Top 5 Scout Rifles for PvP

Published on: Nov 1, 2014 @ 12:04

With the recent buff to the Scout Rifles, they’re becoming more and more prevalent in the Crucible. Which are the best? 

Top 5

Check out this video, where we list our opinions for the top 5 best scout rifle choices for PvP and what perks you want to look out for.

Agree or disagree? Let us know which scout rifles you prefer!

1. Vision of Confluence


  • Perfect balance helps stability; great for mid range
  • Single Point Sling allows for quicker movement while ADS
  • Field scout allows for 27 rounds in the magazine
  • Zen Moment – More stability when doing damage
  • Variety of sights allows for depth of range


  • Only obtainable in raid

2. MIDA Multi-Tool


  • Incredibly fast reload
  • 21 Round Clip
  • Radar active when ADS


  • Perk set only really pursues one stat: Agility

3. The Aries Nemesis X4


  • Potential 3 shot
  • Zen Moment = Higher Stability
  • + Agility
  • Deter the aim of another player via oversized rounds


  • Has firefly, usually better for PvE situatons

4. Cryptic Dragon


  • Zen Moment
  • Grenade increase
  • 4 shot


  • Weak Perk Selection

5. Crusader I


  • With Final Round you can utilize the last bullet shot for extra damage
  • 4 shot, great rate of fire
  • Comes with field scout and lightweight helping players fit different rolls


  • Low Magazine Size
  • Vendor version from new monarchy seems weak
  • Requires rank 3 in New monarchy to purchase

General Tips

Scout Rifle Archetype Stat Chart
Scout Rifle Archetype Stat Chart

After you’ve decided which scout rifle has the best perks that synergize with your playstyle, be sure to check out this general long-range weapon overview with tips and tricks for scout rifles:


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  • Raxs

    I have found scout rifles to be particularly underwhelming in multilayer, Auto rifles/Pulse Rifle and Sniper rifles seem to completely overlap the effective range of this weapon class. The Scout rifle doesn’t seem to bridge between the weapon classes very well (What I mean by this is there is no effective range specific to the scout rifles as ARs and Sniper rifles cover it all) I feel like as a primary you are very limited to only large multiplayer maps with long sight ranges and even feel overwhelmed by AR users when using scout rifles at a distance. I Just can’t seem to justify equipping them :/ Someone help me out here? Am I missing something.

    • Phillip Viera

      I feel your pain however I absolutely hate every pulse rifle except the red death. I also only prefer (currently) the mida multi tool and vision of confluence as scout rifles. Other than that I don’t like using ANY scout or pulse rifle that is currently available (don’t have bad juju but don’t want it since I hear it’s too weak, might be useful after it gets a buff). I agree that an auto rifle and sniper combo seems more useful over close/mid to long. I am pretty happy with how almost every sniper and auto rifle handle. I also like every fusion and shotgun except I hate the pocket infinity (after the decreased magazine update).

      I typically run Shadow price or atheon’s epilogue in my primary and the ice breaker or the praedyth’s revenge.

      • Phillip Viera

        I really haven’t had access to many hand cannons though and I find that they are pretty fun so I think I will be using those much more often.

      • Raxs

        Yeah, I agree. If a scout rifle’s recoil is even slightly too high it loses it’s practicality. I try to like them because I feel they have some of the coolest cosmetic designs but I can’t compensate for them :/

        Pocket infinity is no longer practical for multiplayer at all. Everything about it, literally everything is under-par apart from the fact it’s automatic. To kill more than one person with a single mag is very hard as they literally have to be right next to eachother. I perform better with rare fusion rifles. Infinity is okay in PVE against a high health enemy, but really nothing else :/

        Yeah, sounds like a good combo. I use “Last Hand” and am very varied with my other weapons. I usually change them at the start of each match.

      • Micah Yang

        I love pulse rifles

  • Micah Yang

    anyone know if the dead orbit scout rifle is good for pvp?

  • Abstract

    No mention of the hair trigger for MIDA?

  • Ti-1800

    Could you please do a ranking of the Exotics based on the score for each? Love the site, keep up the great work!

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  • Diego Pedrollo

    Ghaleon’s Dismisse must get in in this TOP 5.