Vex Hobgoblins Spotted

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.05.29 PM

Zoom, enhance.

This Hobgoblin was spotted in the most recent set of screenshots by the guys over at Destiny Overwatch.

Hobgoblins are the class of Vex that are higher ranking than the basic goblin unit, but are distinguished by their tails (and their helmets). They are also bigger and tougher than their Goblin counterparts.

Learn more about the different enemy classes here.

Destiny screens


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  • Squatchmen

    Ok, so if those are the Hobgoblins, than what is that big Vex that’s about to hit a Guardian?

    • Ethan

      A minotaur I think

      • Ahmad Al-Zoubadi

        Isn’t that still a hobgoblin. Why would they post a picture of a minotaur on a hobgoblin post

        • Squatchmen

          No, he’s right, it was a Minotaur

          • Ahmad Al-Zoubadi

            Yeah i see that now. I didnt know the first pic was was a zoomed in pic of the second lol

  • Squatchmen

    Here’s a sweet video Tim, and he really wraps up a lot of things from previous posts you had, and not only that but clears up some confusion along the way. It was entertaining

    • TimAuthor

      Thanks man

  • Bubbais55

    I didn’t realize how big a Minotaur is compared to the guardian! Looks like its gonna send that guardians body flying! Oh, duh, and the hobogoblins look cool and menacing…

    • TimAuthor

      Looks like a minotaur=1.5 guardians