Timur’s Lash Review

A personal firearm, forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.

Timur’s Lash is a Legendary primary hand cannon.

This weapon is only available for acquisition during the Iron Banner.


The good: Highest Impact & range.

The bad: Lowest rate of fire & stability, slowest reload speed.

Conclusion: With the right perks it’s everything you want in a hand cannon.

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This is a Legendary Weapon
Hand Cannon (Primary Weapon)
Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded302/331
Quality Lvl60
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

You can see each of the possible perks that this weapon has on its database page.

If you don’t enjoy the perks it has, simply reroll them!

Weapon Review

Timur’s Lash is a Legendary hand cannon that is acquired exclusively during the Iron Banner event.

Because you can reroll the perks, you have the chance to make it perfect for your playstyle and preferences. Potentially you can end up with some of the ‘best’ perks, making it much more powerful.

Recommended Perks

timur's lash reroll
Perks listed in no particular order.

Steadyhand IS
+6 Stability
+8 Reload
+8 Handling

Perfect Balance
+35 Stability
-20 Range

Flared Magwell
+100 Reload
-10 Stability.

150% of your base reload speed after a precision kill.

Luck in the Chamber
One round will grant 33% bonus damage.

Field Scout
Maximum ammo capacity increased.

Crowd Control
15% increased damage for 3 seconds after a kill.

The Good

Timur’s Lash has two qualities many hand cannon users desire: High accuracy and massive punch.

This hand cannon occupies the Impact and accuracy apex, with the highest Impact of all hand cannons and the highest Range (only behind the HoW raid hand cannon).

If you have your wit about you and a steady hand, you will keep opponents at bay with ease. If you don’t miss your shots with this deadly weapon, you’ll only need a few.

There is no question about it, with the right perks, this hand cannon is as good as it gets in PvP. Similar to Gheleon’s Demise, it has found an intense combat sweet spot and sticks by it. There’s really no major drawbacks, unless you happen to get a version with perks you don’t like.

Because of the base magazine size it probably won’t be best for most PvE scenarios, but it’ll certainly take down enemies quickly with precision shots.

The Bad

Although this weapon has no major flaws, it comes with an extremely slow rate of fire that usually plagues most hard hitting hand cannons.

Unfortunately, there are also serious balance compensations for this weapon’s Impact. It has a very low stability and you’ll find that this weapon veers off with your shots, so it takes some getting used to.

What is also unfortunate is that this weapon doesn’t have a large magazine, which makes its sluggish reload speed even worse. It would be worthwhile to reforge it in hopes of getting the Field Scout perk to increase the ammo capacity.

timur's lash review


This weapon has a very unique appearance as opposed to other hand cannons.

It certainly has a prestigious and very desirable design. The lower-set barrel and added suppressor-esque attachment makes this weapon truly stand out.

It’s painted with the traditional thick gold paint accustom to the Iron Banner gear. Additionally, it clearly shows the iconic Iron Banner insignia.


This weapon is simply dominant among hand cannons. It does exactly what a hand cannon should: Hits hard, with the benefit of high range.

If you can get your hands on the Field Scout perk you will be left with what is essentially a near perfect hand cannon.

For PvP this weapon earns a 7.8/10 and for PvE a 7/10.
timur lash hand cannon

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  • Marco Mertens

    Reforging pre-expansion Iron Banner Items with attack values of max 300 will not reset their attack value to current higher values of max 331.

    • correct

      • NLK3


        Why won’t they fix this, and the rare and legendary weapons? C’mon. You only get the older rare and legendary weapons by chance now, which isn’t likely (all 3 of my dudes are at cryptarch 20). I love my Dr. Nope and Shadow Price with armor piercing rounds, and there are no other vendor weapons that do it (unless they are crucible, then… FFFFUUUU…!!!)

  • Oriel76

    Ryan, I am very fond of the Dead Orbit Hand Cannon, how do you think those 2 compare to each other ?

    • the Venation? based purely off base stats, I’d go with Dead Orbit

      • Oriel76

        Alright, thanks 🙂

        • Jeff

          Lash has significantly better range and power but the Venation is easier to use with higher ROF and stability. So it depends what you value more.

