Weekly Update 1.29.15

Published on: Jan 29, 2015 @ 17:11

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Heavy Ammo Inbound

Before I ran away from home to join Cirque de Bungie, I was a huge fan of the way the team shot people out of cannons. For me, it was always fascinating to pull the curtain back a little bit and look in on the world where games get made. If you’re reading this, I hope you agree.

I still remember the time, long ago during the age of another game, when one of them posted “I just fixed a ten-year-old bug,” on a social network. I was shocked to learn that there were bugs buried so deep in the code that they could take a decade to squash – and that there were developers tenacious enough to hunt them for that long. That developer was Jon Cable.

These days, Jon works on Destiny as a Sandbox Engineer. The fancy title means he’s one smart guy on a team of smart people who create the code that makes your armor and guns work. They still hunt bugs where they live, no matter how deep, or for how long, they’ve burrowed into the code.


Hypothetical Aside: You love Heavy Weapons. The purple glow of ammunition is a promise of future enemy annihilation by way of your favorite Rocket Launcher or (even better) belt-fed Machine Gun. You buy it in bulk when you visit the Gunsmith. To get the most bang from your space bucks, you equip armor that lets you carry more of the stuff. Unfortunately it turns out that those deep pockets have metaphorical holes in them.

Thus, you tend to lose your coveted ammunition when one of the following happens in a PVE activity:

  • You die
  • You return to orbit
  • You encounter a cutscene

For some time now, we’ve been tracking this one. To date, the best we’ve been able to do is to admit that we were aware of the issue. This week, we can give you some additional information.

Did we mention that Sandbox Engineer Jon Cable loves to hunt the really big bugs? He’s working on a fix that we hope to deploy before the end of February. While we test his work and prep it for deployment, he wanted to say a few words about what he (along with his team) has been wrestling with behind the scenes.

Jon: The basic flaw here is an ordering problem. Our inventory system creates your weapons when your characters spawn. When that happens, it tries to restore the same fraction of ammo that you had when you died. The bug occurred because the weapon is created before capacity modifiers from armor perks are applied, so the persisted fraction yields fewer rounds.

Way over my head! Sounds like you’ve identified the issue, though. Any word on why it’s taking so long to resolve?

Jon: Fixing bugs in a live game is always about managing risk. What are the chances that the fix is going to cause an issue that might be worse than the original bug? Players outnumber our testers by factors of several thousand, so if there is a problem that slips through the cracks, it is virtually guaranteed that the community will find it. This bug was mainly risky because it was at the intersection of a lot of different systems – player profiles, investment, sandbox, perks, and weapon management.

Would it be simpler and faster to just fix the affected perk?

Jon: There are a lot of weapon and armor perks in the game. Changing the order of how they are applied has a huge impact. It would have required a large restructuring of the way the game works to even accomplish this, because the armor perks can’t take effect until the weapon is created anyway. The application of armor perks would have to be inserted in between weapon creation and the rest of the weapon setup code.

So, what’s the ultimate solution?

Jon: In the end, I came up with a surgical change that fixes the main issue and minimizes the chances that a new problem would be introduced. I do not think I can overstate the complexity of these systems – it took me several tries to come up with a fix that did not cause other problems.

Fixing bugs can be tricky business. Promising and dating fixes can be just as challenging.

For this particular bug, we’ll be sure to update you once the new math is on the way to your box. Until then, if you catch a distraught Guardian lamenting their lost rounds, please point them to this conversation.

Vault Space

DeeJ took to the comments section of the weekly update to let us know that Vault space is also something they’re working on!

destiny vault space


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Booyabobby

    It about time!

  • WSquared88

    There is still nothing useful here. Most people got over this months ago. It’s good that they are fixing this, but i wish they would give us something more.

  • Josh Paul

    Don’t care. Why’s my vault still so small?

    • ORB1T4L

      I have so many weapons I’d love to keep but I have to sometimes dismantles them so I have room for my exotics… Many of you will say “you’re stupid” and I don’t care, but I like having the same exotic three times, one for each of my characters so I don’t have to go to the tower, put the gun in the vault, change characters and take my weapon back from my vault… I’d also love to collect all the Raids’ weapons but I’m running out of vault slots.

      • I totally agree. I bought two more ice breakers so all my characters have one.

