• Ink

    They’re all so dope.

  • But no Hunter?

  • Squatchmen

    I like all of them – especially the last one

    • Luis Rodríguez Moreno

      What exactly animal is it?

      • Tex Mechanica

        It’s the tex mechanica logo, a bull.

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  • ZeroPointGamer

    Very nice papers 🙂

  • Gammagamer


  • Speck

    You could at least give credit to the original creators.

  • marius pieterse

    titan all the way

  • noob killer

    they are all rubbish!!!!!! was expecting better

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  • Chin Nation

    Love the Borderlands and Destiny crossovers

  • Wolfgang Curl

    I thought Bad-ass with a cape and then bad with an ass-cape was flipping hilarious?

  • Nortty B

    This is awesome, but I’d like to know who the original creators of some of these are.

  • Arctic Wolf

    Thank you, for the Symbol of the Wolf image!!!!