Vault of Glass

The Vault Of Glass raid is the most challenging experience Bungie has ever created! This video explores Destiny’s ‘mind blowing’ end-game content. Bungie talks more about raiding in this article.

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  • Michael Loomis

    And when you reach the end, wipe the sweat from your brow and stand tall… Master Chief hands you a gun 😛

  • Bubbais55

    HOLY- 16 HOURS AND THEY STILL DIDN’T CRACK IT? Man, at the end of the raid, i know that whatever you get will be REALLY good, cause if the prize is lame…. I can already imagine the raging on forums online…

    • Modified Soul

      just commenting here 5 months later to highlight how funny this is after receiving so many Chatterwhite’s for our efforts 🙂

  • Jeuthy

    as the achievements list shows, we already know there will be 4 clasification of rarities on weapons an armors in the game (common- white, uncommon-green, rare-blue and legendary-purple, but…. on the achievement “suited for war” states “have all weapons and armor slots equipped with legendary or EXOTIC gear” so that means there could be one more classification of rarities ???

  • KMGommster

    They should make it to where after you beat it, you find a loot chest and when you open it….

    those tiny little bugs that crawled around and would revive the flood corpses after you killed them come out and infect you. Then, your new quest was to infect EVERY OTHER PLAYER in the game through the tower and other open areas. Or this could just be a fun game update that would last a few weeks or so and then subside.