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  • sbrozzi

    My roll, when I did this, was; Outlaw, Field Scout, & Third Eye. Pretty happy with it. Although in Crucible/IB I am still a Thorn guy.

  • Psyk0tica

    I found one with Luck in the Chamber and Outlaw last Iron Banner. I love Outlaw, if you get the two shot head shot you also get the stupid fast reload to boot and get to do it all again. It is probably relatively dependent on how consistently you can get head shot kills in crucible though.

    Edit: Turns out Explosive Rounds is my other perk to use. It rolled pretty well, haha.

  • Bok Choy

    I got one before The Dark Below when the maximum attack was 300. If I re-roll, will the attack be upgraded to 331?

    • Nope

      • Bok Choy

        Boo Urns!

  • Alex Howden

    Can you re-roll it to get outlaw, firefly and filed scout?

    • fongsaiyuk

      You don’t get firefly with this gun unfortunately. Got mine with outlaw, field scout and crowd control, which are pretty sweet!