      • CrimmReap3r

        Wait, do you want more character space or vault space? If you have 3 iec breakers 3 ghallahorns, 3 of each TDB raid weapon, those can all fit on your characters. So still plenty of room in the vault for toys, right? I only get into trouble when I try to trade too many items, I find it best to give each character a unique weapon. Like best scout rifle to my warlock. Best hand cannon for my hunter, best autorifle for titan. And never trade those.

        • ORB1T4L

          Vault space, I have 2 Gjallarhorns, 3 Icebreakers, 3 Mythoclasts, 2 Bad Jujus (3 soon), 2 Thorns (3 soon), 1 Thunderlord, 3 No Land Beyond, 2 Dragon’s Breath, 2 Fatebringers, 3 Praedyth’s Revenge, 3 Atheon’s Epilogue, 3 Vision of Confluence, 2 Praetorian Foils, 1 Corrective Measure, 1 Praedyth’s Timepiece, 3 Black hammers, 3 Crota’s Hunger, 1 Light of the Abyss, 2 LDR 5001 and a shit ton of other weapons I can’t remember. So much that my vault is full and my characters only have one free slot for each type of weapons so I can grab the Engrams (I hate the postmaster)… So I definitely need more vault space…

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I have 20 different Exotics – just need Necrochasm – now as I play on XB1. The only one I have multiples of is the Vex which I have 3 – 1 on each character. I also have all VoG and CE legendary raid weapons- totalling 18. I also have Murmur and Eidollon Ally (until I get a Crux of Crota) I don’t keep multiples as a rule as they take up space I don’t have and I can only use 1 at a time anyway. I also have a few 331 Legendaries as alternatives to Exotics – for example 3 LDR 5001’s – 1 each of the Elemental Damage types – I could get rid of the Solar one as Black Hammer covers this but my Solar LDR has firefly and I love that perk!
            My vault is used to keep my most commonly used items in so that I can always access them and tend to keep less used items on my characters.
            I (like the majority) would obviously prefer a bigger vault. Even if all they can do is remove the categorisation so instead of being able to store 20 each of Armour, weapons and other items, I could store up 60 items of my choice. I tend to keep all my Armour on each character anyway as I have 1 of each different class so my armour slots are not really used and I would much prefer to use these for weapons

  • Ballbag00

    Maybe a trade system of some kind would be better I belive! If not to other online gamers then just to your fire team that would be awesome I have so much stuff in my vault it’s getting kind of pointless

    • ORB1T4L

      Never gonna happen, they probably think people will sell their weapons on eBay and they want us to keep grinding like crazy…

      • Reflex

        Which most likely isn’t wrong of them to think that lol

        • ORB1T4L

          Yeah, I think they saw that happen with WoW and Diablo 3 so they don’t want Destiny to be profitable to some players, which is totally understandable, though we should be able to do whatever we want with our weapons and gears…

          • Reflex

            Well possibly they can set up a trade system where you have to trade something of equal profit. (exotic for exotic) or (legendary + 3 exotic shards for exotic) This system was used in runescape and it worked well and prevented boosting

          • SGT_Pannenkoek

            Exactly my thought. such a system wouldn’t destroy Destiny

          • Mark

            If they make us earn this gear, we should be able to profit in any way possible from it. God knows we worked hard for it, so don’t we deserve at least another piece of gear in return for the 5th chest armor piece we don’t need anymore??

          • Xb0xguru

            Playing games for hours is not ‘working hard’. You’re playing a game. You can stop at any time. Trading weapons with other players would be a catastrophe and would break the game. However raids should have a loot payout which can be divided amongst players via the fireteam leader.

      • Kou Vang

        They should allow u to trade items u got from a raid or nightfall with fellow fireteam member. This way, u cant sell item n benefit fireteam.

        • CrimmReap3r

          I think I get what you are saying. So for a 6man Crota squad, someone gets Word, two people get Fang, someone gets a suros, and someone gets black hammer. You could then offer and accept trades with that earned gear only, only between those 6 players and only before returning to orbit? Sounds great to me.

          • GK

            This is how they do it in Diablo 3 and it works great. They give you a 2 hour window to trade items dropped with anyone in the game when it dropped (with some exceptions of course).