  • Fenrir

    Hello ryan. I always read your reviews and watch your videos and little by little, i am learning more about the weapons perks and stats, making me a better player.

    Could you do a review of radegast fury? And if it is not too much to ask, could you also add the best perks for that rocket launcher?


    • Micah Yang

      Why is that gun named after a wizard with bird droppings on his head…

    • Christian

      I’ve been doing Reviews on the IB and VoG weapons so far (: I am currently working to get Radegast’s Fury. That should be submitted fairly soon. I will be talking about which perks are best, too. It looks like the Vendor perks aren’t great, so I reckon re-forging will be a must-do.

  • Fenrir

    Another thing. You said that it has low stability and a short magazine, but i believe it is not possible to have both field scout and perfecr balance both at the same time, right?

    • correct

      • Fenrir

        Then how about this build. Because the magazine is so small, luck in the chamber is the best option, with that lucky shot, you might kill someone in just one shot and it is easier to get because of the magazine size.

        About the reload, there are two options:
        Outlaw or spray and play. I know that flared magwell would be better but if you choose it, you would lose the perfect balance, which i think is a most with this handcannon.

        So, if you have good aim, outlaw is the best for you, but if not, then maybe spray and play and a gauntlet that increase the reload speed of handcannon would be another nice option in case your re-rolls are not good.

        • Jeff

          I like Spray and Play better than Outlaw because, when does reload matter most? When you’re unexpectedly out of bullets and need another one pronto.

          For those situations, Spray and Play gives you 150% reload no matter what the last bullet did.

          With Outlaw, that last bullet needed to be a precision kill or you’re in a tight spot.

          Outlaw is only more convenient because it allows you to reload faster after a precision kill when you have the time to do it. In those situations though, do you really need such a quick reload?

          Outlaw makes life a bit easier, but Spray and Play can save your ass.

  • Ryan Ingram

    You know your stuff, so a question!
    I love hand cannons and my first was lord high fixer. I want Hawkmoon but we know how that goes. What is the next closest thing to hawkmoon? What should I be working towards? My guess was twpfky1962 (sp?)
    Thanks for any help you can give. This is for pve exclusively.

    • For PvE I’d go with Fatebringer. But if you need to purchase something, TFWPKY 1969

      • Ryan Ingram

        Thanks man. I guess I need to step my VoG game up. I have notoriously bad luck on drops in that raid though. However, it’s so damn fun I don’t mind.
        I appreciate all the work you put in and the time you take answering inquiries.

        • Christopher Boscarino

          I have three TFPWKY 1969’s two random and one vendor. It’s great. One has third eye, and that’s my PVP cannon, until I can learn to tame the Timur’s Lash a little more, that is.

  • Erick

    How much does it coast to reforge?

    • Ryan C.

      2 Motes of Light.

  • hehe2


    I got a question about the Outlaw perk :


    150% of your base reload speed after a precision kill.

    How long does the effect last ?

    Thanks for your reviews !



    YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/rotogluon

    • 5 seconds

      • Christopher Boscarino

        And it seems to work with ANY precision shot in the last five seconds. So if you Headshot kill, then hipfire kill another alien, as long as as the precision kill was less than five seconds ago, you get the speed reload.

  • Devon Humpert

    I’m will re-roll Timur’s Lash until I get a Fatebringer 2.0 with Firefly and Outlaw. Such an amazing perk combo. The middle perk will be almost irrelevant but I would prefer a range boost.

    • Fenrir

      I am afraid that won’t be possible. Timur’s lash does not have the option to get firefly. The second beat you can aim for is the scout rifle badger something. The vanguard one does not has does perks, but if ypu get it from a legendary engram you might get that combination.

      Look at timur’s lash upgrades and you will see it is not possible to get firefly.


    • Daniel Seel

      Firefly is exclusive to Fatebringer when it comes to handcannons. Not possible to roll it on any other cannon.

    • Murat Ozcan

      Your best bet is explosive rounds. If you like all that, get Gheleon’s Demise with Explosive rounds+Firefly and anything, Zen maybe or Luck in the chamber still great.

