The State of Destiny

 Published on: Mar 7, 2015 @ 14:45

Contributing authors: Anson C, Taylor Biar, Joel

Half a year ago, Destiny was released out into the wild. The community had varying expectations of what the game was going to be, but despite our uncertainty, we dived in and have played it thoroughly.

This article will analyze some of the things Bungie got right, some questionable decisions, and how they might affect you moving forward.

If you’re feeling Destiny burnout, we have a complete breakdown of how you can overcome it.

The Cryptarch

For the many that bought the game on the first day, the Cryptarch was the ultimate enemy, turning your purple engrams into items that were often less valuable than the packaging they came in.

Today, he decodes Engrams into items that usually match the rarity, though more often than not he still tests your patience by giving away Ascendant Shards and Energies rather than usable items.

With no indication from Bungie that his rewards are going to overhauled yet again, it is likely that his name will still be spoken of with dread and anger in the future, ensuring his place as the least reliable way to acquire good loot.

The Cryptarch is a friend to those with new characters though: Plasteel Plating, Sapphire Wire, and Hadronic Essence doesn’t come cheap, but when you can toss engrams from other characters into the vault and seek the expertise of the Cryptarch, those class-specific materials start to flow.


Thanks to the implementation of the Commendation and Exotic Shard system, new players simply have to wait longer to acquire items that make them raid viable. Whereas once, one could simply acquire a full set of Legendary gear by earning enough Marks, now it requires leveling up a given faction to at least level 3 for the requisite three commendations required for a full set of Legendary armor.

Furthermore, Exotics are harder for new players to level up just based on the fact that they would need at least one other Exotic, or 7 Strange Coins, to earn the Shard required for the final upgrade slot.

The combinations of these factors serve only to widen the equipment gap between new and old players, artificially extending the game for the new and providing an annoyance to the old.

Thankfully Bungie is going to address loot concerns in the House of Wolves.


Quite possibly the biggest issue that many have with the game (at least if you stuck around since launch) is the amount of content available. With 10 strikes and 2 raids available, it is undeniable that there is a dearth of high-level PvE content.

While the raids themselves are fun to play, it’s just a question of how often are you (or your friends) are willing to play the same content over again, especially once you have acquired all of the loot you want from it.

destiny review analysis

Events such as the Iron Banner provide extra gear and a different PvP experience, and events like that are needed to spice things up. Iron Banner’s gear provides some diversity in means of reaching the maximum level, but there is always the element of RNG. The available rewards have been shuffled for subsequent IB rotations, but it’s safe to assume that more reward options during the event would be appreciated.

The Queen’s Wrath is nowhere to be seen after its first season, even drawing a quizzical “What’s that?” from new players when the subject is broached. This event will undoubtedly be reintroduced when the House of Wolves is released, hopefully much improved from its first iteration.

The Crucible itself has also seen very little change since the beginning of the game, with the same 4 gametypes each boiling down to killing other Guardians to win. Salvage, the only other objective mode, is rarely seen.

While the balance of power between weapons have shifted since launch, the Crucible itself is more or less the same.


Arguably one of the best ways to see how dedicated a developer is to their game, regular updates are often a good sign, even if they don’t provide noticeable changes. Destiny is no exception, and the ability to purchase planetary materials and move items back and forth via the app have proved to be very popular updates.

Most of the patches have made the game more enjoyable for newer players and improve the overall gameplay to be less clunky, but some updates have proved to be more questionable, the prime culprit being the Exotic upgrading system.

An admitted mistake, Exotic upgrading disproportionately punished those who played from launch,  while paradoxically affecting newer players the least. The tax on available resources (time, Glimmer) to upgrade the weapons that Bungie encouraged collecting was dishearteningly steep, and struck a sour note with many longtime players, who felt slighted by the callous mechanism.

Some requests that revolve around bug fixes have also yet to be acknowledged, particularly those revolving around the Vault of Glass, which is still home to the Praetorian in the right portal that doesn’t want to die, Oracle shenanigans, and members of the portal team being detained.