          • Kou Vang

            Idk about that lol. Risky

    • Mark

      I would up-vote this 1,000,000 times if I could…

  • Parasitic Filth

    Same problem with the Ice Breaker charge loss after I die. You would think that you might have a couple shots left. Also I hate when the game allows you to die if you’re taking damage just before the 30 sec mission end timer ends. You can be looking at your mission kill stats and reward window while your controller is vibrating and your screen is glowing red, completely helpless to prevent this. And it will count as a death is your running a bounty, say like the Unstoppable bounty, where you are tasked to accumulate 9000 exp before a death.

    • sycoteck

      The icebreaker thing isn’t a bug, it’s ment to do that for PVP reasons

  • Tomas Esteban

    buff necrochasm

  • Carl Washbrook

    Is it me or are this updates getting shorter and less informative each week wait a full week for this expecting updates or new content or whats coming soon but no the whole weekly update was to say we are trying to fix the ammo bug lame.

  • Puerple_haze

    While your sorting vault size out, how about make it accessible from orbit (pretty sure I can fit my guns in a space ship). As you probably know, one of the most frustrating aspects of this game is the tower travel time and the famous “weapon shuffle”. More than one of us have heard this in a party before:
    ” F**k! I left my heavy on my other character””

    I have no idea what this would entail on a designer/coding level, so I shall leave it to the nice people who read these comments to enlighten me.

    • WSquared88

      Im only a mid-level programmer so im not entirely versed on what they need to do, but the way I see it is that they need to make a reference to the vault when in the loading screen. Then they will have to create a UI for it. Then there is the problem with verification. All in all if an entire team worked on the issue I could see it getting done in a week or two. The only problem is that I think only one or two people are working on it. Keep in mind that I am only a mid-level programmer and have never dealt with a game as large or complex as Destiny.

      Laymans terms: They need to make an arrow on the ship that points at the vault, they need to make a menu button for the vault while in space and they need to make sure no one is stealing from other peoples vaults.

  • Pierre Lamy

    Another issue is that rockets (doesn’t apply to machine guns) won’t load your heavy ammo syth between orbit and . The cooldown applies but the ammo doesn’t show up.

    A chest on the moon, right at the beginning in the 2 connected buildings, inside the left building is also bugged.

  • Pierre Lamy

    A rare xbone bug seems to be when zoomed with Icebreaker, the flame effect can crash the GPU. Also had this happen when zoomed and there was another special effect running. Seems to always happen on the moon for some reason.

  • Pierre Lamy

    On the forgotten shore, there is a lone vandal at the back on the right side, beside a cave. He’s bugged and very hard to kill, even though he’s low level.

    • WSquared88

      That is Randall the Vandal. He is cool. Bungie is aware of this issue and as far as I know they don’t have any plans of fixing this because there are more pressing issues. Right now he is a community mascot and you can watch videos about him on youtube.

  • BoomKricket

    MULLIGAN and CLOWN CARTRIDGE perks on the rocket launcher nullify this bug, not sure why. Gained these two perks on the same rocket launcher (radigast) that was reforged in iron banner and haven’t lost one rocket to death since. get familiar!

  • Pierre Lamy

    It would also be nice to be able to exchange Vanguard marks for Crucible marks, even if it’s 2:1. Some of us don’t enjoy PvP. And maybe add matchmaking for the last Raid when a new one is released.

    • WSquared88

      I’m not sure how useful exchanging marks would be. I can understand that it would be nice, but the items you buy with crucible marks are good at crucible and the vanguard stuff is good at PvE. The PvE people dont really need the PvP stuff and vice versa. The only reason I can think that they would want it is because it looks cool.

  • Matt Dunnigan

    More vault space…….yes please Bungie. That would be sooooo great. And more room for glimmer cap would be even greater.

  • Christian

    I really hope this information gets into some players heads. His explanation is a perfect example of why Glitch fixing is difficult. Sometimes, Finding and fixing an issue in a game like Super Mario can be tedious, Imagine wading through billions of lines of code and attempting to alter a good few with enough knowledge and understanding of the pre-existing entities you know exactly what to change without affecting conjoining clauses and tags? Coding is just like building a massive labyrinth around you, the bigger it gets, the harder it is the navigate and remember how it was assembled, if each line represented a square foot, Destiny is a labyrinth the size of a continent, only with a handful of people who navigate its walls. It’s no easy task. Certainly not as easy as users expect it to be.