Thunderlord vs Phogoth

GuataLOOP and a couple of his fellow Guardians decided to partake on a journey into the Nightfall to fight Phogoth. They had a secret plan though, they had Thunderlord on their side.


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  • ._.

    They used weapons of light so I have to give it a 8/10
    (weapons of light gives a 25-35% damage buff, so in reality it wasn’t just Thunderlord that killed Phogoth but Ward of Dawn.)

    • Riley Freeman

      wrong. Thunderlord with or without weapons of light is a beast. It did give it a boost but no machine gun gets 1000 damage off one bullet. Now there was arc damage buff along with ward of dawn but look up other videos, thunderlord is a monster

      • ._.

        the discussion isn’t about if Thunderlord is a beast or not, but if Thunderlord was the main cause for the kill.

  • Ryan

    This is why I need a Thunderlord.I hope I can earn it sometime through xur,nightfall strikes or raids.

  • Riley Freeman

    this gun is a beast. this, monte carlo, gjallarhorn all evade me. I just got hard light for the first time yesterday.

  • MattH72

    It’s not 20 second though, is it, because there’s an obvious fade-out-fade-in during the clip and Phogoth’s health is noticeably reduced in the gap.

    • IceTitan

      That fade-in/out thing was a Share Factory glitch. My videos do that all the time, makes editing a pain.

  • ErisTaireJ

    I hope to upgrade mine with xur this week