One of the recurring accusations lobbed at Bungie since Destiny’s launch (despite the Peter Dinklage debacle) revolves around the quality of the story. While the Grimoire cards have provided some elaboration on characters and events that come across as muddied in-game, new story missions with the Dark Below expansion haven’t done much to alleviate people’s fears.

Disembodied voices delivering a few lines of set-up at the beginning and end of missions – well, that hardly constitutes a good storyline.

destiny story review

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see if Bungie is capable of telling a compelling story in the framework they have created. They have reportedly hired a Lore editor, John Ryan, to “edit, work with writers, and keep an eye on lore and style.”

This hire may or may not mean a meatier storyline in the House of Wolves expansion. We can only hope.


Bounties have changed very little since Destiny’s launch, and so some might say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But when coupled with the content issues discussed, bounties have become dry affairs. A handful of story missions to repeat, another 9000 experience to find, and killing 25 more Warlocks in the Crucible – really? Must we do that again?

With the launch of The Queens Wrath and Dark Below, fresh bounties were showered upon us – but the Queen slunk back into her throne soon after, and Eris Morn taunts us with her batty sayings while we run to “Fist of Crota” on Earth for the thousandth time just to grind out her repetitive bounties.

Will the future look the same? House of Wolves will introduce the Queen again, and certainly some new bounties will come along with her, but it will be interesting to see if some fresh ideas are infused into the current offerings from Vanguard, Crucible, and Eris Morn.

As suggested in a this article, Destiny desperately needs more bounties.


On a positive note, Bungie has done a fantastic job with Destiny’s look and feel; it’s a platform that easily can – and will be – built upon.

The shooting mechanics, how the weapons feel, the reaction enemies make as you pummel them with rockets, and the variety of choices – is undeniably stellar. The balance between weapons is strong enough that different maps require you reconsider your arsenal, whether it be in PvE or PvP, and what is consider a weak weapon might have specific applications that make it the best of its class.

destiny analysis review

And this has only improved with time. 1.1.1 has made shotguns viable and exhilarating choices in PvE, auto rifles a little less appealing in all circumstances, and pulse rifles… well… people apparently love them now. Those weapons we had shoved into the depths of our vault come back and find new life, which is a win in anyone’s book.

Looking forward, it’s safe to say tight gameplay will continue to be Bungie’s strong suit. Solid gunplay has always been at the heart of their projects, and they have honed the skill to a fine art.

Certainly House of Wolves will come with its own minor issues, but the future is bright for anyone looking to Destiny for a solid shooter that not only looks good, but feels like a dream.

It’s Not All Bad

In fact, I think we can agree that most of it’s awesome.

Destiny is a game of repetition, where the grind provides familiar comfort, buoyed by an impressive core of gameplay.

Its joys are found in the social sphere: in teaming up with friends, in dance parties in the Tower, and in sharing your experiences with other Guardians.

Bungie’s updates and decisions have proved perplexing at times, but the overall trajectory is undeniably upwards. We’re looking forward to seeing this game grow. Bring on the House of Wolves!


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • HenryDF

    In my opinion, they just need more content, and soon. The Dark Below was pricey, but it wasn’t as if the content justified the price. With House of Wolves, and afterwards, Bungie are going to have to add more content more regularly.

    Releasing a a few Story missions, a raid, and one/two strikes (along with some pretty crappy Exotic gear) every six months just isn’t enough. If House of Wolves doesn’t come in April, I’m not sure if I’m going to carry on playing. It’s just getting too dull.

    • ceedoubleyou

      I agree. I’ve said this before, but I think that if Bungie doesn’t knock it out of the park with the House Of Wolves DLC, a large number of players –myself included– are going to look for something else to do.

    • Scott Ackland

      I’m with you. I decided to give it up a few weeks ago. Honestly the game is more addictive in nature with all the timers than it is fun. They built it in such a way as to make players feel compelled to return each day to complete the same old bounties, each week to repay the same strikes & raids. I’ll be back for House of Wolves since I preordered it at launch, but if it isn’t incredible I’ll soon be gone again & there is no way they’ll get any more of my money.

