Trick of the Sparrows…Fail or Win?

DarkHavenX75 and a fellow Guardian attempted to pull-off an intriguing Sparrow trick that would result in one player being launched across the Hellmouth. In one aspect, it was a great trick but in another aspect, it was a complete fail. You be the judge!

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  • Lee Juriet

    …..okay, whats with the decayed space station in the field of view at the start? That doesn’t show up in the 360 version…

    • Octus

      really? thats crazy. i think you can see it from pretty much anywhere on the moon when you are outside. i play on the ps4 to clear anything up.
      you can also see mars in the distance from the surface of the moon, its a little red dot and if you equip a sniper rifle and zoom in on it, then its stays a circle(just bigger), so its definitely a planet and not a star.

      • Lee Juriet

        Nope, no space station visible from anywhere on the Moons surface…. figures Bungie would cheap out on something for the 360 version!

        • Octus

          dude that sucks. I wonder what else is missing in your skies.

    • TDUNN79

      I’ve also noticed that there is no space station on the PS3 version as well.

  • Octus

    that was good 🙂