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Trials of Osiris Weapon Review

trials of osiris weapon review

Primary Vision Stone Pros – Above average range and mag size. High stability and aim assist. Very high reload speed. Cons – Low recoil direction. Recommended Perks: Smart Drift Control Send It Hand Loaded Crowd Control Hailing from an underused and overlooked archetype, the Vision Stone on paper looks like it could be a dark horse in PvP. Smart Drift ... Read More »

The Messenger Review

the messenger trials pulse rifle review

From deep within the shadows it came—a messenger borne on black wings. The Messenger is a Legendary primary pulse rifle. The Adept version is obtained from the Lighthouse chest, non-Adept and can be rewarded from a Silver/Gold Package. 8.8/10 6.7/10 The good: High Impact & Range. The bad: Weak perks for PvE. Conclusion: Perfect for mid-long PvP engagements. This is ... Read More »