    • Lee Juriet

      I agree completely. I was expecting something on the scale of Halo 2, with the impressive campaign length. Instead, we got…. barely anything. If House Of Wolves doesn’t have large amounts of content, the community is going to leave in droves.

      • Christian

        I’d say it was about the same length, many missions in Destiny were arguably really, really good. But the story in the missions wasn’t stimulating enough in my opinion. But, honestly, I don’t think the developers will make the same mistake twice. It might be too far gone to bring it back around with the small DLCs, but hopefully everything other than that will be a revival.

    • dstripedape

      Pvp strikelist with random modifiers, would be nice, no supers, no shotguns, no health regeneration etc, that wouldadd spice to pvp. I think there is content there but the same bounties every day is such a waste.

      • insanetrasher

        100% Agree with the no supers, that would make up for a more competitive pvp.

      • NLK3

        Um… I’ll just say customized games on top of that. I remember playing Halo online and COD offline where you can have infinite ammo/grenades, and chose what weapons players had. Making everybody have infinite Gjallarhorn rockets would be a “blast”. “But what about the rewards? It wouldn’t be fair”. I say be creative and FIGURE IT OUT!!!

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      I disagree strongly. To be fair, we need to compare destiny to other big, triple A titles when thinking of DLC. Many games (I’ll use Halo and COD as examples) release dlc that comes with 3-4 multiplayer maps, and either leave it at that, or add one mission for whatever extra mode is available ie. a new extinction map for ghosts. If you are lucky they might include 1 or maybe 2 weapons, and some item skins or that have no real effect. (cosmetic)

      By comparison destiny dlc has come with 3 multiplayer maps, a couple of story missions and some extra materials (the quests and bounties) a few new weapon archtypes (ie felwinter’s lie type shotguns) and a few exotic weapons, and a few exotic armor pieces, AND a raid on top of all that. And a couple of strikes too. The raid and crucible maps alone are equivalent to a lot of games’s whole dlc. The rest is gravy.
      Now don’t get me wrong, I too would love more content, but we got a great deal as is. I think part of why a lot of people are disappointed is because bungie used the name expansion. An expansion usually costs about half the original game, and includes a lot of content. But really, TDB sits rather between a dlc and an expansion, in terms of content, yet costs the same as a standard map pack.

      • Justingoska

        Map packs for Halo 4 were only $10.
        TDB was double that.
        Plus for Halo 4, Spartan Ops is free, and it has almost as much content in it as the entire Destiny core game.
        I’ve bought expansion for $20 for games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and they all had enough content to almost be stand alone games. $20 for 3 story missions, a raid, and a strike is a rip off. A $20 expansion should take more than a day or two to complete.

        • ProfessionalCitizen

          Halo 4- $10 for 3 maps. TDB- $10 for 3 maps + $10 for 3 missions, 3 quests, 2 strikes, 1 raid, and new gear. Seems fair to me. And spartan ops was crap, IMO. And mostly recycled from the campaign.

          • Justingoska

            I see your point. I think 3 maps in halo is a better value than 3 maps in Destiny because in Halo there’s so many game types you can play on the maps, plus you can reforge them.
            The missions in TDB were mostly recycled maps too. At least Spartan ops had a story with characters and cut scenes.

  • Denive

    Not bad at all? Yeah- if u like to repeat stuff.. OR love the pvp. If you dont, its boring after u done the story. edit: and the raids*

    • Tim

      Lvl 1-20 and the main story is horrible.

      • Denive

        I wouldnt say its horrible at all, but as i see it, we got the prolog of the full story. And seeing its suppost to be a game playable for 10years it seems like we’ll get a chapter every year as DLC. #notworth

  • Billy goats Xur

    More content. More content. More content.

  • Lee Juriet

    I sense fan boy and illogical optimism with this article; For one, This game HAS NO STORY WORTH ANYTHING. When I can get a fresh guy t level 20 in under 10 hours, WITHOUT EVEN COMPLETING ALL THE MISSIONS, that is a PROBLEM,yes?

