First Look: Destiny Treasure Maps!

Published on: Nov 5, 2014 @ 0:00

Treasure maps and clues are coming! As you can see in the exclusive images below, these brand new database entries reveal new mission types, with items known as “Treasure Maps.”

These are most likely coming in the House of Wolves expansion.

X Marks the Spot

It’s unclear exactly how Treasure Maps will work, but they seem to be some sort of mission – (some?) with clues – that will eventually lead to various rewards.

We update our database every 10 minutes so we can see brand new items such as these. To give you an idea of what these currently look like, here are a few of the items:

destiny treasure
First look at Treasure Maps

As you can see, even with the lack of a proper description, there are currently Uncommon, Legendary, and Exotic “Treasure Map” items as well as a few “maps_clue” items to help us find the treasure. The Treasure Maps are designated as Missions in the database.

These could turn out to be really simple “search and find” missions similar to finding a Dead Ghost, or more complex activities that will have us looking for, killing, and/or uncovering lore that’d eventually lead to a reward. It’s reasonable to assume that the higher tier treasure map missions will be more difficult & provide better rewards.

I’m most excited to see what the Exotic Treasure Maps will bring – maybe the Exotic ship?

Treasure Rewards

treasure ships
Ships appear to be at least one potential reward possibility

Again, since these items aren’t even completed yet, we don’t know much about the rewards of the ‘Treasure Map’ missions. However, I’d be shocked if these ships weren’t potential rewards:

Obviously the names and descriptions are incomplete, but it looks like Ships are going to be at least one of the possible rewards from Treasure Maps.

We’ll Let You Know

When these Treasure Map items have actual names and descriptions we’ll definitely let you guys know about it!

Hopefully the descriptions will give us some insight into what type of tasks we’ll need to accomplish.

Are you excited to learn more about these new mission types? What do you think will be rewarded for completing the Exotic missions?


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  • Lo

    Yay, more turd colored ships. Just what I needed.

    • Raxs

      XD Lol. Ship shaders on the way!

      The colours are cool in a way because it makes them look old and lost. The ship shaders make an interesting thought. It’s like you are fixing up the old crabby looking ships.

  • Raxs

    This seems interesting. Reminds me of those old Runescape treasure maps. These are pretty cool because they give you another reason to go on patrol. It’s a step in the right direction, It’s nice they’re taking into account what the fans demand.

  • delta 6655

    yes, just yes, this is something iv wanted since the day after release, theres treashure me hartys

  • xmikstick

    I believe the exotic ship is a reward from Iron banner but I could be wrong.

    • Raxs

      I think the Iron banner ship is a legendary one (:

    • David B

      or Crota’s end reward or trials of Osiris reward.

  • Pav

    i’m really excited for the potential of this

  • BOoya956

    pointless crap

    • Raxs

      Not really. Sparrows are pretty practical. Ships are cosmetic. The whole game is pretty much made up of purely cosmetic stuff. It doesn’t have a game-play use, but I love the ships in destiny. Granted, other people don’t really fuss about ships, they are still not pointless.

      • BOoya956

        My opinion and respect yours.

        • Raxs

          If you don’t like them, sure, I respect that. They don’t have a very prominent purpose so it’s understandable. But they are by no means “useless”. What you said wasn’t exactly an opinion, but I now understand what you meant. I just misunderstood you at the time 🙂

          • BOoya956

            Sorry for sounding immature. I personally don’t care about the new ships or old ships. Just thinking they should spend money on other things rather than adding new ship that is all. It cost money designing ships and designing shaders. If you like them that’s cool. To each his own.

          • Raxs

            Actually Bungie’s development studio has a team dedicated to designing ships. There is a specific design artist that hasn’t worked on anything else. Because they obviously have a full time job working at Bungie studios they can’t just dismiss them because they still have to pay them. In order to generate work for them they have them design ships. Activision agreed in the contract to provide the summary of money that will pay for Bungie’s employment fees. May as well have some ships rather than no ships made if the process is now deemed free to Bugnie. That’s why they are adding so many 😀 Lol. It’s just because they are the bi-product of the currently inactive parts of Bungie’s studio.

            And if I were you, I’d expect an actual purpose for ships before long. So far Bungie has given the fans everything they demanded even if they said they weren’t going to change it before. Before release, Bungie said there will be no trading. But because people demanded it, there will be eventually. They are also changing the way ALL story missions work and play in the future. Since Ships are a target of complaint, they will likely add something fun and interactive to them soon.

          • BOoya956

            I see a purpose for ships but not till Destiny 2. Still wasting money. As an economist and technologist I don’t just work on one field. I research, I design, I implement, I build, I program, I troubleshoot, etc. It has help move up the ladder and take over multiple projects and still have time to enjoy life. Based on your statement that ship a designer all they do is design ship and wont let go of him because that’s all he can do sounds ridiculous. I am pretty sure he can design other things and work on other projects as well. If bungie is smart which I know they are they will hire people with multiple talent not just based on one. Sorry for sounding the way I did.

          • Raxs

            Activision is paying for the ship designers anyway, so to Bungie keeping the ship designer on board costs nothing to them 🙂 There are a good handful of people that enjoy the cosmetics of ships which is why the keep making more, it’s to keep those individuals happy.

            I see what you mean about multi-specializing. But in the Media industry large titles tend to have a lot of specialized experts. There are a lot of people working in Bungie that only specialize in one thing, it’s the best way to guarantee the best quality. If you have someone that can Code, 3D model and be a Sound Technician they wont excel in any particular skill. If you have someone that purely 3D models they will likely be much, much more skilled in that field.

            And don’t sweat it. No problems at all 🙂

          • BOoya956

            Good response lol! We can keep going but lets not waste no more energy on preference. See you starside

          • Raxs

            Fair enough 🙂 See you also, take care.

          • buzz

            budding bromance, get a room ;P

  • Kou Vang

    If they would allow us to custom paint our own ship, sparrow and outfit shader, I would spend days on these things… heck, I would pay for it if it was a DLC content.

    • Micah White

      Well, shaders for ships are in the next DLC, and Bungie has hinted at custom shaders, so its not that far fetched really…

  • sycoteck

    maybe that’s why they added more bounty slots

  • Looking forward to what these might be!

  • Ben


  • Josh Docking

    Curious to know why they skipped Rare and went straight to Uncommon? Maybe it’s just placeholder to test it?

    • Not sure, I’m assuming there will be Rare maps though

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  • Andy_W

    Hi just hope that this isn’t a straight forward thing where there is required a wee bit of thinking. The exotic bounties were challenging at times, but there wasn’t any actual thinking required.

  • Walter Iego

    A bit too late if you ask me. I will check back on Destiny next year and see if the game we wanted has arrived yet.