Undying Mind Video + Vendor Gear!

Published on: Dec 6, 2014 @ 13:07

Twitch.tv/PlayStation had a live stream of The Undying Mind today at their PS Experience event.

The following gear was shown off:

*Disregard the introduction of this video with the Attack values – explained below.

288 Base Attack?

Notice the Dragon’s Breath at 288 Attack in the video? The first time we saw this weapon’s Attack value, which was only a couple weeks ago, it was at 302.

In the video above we speculated about Xur, but in retrospect, they probably just altered the Attack value so that the weapons wouldn’t be too powerful for the demo.

Vendor Gear

It appears as though the Light rating for vendor armor will max out at 33, and vendor weapons will have a max Attack rating of 331!

Obviously this gear will require level 20 though.

Timed PS Exclusive Content Trailer

This article talked about these exclusives and more, but at the PlayStation Experience event today, we’ve now got some video footage of them:

Your can check out the stats and perks for The 4th Horseman here.


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  • MagsInEurope

    So 3 Legendary pieces of armour from the vendor at light level 33 and one upgraded piece of exotic armour at light level 36 would give ya a total light level of 135 (33+33+33+36) putting you at level 32 and a half is this right ??

    • 144 is 32

      • MagsInEurope

        Sorry meant to say level 31 1/2 not 32 1/2 as it puts you on 135 light is that right

        • Right, I’m pretty sure that’s how it will be. I think it’ll be like now, where you need 1 Exotic+3 Raids to get to 32

          • MagsInEurope

            Cheers thought so, think they could have made it simpler and fairer on those who have already maxed out items by just extending the upgrade tree on items but hey ho. Great work on the site by the way, best place for destiny info by a mile

      • Michael Blak

        So, with two raid pieces, an upgraded exotic, and a new vendor piece you could hit 31?

  • superc0nr

    god damn PS exlusives irritate me so much since i have an Xbox One

    • Christian

      Yeah, but thinking about it, it’s only a year to go and we the stuff regardless. Just put your mind off it for now and before long it’ll be Destiny Christmas 😉

      • stevie12

        That’s what I keep thinking as well. It’s like two Christmases for Xbox users: one on launch day and one in Fall 2015 😀
        Jesus, talk about the game besides timed exclusives, please… I understand this is PlayStation experience, but I personally don’t want to hear about all that exclusive crap… Tell us news about the evolution of the game, maybe…?

        • Christian

          They do talk about the other stuff too, it’s just this one Video is for the PS players that want to know more. There is plenty of other stuff for us Xbox users (:

  • Christian

    Those ships look bloody incredible! Before the DLC it was very easy picking out which ships I liked more than others, this however is absolutely awesome 😀

    • Oriel76

      I’m not that thrilled, they look like toys Bungie could sell under Hasbro Brand.

      • Christian

        Really? They are perhaps some of the most intricate and well designed ships I’ve ever seen.

  • Christian

    To be honest, the “Undying Mind” Strike doesn’t look amazing. I’m not too fussed I’m missing out on that, it does just seem like a rerun of one of my least favourite missions, “The 4h horseman”? Maybe. But It’s not a hell of a lot of exclusive content and the stuff in the DLC for everyone looks substantially better, I’m happy with that. I’ll be glad to play and use this stuff when it’s out for everyone, but I’m not too fussed about missing out now.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Whilst I am disappointed that there is yet again exclusive content and that I (and everyone else on Xbox) will not have access for a LONG time, I a not that disappointed to lose out on a ‘shotgun’
    It seems like those of us on Xbox will get a third content drop in Fall 2015 containing at least 2 Strikes (Dust Palace, Undying Mind), 3 Exotics (Monte Carlo, Hawkmoon, 4th Horseman) as well as Armour and some cosmetic things like ships. With the way that Exotics are changing and may change again when the House of Wolves DLC launches, I do wonder whether any of the Weapons and Armour will be relevant and useful

  • BAMozzy69 .

    So it seems the Bungie are making all my current gear obsolete as the new gear is much better. The only way I can make my Exotics compete with the new Legendaries is to pay a big fee to Xur and re-upgrade them.
    I really don’t understand Bungies decision to do this after spending time designing and putting them in the game in the first place. I know they could very easily Patch everything – at the very least the Exotics – to match the few new ones they are introducing.. There is no reason that they should not carry over the upgrades either other than Bungie adding some pseudo-longevity knowing that we are likely to want our Exotics. I know that regardless of how bad some of them are/were we still desired and upgraded them after all they are almost a form of status. People are interested in he exotics, which ones and how many you have.
    This is also apparent every week with Xur’s arrival…

    • Christian

      It’s not making them obsolete. What gave you that idea? We can now get slightly stronger gear, it’s only about 30 points stronger, that’s hardly anything.

