dreg's promise sidearm exotic review

Dreg’s Promise Exotic Review

“I am a marvel with ten thousand arms.” Dreg’s Promise is an Exotic special sidearm. This weapon is obtained after completing The Elder Cipher Exotic bounty. 7.7/10 7.6/10 The good: Insane RoF, quick reload speed, high stability. The bad: Low range, shots have a travel time, unique perk hardly helps. Conclusion: Perfect fusion rifle alternative. This is an Exotic WeaponSidearm (Special Weapon) Arc Base Damage365 Quality Lvl70 Rate of Fire 100 Impact 5 Range 41 Stability 79 Reload 86 Magazine Size 18 Aim Assist 70 Equip Speed 50 Recoil Direction 80 Zoom 12 Talent Upgrades Tree Arc Damage This weapon