    And the RNG… oh god, the RNG. The fucking RNG. I’ve given UP on the Cryptarch giving me decent items, I haven’t had a legendary engram drop from any source in 2 weeks, and even Nightfalls keep giving me weapons I ALREADY HAVE, like Another NITC, which I have gotten at least once every three nightfall runs a week like clockwork ever since TDB. I even get it from WEEKLY strikes.

    Plus, the removal of the OPTION to not have to do Crucible to get Crucible gear and marks, IE the ability to turn in materials for marks, really struck me as a incredibly stupid thing to do, because now I can’t even burn off my excess materials I get from bounties. Come on Bungie, you gave into people whining about not having enough materials? It takes MAYBE half a hour to get 50-75 of ANY material. I know, I have timed myself doing so. The hardest is Relic Iron, but even then, I can gather up 50 in 45 mins.

    Another thing… why are there even random loot chests in the world if all you get is shit? I mean, yipee, another goddamn green and materials I don’t need. Hoo-fucking-ray.

    For fucks sakes Bungie, you made HALO. Why couldn’t you make a new IP have as impressive, nuanced, and downright interesting? You are almost as bad as EA/DICE are!

    • LDP

      Liked your own comment?

    • Tim

      Wow u are a fag!

      • Lee Juriet

        And you are a ass. Two can play at THIS game, you know….

        • Punkindrublic1

          Guess you didn’t like this comment.

  • I Loved this game. I just wish for more content because I haven’t put the game in for 3 months after playing daily since launch. Just nothing left to do….

  • commenterx

    What about the raid being locked to teams, who can’t form within the game? That seems like a major design flaw.

  • Oddsock

    This seems like the third post where you seem to justify or sugarcoat Destiny and all it flaws. Sometimes I wonder if the authors of Planet Destiny are actually employed by Bungie. Don’t get me wrong, you are my main site to check for news (even though there rarely are) and information about Destiny. I think you’re doing a good job, but I’d wish for way more criticism about the current state of the game. Why not do an open letter addressing Bungie directly or a big user poll to generate the general mood of the players or a slightly more aggressiv post about the scarce content and the absence of change? Maybe compare Destiny to any other similar concept (Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, come to mind).

    Maybe I’m a little bit pessimistic about this whole game (or should I say half game, since there’s “so much” on it’s way), mainly because I feel scammed and disappointed, but I’d wish for some journalistic pressure on the matter instead of the “everything will be alright”-essays we get lately. Hope this isn’t too harsh, as I said, I like your site but I’m mad.

    • Captainfail

      Yes way too pessimistic. Damn everyone just wants to fuckin complain complain complain. Be patient sit back and don’t complain about spending 20 bucks on Dark Below If you didn’t like it. It’s 20 bucks, like seriously. You wasted 20 dollars on an expansion. A relatively decent expansion just repetitive. So not a waste at all truly.

      • Lee Juriet

        “decent” expansions are things on the order of Infinite’s “Buried at Sea”, Isolations expansion “Crew Expendable” that let you play as the Nostromos crew, or nearly any of Mass Effects many, many good, and in some cases, stellar DLC’s. TDB is NOT one of these.

        • NLK3

          If it’s stellar, it’s more than “decent”.

      • chris

        I don’t think you have ever played many games because why everyone is “complaining’ is to voice their (and the majority’s) opinions on what needs to happen in Destiny to bring it back to the top such as a story for example because without essential elements then Destiny just turns into another COD which no one likes being that it is just the same content with a new coat of paint so maybe you should listen to what people complain about and try to either use logic to explain your side (without swearing and using such language) or you can try to understand what people want differently with an open mind.

        P.S- I used to play Destiny and I have all the gear which made me stop burning myself out on the game and try other stuff and also that comment about “It’s 20 bucks, like seriously…” not everyone has or wants to spend $20 on a game when they already paid $60+ and feel like they didn’t get what was promised to them (such as the trailer clearly cutting out certain parts of the story/game and the DLC’s already on disk hence the low install of less than a Gb) I would rather see people trying to keep a company such as Bungie/Activision on it’s toes and best game than let them just milk a very high potential game down to the likes of COD.

