Training Toughness – Worth It?

We tested full and minimal Armor in PvP and these were the results:

For anyone who’s unclear about what toughness is, it’s simply what Bungie refers to Armor in the subclass talents.

For example, The “Path Forgotten” talent in the Gunslinger skill tree will put “training focused on toughness and speed.”

Toughness = Armor and Speed = Agility.


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  • cmelton33

    Wonder what it does in iron banner as that is mainly the only PvP I play.

    • Phoenix

      I’m wondering the same thing – thinking about it, I’d think that it carries over to IB as well, Bungie specifically referred to defensive rating on armor and level mattering in IB.

  • sbrozzi

    What about PVE? I am most definitely playing IB this week but do I need to change armour level in PVE? Or do the percentages hold firm there?

  • sbrozzi

    I can now tell you without a doubt that you want Toughness in IB! I switched mid way through playing last night. I changed from Toughness to Recovery & found that I was killed MUCH faster. Felt like far fewer bullets were needed to bei g me down.