic gear and free heavy ammo for all!

      What more?
      An option to make your character switch class?
      An option to make the 3rd character instant 20/32?

      What more?
      An option to choose the burn at strikes?
      A map? Which of course shows all the active chests…

      Whatever they add, there will always be something not good enough.
      And even if they would magically fix every bug and add every whish there would be complains “they took to long”.

      It’s like buying an average priced car and then complaining it’s not tailored to your specific demands.

      Grow up! 🙂

  • Abe Sapien

    When is this out?

    • Inferno is coming March 3rd

  • Scott Ackland

    Boring update for a boring game. Haven’t played in 3 weeks & I won’t be playing until House of Wolves comes out. And only then because I got suckered into paying for it before realizing how short & repetitive Destiny actually was.