      I have this, in pve it’s an aoe weapon, in pvp it’s a great weapon because it’s 4 body, 3 headshots. Unlike badger, 4 body shots is almost always a guaranteed kill. Also Explosive Rounds stagger the opponents like hell, which scout rifles severly lack.

  • Vestrel

    If you guys are going to be reviews of all the IB weapons, would you mind adding a section that describes some of the best possible ways to reforge the weapons? That would be greatly appreciated!

    • That’s what the recommended perks section is for; the perks that you should look out for.

  • xP4leRiderx

    Awesome! I do like those video reviews tho and this weapon is one that I am SUPER excited about! The other thing I would REALLY be interested in (video wise) would be a post patch Hand Cannon comparison. Maybe just an overall look at PVP and PVE performance of some of the top Legendary and Exotic “new” hand cannons. Really enjoy this site and all the work that goes into it! Thanks 🙂

  • Godin Intaki

    I must inform you that you are incorrect. The Dead Orbit HC has the same model as well.

  • Murat Ozcan

    spray & play, perfect balance, luck in the chamber. Rate that.

    • Jeff

      Only thing I don’t like about that config is that the range becomes below average. Not as bad as TLW or TDYD, but certainly not great.

      • Murat Ozcan

        the default range and accuracy is the highest of any hand cannon…

  • Murat Ozcan

    spray & play, perfect balance, luck in the chamber. That’s the best possible roll.

    With spray & play + gloves, the reload speed is faster than a maxed out bar, the mag size hardly becomes a problem. It works well with Luck in the chamber, you want that lucky shot, which hits for 127 crit and 80 something body. 95 head, 64 body are the shot damage numbers, +1 more than Hawkmoon. 2 shot kills are only possible with luck in the chamber. Perfect Balance is really nice on it, with that you cannot make the shots sway no matter how fast you fire.

    • Christopher Boscarino

      Hmm, I like my Outlaw/Perfect Balance or Field Scout/Crowd Control combo on my Lash, but your setup works too. I got it on my first reforge, so I can’t complain. Also has Flared Magwell, but outlaw and speed reload gauntlets makes that perk a little useless. So Stability for PVP and Field Scout for PVE.

      • Murat Ozcan

        Maybe for pve, yes.
        Outlaw is better anywhere but when you are a Gunslinger it’s redundant. Also in pvp, it’s easy to look for that Lucky shot bullet, and you really do not want to reload if you did not get to it yet, 5 bullets remaining and lucky shot didn’t happen, I’ll take that – that’s 2 kills.

        Crowd Cotnol is strictly pve, and is a great pve perk indeed.

        For pvp, The gun lives and breathes on LUCK IN THE CHAMBER. Field Scout kills the Luck in the chamber synergy, huge no no. 2 headshot kills are priceless and are needed in pvp because otherwise it’s a 3 shot weapon which fires slower than other 3 shot hand cannons like TFWPKY, Lord High Fixer or The Devil you know. The gun’s only plus is that it’s a guranteed 2 body 1 headshot kill (64+64+95) or a 3 body shot kill sometimes (depending on armor OR depending lucky body shot of 83) while others may not kill in 3 shots (86+57+57=200, 57×3 will never kill),

        To make it stand apart you need Luck in the chamber and all perks that go in synergy with it. And no, it can’t have final round with luck in the chamber together. And yes, Luck in the chamber >>> Final round because 7/6 chance you will run into it earlier in the magazine, therefore a lot more often.

        • Christopher Boscarino

          Yeah, I agree with that, I mostly use it for PVE, I use Thorn in Crucible. I have two other Timur Lashes that I plan to reroll if IB comes around again, hoping for a PVP version.

  • amellowguy

    You suggested the Reactive Reload perk, but that does not show up on the database page as being available. Which is correct?

    Personally, I went with Crowd Control, Field Scout, and Outlaw.

    • fixed, sorry about that

  • Jeff

    My ideal configuration…

    – Spray and Play for fast reload when your magazine is empty.
    – Field Scout as 7 bullets doesn’t really cut it.
    – Crowd Control for even more damage. Kill an ad, shoot the boss, kill an ad, shoot the boss, rinse and repeat.