    • J.T.S

      I think half your problem is that you are comparing Destiny to games that have very little in common with it. Destiny is essentially an online Co-Op FPS with limited RPG elements. Comparing it’s amount of content to an RPG is off-base to begin with, and leads to inflated expectations, which you seem to be a victim of.

      Destiny is most similar to Halo, especially Reach. In fact, I’d go so far to say that Destiny is essentially an expansion of all the concepts we found in Reach. Reach was designed heavily around Co-Op play, and allowed a degree of character customization not found in previous Halo games.

      When I first played Destiny during the Beta, I noticed these similarities, and it defined my expectations for the game. I had seen the earlier trailers at E3, but anyone with sense knows that games change significantly throughout development, so I didn’t pay them much mind.

    • guest

      Yeah there are things that i’d like improved a little bit, but over all Destiny is a good game. It may not be what everyone wants from it, but there are plenty of us that do enjoy it. This article is much like something i’d write. So I’d assume that (big surprise) the people that write for planetdestiny overall do enjoy the game.

      Personally I’ve sunk ~500 hours into Destiny, which is way more time than I’ve ever spent on a console game (I think Xcom EU/EW was around 150 hours).

      • guest

        forgot to add, that content is my main concern like the article said. I’ve got every gun I need from the raids, and only reason to raid is to play with friends. If my friends stop playing then I’ll still do bounties and such but I probably won’t play nearly as much. I seriously hope we don’t have to wait until May for HoW. So everything isn’t rosy, but its also not quite as doom and gloom as some people say.

  • disqus_SPjCugzWhh

    The fact that you guys are writing articles about overcoming burnout is
    the best evidence how flawed Destiny is. Bungie has plan for 10 years.
    I’ll be surprised if this game last 3.

    • metalman5150

      Usually I burn out on a game after I beat it.
      Burning out, is not something unique to Destiny.
      It’s not bungie’s fault that anyone consumes so much destiny that they burn out. Every game Dev or Hollywood director has to deal with the fact that consumers will probably over consume their product. Resulting in a burn out state.
      I don’t know what else to say other that the ancient proverb: “with moderation”.

  • Bungie has become Bungle…

    I am sick and tired of explaining, in detail, all of Destiny’s absolutely numerous flaws…so I’ll just sum it up as this:

    Destiny is a failed dream.

    That is all it ever will be now. I have three level 32s (warlock, titan, hunter), almost every single exotic in the game (most of which are pretty underwhelming…) all the raid weapons but a few RNGesus straight up refuses to give me (Fatebringer….), and more legendary weapons/gear than I have room for (literally). There is nothing left for me to do than hope for RNGesus to dole out the last couple exotics I need- which is a mostly futile effort as the chances of those specific drops is incredibly low… Or play PVP which is extremely limited in variety and frankly unbalanced with shitty as net code/lag comp…Also PVP gives shitty “rewards”…mostly to the people who do the worst….

    Destiny does two things well- core gameplay mechanics (shooting and other stuff ripped straight out of Halo) and art design. That is it. Everything else is mediocre to complete crap.

    Also, the locked content on disc being sold back to us is complete bullshit. Especially since that locked content (Dark Below, How) has been utter shit so far.

    And yet people and this site still swing on Bungle’s nuts like their life depends on it…Fucking sheeple.

    Destiny is a lesson learned for me. Once some decent games come out soon (Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, etc) I will be done with Destiny forever and I won’t look back. Bungle will never get another cent from me…fuck’em.

    • Elimone77

      Wow dude cry cry huh?! Did they make u poopoo your pants?

      • Lee Juriet

        STFU. his points are supremely valid

        • NLK3

          Only for the most part, but when people try to force opinion down as fact, it’s hard not to turn away, regardless of how right or accurate (s)he is.

