Three Little Words Review

Three Little Words


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  • ProdigalPlayer

    Nice to see this gun getting a little attention. This has been my go-to primary for a while now. You are spot on about pulse rifles being all about positioning, and Third Eye is really really useful to have with this gun.

    One thing I did notice is that you tend to go for the 3 burst kill while aiming for a lot of body shots to make sure they all land.

    I just thought I’d add that this gun is actually capable of a 2 burst kill if you land all of the bullets to the head. With the considerable range this gun has, it is quite easy with a bit of practice and patience to drop people in 2 bursts, and this can also be useful in slightly closer engagements if you are being rushed.

    I highly recommend this gun if you are a gunslinger, as the gunslinger’s trance really helps to make your 2 burst kills more consistent.


  • Ash_Killem

    With the buff incoming for PRs it should make this gun pretty decent.

  • TheLastAssassin

    With the buff, this destroys.

  • Applejack

    I think another look should be taken at Three Little Words, with the recent buff to pulse rifles in the 1.1.1 patch. I’d really like to know if I should buy it for Crucible use (I have Bad Juju for Strikes and Raids) or if my Evergreen II.I with Outlaw and either Speed Reload or Fitted Stock (which will max out reload or stability, respectively) is just as good.

    Is Three Little Words good enough to warrant use in PvE content over Bad Juju?

  • Yahini

    I just got this from an engram. It has full auto/flared magwell or prefect balance/ counter balance. cant wait to try it out!