      I’d find it pretty boring if we had no new gear to upgrade. They added new gear in the Dark below, but if it isn’t stronger then why would we even bother buying it? If all our gear got upgraded automatically in the DLC then that would make any new content they add redundant.

      Think about it. There is not a better method. They could refine the concept of Exotics carrying over some progress from their upgrades. I can accept it anyway but it’s obvious why some people would get annoyed by it. The Exotic reset system could be better.

      This is the best method, there is literally no better way.

      • BAMozzy69 .

        30pts is slightly more than 10%. It also puts the general new Legendaries above the Vex. Now why would anyone even consider trying to get the Vex if it is weaker than a legendary?

        I have NO issue with upgrading New gear and want all the exotics anyway regardless of whether or not they are from the Dark Below, house of Wolves or main game. The new perks would be reason enough although I am sure Bungie could always add some more interesting weapons rather than the same weapons re-skinned and a higher attack stat. It seems that they are not allowing you to upgrade legendaries so that now makes everything from the main game redundant – who wants VoG Raid Armour and Weapons when you can buy better stuff from the vendors. Its just wiped out any desire to play that Raid again.

        I didn’t buy the season pass for new weapons/armour and they are a ‘bonus’ but I bought it to add additional gaming content – like missions, strikes, raids. I don’t play it purely to rank up weapons but to have fun with friends and beat the challenges. I also do not expect to have to do the tedious ‘grind’ to acquire glimmer, shards. materials etc again and again for items I have already done so.

        There is still no reason why they couldn’t just patch the current exotics to the same attack rating. They could also allow ALL upgrades to carry over on purchasing the higher rating from Xur. Both of these would be a fairer system as everyone would still nd up having to pay them same amount overall to get the same level of weapon.

        It almost makes me not want to play until the House of Wolves comes out and then just find and upgrade everything then just in case I waste my time upgrading them all again only to lose it all again!

        • Christian

          The Raid weapons are also having methods of being boosted. They are adding “Epoch Splinters” (http://planetdestiny.com/exotic-upgrading-dark/) so we can buff our weapons and gear. They are adding the LV 33 raid, which would obviously be pointless unless our Vex weapons where buffed. Don’t sweat that, Vex gear can be upgraded too.

          Just upgrading our Exotics automatically would violate the games continuity. We’d rank up without any effort, it wouldn’t make sense. Besides, Bungie is trying to reincorporate the original concept of Exotics by making them more challenging to upgrade and more exclusive to own.

          The system is “fair”. Frankly, It would be unfair to Buff the already stronger players and leave the Exotic-less players even further behind. Destiny is all about progression and all about constantly working towards goals, if they took out the aspect of needing to keep your weapons in tune it would be boring. The fact I already have a very powerful Exotic shouldn’t mean it will remain the most powerful thing possible right until the game stops releasing content. If we have powerful weapons, we should have to constantly have to upgrade them to keep them in shape. If you don’t like that, then Destiny isn’t the game for you. It’s plain and simple. There are plenty of games out there that are all about Teaming up with friends and not needing to grind. Destiny is about the grind and about working really hard to make the constant progress, not having it gifted to you every time new content is released.

          The problem is you “didn’t buy the season pass for new weapons/armour and they are a ‘bonus’ but I bought it to add additional gaming content – like missions, strikes, raids.” That’s not what Destiny is about. That’s like saying “I bought this multi-pack of crisps and only wanted salt a vinegar and I have cheese an onion messing it up.” Destiny is about the Grind and Cooperative fun, not one or the other, both. There are many other games that do those things individually. Just because you are a consumer doesn’t mean you control the content or deserve to have it the way you want it, especially not with games. Developers made it a specific way for specific audiences. I’m trying to say this a nice a possible, I don’t want us to get on the wrong side of each other or anything like that. I’m just saying you are playing Destiny for all the wrong reasons. You should try other games like it that don’t require the grind. Sadly, that is just a big part of Destiny. It’s not changing, it will stay and the Devs will continue to make us upgrade our stuff to keep up to date and make more levels.

  • Jimmymann

    Ok people, enjoy the last few days where being a level 30 is something special.
    Tuesday we can all dump our raid armor we have been grinding for so long. F*ck you Bungie.

    • Lee Juriet

      I still don’t have all the gear for my Hunter. And I’ve done hard with him a few times. There be some bullshit occuring when I get the same three items from all three VoG hard runs in a week…. and the same 3 items for ALL my VoG hard runs.