    • chris

      LMFAO sounds like my Destiny experience to the point and yes I am totally with you on Bungie/Activision needing to step up their game with this next DLC as I got the season pass this will be the game decider for whether I will continue or not otherwise hello Witcher 3

    • NLK3

      I hate it when people put their predictions as fact (“will be” for example). Thing is, and an online game, they can ALWAYS improve the game. You just got to be patient. And yes, our patience is running thin, but it has improved overall since day one and it can get better. I remember how shallow Warframe was on PC, but now, though I can’t play it anymore for more than a single mission without it turning my laptop off, it got so much more content it’s ridiculous. Bungie CAN do similar. And HOW isn’t out, how you know it’s shit without seeing it? Can it be? Yes. Is it? No. Why? NOBODY PLAYED IT YET!!!

  • J.T.S

    The story itself was fine, how they chose to tell it was the problem. Between the ridiculous dialogue from the game’s major characters, and the game’s tendency to tell us about enemies and what they’ve done rather than show us, it’s no wonder people were underwhelmed.

    For example, we are told that the Vex transformed Mercury into a machine within days, and that they would’ve done the same to the rest of the system if they hadn’t been stopped by the Traveler. Instead of just -telling us this- we should’ve been shown it. For example, it would’ve been great if the ‘Eye of a Gate Lord’ mission had taken place on Mercury. Not only would it have given us a bit of diversity, but it would’ve given us a visual taste of the Vex’s ultimate goals. Even better, during the Nexus strike, they should’ve shown Venus being transformed before our eyes. This would’ve given the entire strike more urgency and made the the Vex threat more real.

    There were many, many missed opportunities.

    As for the gameplay itself, I can’t say I have many problems with it. As much as people moan and groan about lag and glitches, I’ve experienced significantly less of those issues after I switched ISP’s and got more reliable internet. While there are still some issues, which come from Bungie’s side of things, a majority of them came from my crappy ISP.

    Also, I love how people complain about RNG. Seriously. Get over it and realize that this isn’t the game’s primary means of getting better gear. For anyone who has played since Day 1, the only excuse you have for not having almost every Exotic is that you didn’t buy them when you had the chance. Xur has only failed to sell two items from the original game, and that’s Hardlight and Thunderlord, and Hawkmoon if your on PS. The only area where RNG can be irritating is raid loot,

  • Chaz Choy

    1. We should be able to use our Vanguard Marks to purchase a stack of 20 Class Materials.
    2. There should be a system to allow us to trade in our Ascendent Shards and Energy for Other Shards i.e. (Crota Raid Shards), have over 200 Ascendent shards just taking up space in the Vault.

    • insanetrasher

      I can’t say I agree with #1. If you don’t have enough class materials that means you did not play the game a lot with this class and were just wishing to use this character once you get all the armor for it.

      Playing about 25-30 strikes and gathering mats while doing about 2 weeks worth of bounty should give you about everything you need.

  • Grind

    I think they will learn what people want. And then figure out a cheap, easy way to make what those people want a grind that involves doing the same thing over and over and over, without any guarantee of success. That will be the basic framework for Destiny 2. They will have to make it so only a few people will ever get the useful, effective weapons, and everyone else will be jealously grinding away, vainly hoping they finally get one. Only, with all the data they have from the gameplay of Destiny 1, it will be 4 times as addicting and cost $200 more.

  • Jason Filar

    There are only 8 Strikes….. would be a bit better if it was 10…. but its 8

  • insanetrasher

    In my opinion the game do need more content indeed, but mostly more end-game activities. Right now once you are done with the Nigthfall/weekly and the 2 raids (and that is if you still “need” to run them) you’re all done for the week.

    I’d even be willing to play 20 bucks (dlc price) for a permanent (no weekly reset) and challenging pve mode alone.

    • metalman5150

      I have been happily raiding more than three times a week, as a means to provide other guardians with a solid sword bearer.
      Doesn’t hurt my feelings. Quite the opposite. I enjoy helping other guardians defeat Crota. It’s that teamwork and cohesion that makes the game relevant.

      • insanetrasher

        Hats off for giving your time to help other guardians.

        I do agree on teamwork and cohesion 100%, so that is why I think a challenging game mode would even more fulfill this fact.

        Because imo CE is not very challenging in the way that once you know what you have to do, its not difficult if you have good communication since almost everything from A to Z is predictable. And it only rewards you once a week, most players do not run it multiple times because of that, and I’m part of them sadly.

