The Weapons Brought to Life

Eric Newgard, has been flexing his creative muscles! This Guardian has decided to challenge his own artistic ability by creating insanely beautiful, like-like models of some of the top weapons found in Destiny.

Take a look at the brilliance of his work in the images below:

You can find more fan art here.

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  • Ticked OffClock

    These are incredible!

  • Zander Sabbag

    thorn is better than ingame :O

  • ceedoubleyou

    Wow, after perusing the guy’s Flicker site, I’m pretty amazed that ANY one has this much skill. I bet he’s making a good living as an sculptor/modeler, because he certainly deserves to. Great work!

    • Fenrir

      Do you know if he sells them? I live in México, but i do not know if he ships to this part of the continent.

      • ceedoubleyou

        I’m afraid I don’t know, but he’d have no trouble selling them if he did. You might try emailing him at his flicker site…