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This is not all of Destiny’s weapons. To see all of the weapons, click here.

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Weapon Stats

Stat Effect
Rate of Fire How quickly the weapon fires
Impact Damage dealt per shot
Range Distance at which you can deal 100% of your Impact damage
Stability Dampens recoil
Reload How quickly you reload
Magazine The size of your magazine
Charge Time Time to charge a fusion rifle
Blast Radius The size of the blast zone from a rocket
Velocity How fast a rocket travels
Non-Visable Stat Effect
Optics Zoom factor, multiplies Range stat
Handling How quickly you ADS, raise, and lower your gun
Recoil Affects direction of gun kick
Inventory Boosts ammo reserve, affects initial spawn ammo and max possible capacity


Weapon Damage Types

Special damage types are vital when you are dealing with shielded enemies in PvE, but they have no effect in PvP. Remember that on Mythic missions in PvE, damage to enemy shields that is not of the proper element is penalized by 50%!

ArcDamage SolarDamage VoidDamage KineticDamage

  • Arc Damage – This elemental damage type is related to electricity and has an area of effect. Blue shields are weak to Arc damage.
  • Solar Damage – This elemental damage type causes fire damage and has a chance to ignite enemies. Orange shields are weak to Solar damage.
  • Void Damage – This elemental damage type is related to gravity and dark energy. Purple shields are weak to Void damage.
  • Kinetic Damage – This is the default damage type of most weapons and can be considered ‘physical’ damage.


Hand Cannons

Auto Rifles

Pulse Rifles

Scout Rifles




Sniper Rifles

Fusion Rifles



Machine Guns

Rocket Launchers

Exotic – click here for in-game screenshots

Red Death


The Red Death is classified as a Pulse Rifle.”The Red Death isn’t a rifle that will be wielded by everyone. This bloody piece of iron will not be given, it will be found.”

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thorn cannonI find a rare hand cannon that looks like it was carved from the dark heart of one of the cracked moons of Saturn. It feels good in my hand, and glows like starlight when I prime its magazine.” Joe Staten



thunderlord_marquisClassified as a heavy machine gun, the Thunderlord is said to be an erratic powerhouse that become difficult to control. “The ammunition is some kind of monster that they wouldn’t normally use,” Doyle warns. “The use of electro-static rounds over this amplitude has been prohibited due to their volatility.”

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Arcus Regime

arcus_regime_marquisClassified as an auto-rifle, the Arcus Regime “is a prized heirloom from the Arcus foundry, a one-off design that predates their current reputation for basic, droid-friendly equipment.”

As Jonathan Goff observes, “anything on the wrong end of your aim won’t be around long enough to reminisce with you.”

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Closing Time

closing_time_marquisClassified as a Sniper Rifle, the Closing Time was designed to do just that, shut down anything in its path.

“It was owned by a group of survivalists operating on the new frontier,” Tom Doyle tells us. Like all Exotic weapons in Destiny, the Guardian who packs them on the mission will not be the original owner.

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gjallarhorn_marquisClassified as a rocket launcher, the Gjalalrhorn is “feared and revered, with no attempt to be stealthy, it loudly announces its presence with a howl.”

“This is the gilded weapon of a City Champion. It’s a very decorated Guardian weapon to say the least.”

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Non-Exotic Weapons

Conduit F3

conduit_f3_marquisClassified as a fusion rifle, the Conduit F3 is next generation hardware for killing the bad guys who deserve it. Charge it up, and let it off the chain.

“Its over-penetrating burst fire is ideal for taking out multiple targets at once.”

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Silver Dollar Mk. 35

silver_dollar_marquisClassified as a pump action shotgun, these time-honored holdout weapons are quite common, and known for their reliability, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take one and make it your own. That sturdy frame can accommodate all of your favorite attachments and accessories.

“This custom build is equipped with a catcher and 4 cartridge sidecar,” explains Art Lead Tom Doyle. Adding this weapon to your inventory is just the first step in a long and healthy relationship.

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Duke Mk. 44

duke_marquisClassified as a hand cannon, “the Duke MK.44 is not a weapon designed for silent stand-offs. When you unleash it from the confines of its holster, it will be time to dance. The quick will overcome the dead.”

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The Hunter Knife

hunter_knife_marquis_1Classified as a melee weapon, the Hunter’s knife will strike when the close range combat arises.

“It’s a weapon that embodies the reclamation of the new frontier,” Doyle observes. “It’s equal parts kukri, trench, and buck knife – a hunting tool just as much as a weapon.”

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