  • Michael

    I wish they would have put more content in the game and explained things better. I felt kinda ripoff when I have to go online a read about the game threw Gilmore cards. I played the Vault of Glass alot of times before I even knew what the Vault was about.

  • Dan

    I’m not going to go on a long rant about this like many have, but all I can say is I was so excited about this game when it came out, hoping it would be the dynamic, evolving cooperative multiplayer experience it was marketed to be. Instead it turned out to be a highly repetitive scripted…”story” if you can call it that. On its own, its a good game, but it’s nothing like what they originally promised. I left a few months ago and don’t regret it.

  • Dee

    I think the bigger question is will there be enough content after House of Wolfs to last us until Sept? for Comet…

  • ProfessionalCitizen

    So I’d like ask WHY is everyone so disappointed in the DLC?

    If this was Halo, which I think we can agree was fantastic, you would get 3 multiplayer maps for $10 and that’s it.

    Instead, for $15 we get 3 multiplayer maps, 1-2 strikes, 1 raid, a few story missions, new bounties, a few quests, a few new weapons, a few new armor pieces (not skins or cosmetics) and some new lore.

    If this was COD, which we may or may not like, it would cost $15 and we would get 4 multiplayer maps, an extinction or zombies map, maybe a weapon. And a bunch or skins and camos.

    So why is everyone so upset with the lack of content? We got a screaming deal compared to other top games. Significantly more content at the same price range.

  • Alex Howden

    I personal think a good idea would be to allow you to put modifiers on Story missions so you could do something like LASO/Mythical from Halo that will keep some people busy for a while.

  • Dylanlucas

    The so called balancing is a joke in Destiny. The game has nothing to offer anymore, the raids are beaten so easily, the pvp is shallow and i rather play some PvP on Call of Duty: AW these days than log into Destiny.

    It was nice 6 months though, had loads of fun, made new friends and memories, so i will never say i wasted my money.

  • I’ve only put in about 230 hours into Destiny but ultimately, I am loving it. It has consumed more time than any game ever, other than Counter-Strike back in the old days. Sure, there are some bits that need fixing or improving, but ultimately it is still a fun, fresh experience for me. Looking forward to the planned updates too.

  • ResidentHawk90

    Dude I put way too much time into this game and i only have about five exotic weapons. I also love the matchmaking for heroic strikes though. I hate hard mode raids. No revives means you cant get back to help out the fireteam. (unless you are a sunsinger with fireborn) all other classes shit out of luck. my friend got a Suros Regime in the Vault of Glass on NORMAL I got the shity Hard Light. (id make a funny joke but its inappropiate.) I love handcannons they easily one shot thrall and actolytes regardless of what ROF and Impact they have. Explosive rounds on that makes slaming thrall easy as jumping in this game. (thrall charge at you more often in groups.)

  • mwhite5471 .

    Yeah…HoW needs to be in March not May…every 12 weeks BUNGIE comon.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Ideally there should be at least 4 PvE events like Queen’s Wrath, rotating every couple weeks or so, alongside Iron Banner and maybe one additional PvP. Since that isn’t likely to happen, really the ideal time for Queen’s Wrath is NOW, when 2/3 of the hardcore are worn out on Crota…not waiting for the next DLC.

  • NLK3

    I know many will disagree with me, but there are many things that seem trivial or basic that I think would have made the game more long lasting, especially considering what it’s competitions are and what the developers’ experiences from Halo have been: trading, customized multiplayer, splitscreen, audio controls, real crucible rewards for being good at something (even if it’s dying the least or something), switching items between the inventory and vault without deleting anything, new permanent game modes, etc. I’m sure they can find ways to make these things happen, even if in a future release, and in a balanced way (like trading only things of equal rarity AND through similar means; my idea was that you can trade anything found in the field or Xur, but all raid gear must be earned unless of the same difficulty and rarity, so no Mythos for Necros since they are from different raids, and no Epilogues for Timepieces since they are exclusive to different difficulty levels). I have a TON of ideas.