The Next Nightfall

The Nightfall ‘prediction’ by megamanexe4:




summoning pits nightfall
Weekly Heroic will have Arc Burn as well.

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  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Is it just me or did they up the damage caused by light switch? I could have sworn my guys could at least survive 1 melee hit from lower tier enemies even at level 31 before. Now they die immediately even at level 32. Why should anyone even upgrade to level 32 if this is how the game is going to play?

    I think that’s BS if a level 32 character can’t survive even a scratch from a level 30 thrall. If Bungie wants to spice things up add a level 32 nightfall to go alongside the level 30. Then at least things feel honest. In fact, it would also be kinda cool.

    Also, I like the idea of nightfalls NOT having every burn activated. All that means is everything dies faster and your primary is pretty useless. A single burn, or maybe two, changes the gameplay in a way that makes you approach enemies differently, mix up your load out in different ways, and adds variety. Simply throwing every burn at you is a cop out.

    In fact, continuing on this thought I think it would be cool if Bungie added burn to the dailies. Simply replaying the same level slightly harder just doesn’t add to the replay value.

    • Clapper55

      Thrall only one hit you on arc week because their Melee is arc damage like how goblins and hobgoblins deal void damage

      • Kenshiro Genjuro



        • MakkinjeM

          Jep that’s it. it’s the Lightswitch melee bonus, together with 300% Arc Damage burn from Nightfall (200% for Heroic). Even if you were able to be 34, you still wouldn’t survive one hit.
          You’ll notice when you’re hit by a melee sword Knight. They’re way stronger, but not able to one-hit you, cause they do kinetic damage.

    • metalman5150

      One hit KO, is pretty standard. Anything more and it’s considered, lucky.

  • metalman5150

    This was the first week, out of the past many, that I decided to stay away from Megamans predictions, for xur. I like the suspense that is waiting for Friday morning texts, tweets and articles.

    • SGT_Pannenkoek

      Where can you find the predictions then? I would like to see them

      • HuDzJ01

        He dataminds the destiny servers

  • SGT_Pannenkoek

    Is it me or has it been ages since we had the Mars strike as a nightfall? I don’t even remember the last time I did it lol 😛

    • Ryan Edwards

      Don’t complain….Valus strikes never include helpful bonuses.^^

    • MakkinjeM

      It wasn’t that long ago, if i recollect correctly;

      This week is Phogoth

      Last week was Omnigul

      Two weeks ago was Aksor, Archon Priest

      Three weeks ago was Sepiks Prime

      and four weeks ago was Valus Ta’Aurc

      Now Sekrion Nexus. That’s been a long time now, since it was last Nightfall.