    – Spray and Play, still important in PvP given the 7 magazine size
    – Send It for Scout Rifle equivalent distance
    – Luck in the Chamber for potentially one less shot to kill

    Grenadier can be a good one instead of Luck in the Chamber if your game is based on that.

    If you prefer a sniper for medium to long range shots in PvP, perhaps opt for Perfect Balance instead of Send It; then Timur’s Lash can be used just for short range fights. But if that’s how you like your handcannons, you might as well go with The Last Word, Thorn or any of the vendor guns with higher ROF.

    What I actually re-rolled for my Lashes after about 60 motes of light…

    – Spray and Play
    – Field Scout
    – Final Round

    Not too bad, close to my ideal. Final Round could be useful for focusing fire on a bullet sponge, where I tend to empty my magazine. Then Spray and Play kicks in for a faster reload.

    – Hip Fire
    – Send It
    – Luck in the Chamber

    Also not too bad, the Hip Fire can be useful for when someone gets the jump on you.

    • Murat Ozcan

      Buy 2 IB guns. Keep rerolling one until you get what you want. Stop with one when you’re satisfied. Grind Glimmer At Exclusion Zone in Mars.

  • sohelmalek

    I have 2 of them and the perks i have are as follows.
    1. Spray and play – Armor pierce/Single point/Field scout – Crowd control
    2.Outlaw – Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Field scout – Feeding frenzy.
    Which one is better in your opinion? Btw im looking for a fatebringer replacement for hard raid and would not be using this for pvp. Thanks

  • pocketrockets888

    Got a roll with steadyhand IS, spray and play, flared magwell and last round. Used only 4 motes to get that. I was actually rolling for field scout w/ crowd control and hopefully outlaw. I upgraded to flared magwell to test if spray and play will stack and well it did. I seldom reload before going empty because of how fast spray and play with flared magwell is. Also emptying your clip to get your last round is another big bonus!

    • dave

      That’s the piece of info I needed to know! I have a spray and play/flared magwell/grenadier and I had read that outlaw won’t stack with flared magwell. Made me unsure if it was any good for the gun but now I know it will work synergistically!

  • Jacob Cox

    Who needs Hawkmoon when this monster is perfect? Luck in the chamber then perfect balance and final round

  • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

    Picked up this have gun from iron banner, and rolled until I got perfect balance. Return to sender and who’s next are the other two perks I received. Who’s next feels satisfyingly bugged in PvP, to the point where i think it works differently in PvP compared to pve. If I reload after a kill I have a super fast speed, I hardly ever fully empty the weapon. It feels like the speed goes from a bonus 50%, on assist, 100% on kill and 150% on precision kill. Has anyone one else noticed this? Other than my gauntlet’s I don’t have anything to boost reload speed. 3 precision shots to down an opponent feels like 1 too many for the slowest fire rate. : . so I might go back to my exotic thorn I shouldn’t compare an exotic to a legendary yet I feel the dot takes care of that small health left after 2 precision shots.
    Edited; typo.

  • Well,

    While re-rolling my Timur’s Lash, I wanted at least three on those specific perks :

    (*) after having spent more than 30 motes of light, I could only get this set-up.

    1st bullet :
    – Return to Sender
    – Performance Bonus (*)
    – Outlaw

    2nd bullet :
    – Explosive Rounds
    – Armor Piercing Rounds (*)

    3rd bullet :
    – Luck in the Chamber
    – Crowd Control (*)
    – Final Round

    So I guess it wasn’t that bad…

    The major drawback I have to report with this weapon is its slow firing rate…

    You make like 95 damage per headshot hit in the Crucible so it’s still a 3 hits to kill weapon… so the time to kill is kinda high, and I’ve not yet unlocked the Crowd Control so I don’t know if it would allow a two headshot hits kill after a previous kill but with the low chamber capacity it must be kinda hard to get, thus the “Return to Chamber” perk I would have liked to get…

  • Man, its impact rate is amazing. Two head shots = Guardian down in PVP. I got a very good perk, with visible radar while aiming and faster reload speed for head shots. Now, I have a very good hand cannon in PVP.

  • DoraemonKing

    send it
    Will these two perk work together?

    If one of these two perk reach the max values of the range, can we get the extra range value?