      • Christian

        The new DLC prevents that. If you already have the gear it wont give you the same stuff for a while (:

    • gordon strickland

      Oh come on….You did normal raid the very first time at 29 or what? I did it at 27 with rare boots, and exotic chest and un-maxed vendor gloves and head…the point I’m making is that you will be able to struggle thru the new raid with your “old” gear. Now, quickly passing all three characters thru the nightfall real quick will be a different story….

  • Leo Garcia

    It’s pretty weak that they made the vendor gear stronger than the current raid gear

    • Oriel76

      Yup, They should have at least let us upgrade the Raid Gear.

      • Lara Croft

        That would’ve been nice.

      • Christian

        You can upgrade vex gear with “Epoch Splinter”s.

        • Oriel76

          The Vex will definitely have an upgrade, as it is an exotic. I’m talking about legendary Raid Gear. And now that Bungie confirmed their won’t be any new high level for the VoG, it buries any expectation for the Raid Gear to be useful with the DB since now even the gear sold at the tower will be more powerful… A shame really…

          • Christian

            I know. “Epoch Splinters” are used to upgrade Vex gear. I did say “Vex Gear” which is the legendary raid items. The Mythoclast has it’s own item to upgrade it with. Read the article about it and it will say.

            Does it really matter if the new gear is stronger? I’m sure that is expected. I got full Raid gear and I’m not too fussed. There is now more powerful items. Players shouldn’t have to be made to play the Vault of glass to get full raid gear just to be able to compete in the new Raid. The new Raid gear shouldn’t be able to make you a higher level either because then it would make the new Gear redundant too.

            It’s easy to complain about how bad these decisions are. But when you get your head down and think about it, you realize it was the best decision that could be made without being overly comprehensive. They couldn’t make the gear stronger because it would make remove the whole point of playing in the new raid and getting that gear, not adding the new legendaries making the raid stuff redundant would make it so only VOG completionists could play in the new raid.

          • Oriel76

            All games with level cap works that way, once an extension comes out, you are more powerful to kill stronger enemies, if you want more chalenge you can use less powerful gears to do so.

            They coud have made us upgrade the VoG Gear and make a completely different kind of specification for the new ones (Like exotics for instance which have peculiar bonuses) so that it would be adapted to the new raid.

            It’s just that I do not think it is fair to get more powerful stuff from vendors than doing a lvl 30 VoG.

            Plus I just find out that decrypting legendary armor engrams today gives me pre patch gear ??? And decrypting legendary weapons engrams gives me the up to date patch… So again… Frustration ! LOL !

          • Christian

            The VoG gear will be possible to buff with “Epcoh Splinters” anyway, so in due time the normal vendor gear wont be as strong as the Raid gear.

            But don’t worry, people are annoyed by this so Bungie will hear their word. They haven’t ignored the people yet, so expect some improvements to made eventually.

    • Lara Croft

      That’s the way MMO games work. Destiny is very similar to how a MMO game works. A new expansion comes along and makes everything obsolete.

    • gordon strickland

      Strongly possible that gear drops from the Vault of Glass post-DLC will have the vendor stats to keep that raid relevant. I for sure will be going thru it again for an upgraded Fatebringer!!

  • Leo Garcia

    I guess the fatebringer will be obsolete for the raid now

    • Lara Croft

      Since it has arc damage. It will be useful in the new raid (knights have arc shields). But yeah, they will only have max 300 damage, while other new legendary will have much higher max damage.

  • Lee Juriet

    Boo, Hiss, Playstation Exclusives…

  • Lara Croft

    So with the new vendor armors, you can reach light 31 right?

  • Lara Croft

    New video from IGN showing the new vendor armors for all 3 classes.

    • Christian

      Thanks for this! It’s really nice getting detailed views of the new stuff. Those ships too, look awesome.

  • Lara Croft

    Here’s another showing the new weapons IGN.

  • BaeSuzy

    So all the new vendor (vanguard.crucible, factions) gears are only available to players who have purchased the expansion pack? Or are they the new update to All players?

    • David B

      No they are available to everyone.

      • BaeSuzy

        Thanks! That’s a great new!

  • Dont worry guys, it will pay off in the end…

  • Ti-1800

    That Gravebreaker set looks sweet! Looking forward to equipping it soon!

  • otht3rwhit3m3at

    This video reeks of total Douchbaggery! From the idiot that doesn’t really know the game to the dancing around comments on Xbox and Halo. Waste of time!