SWORD Gameplay

“The blades of Crota have invaded this world.”


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  • Christian

    This is great fun. I noticed that you get a notification: “The Blades of Crota are invading this world”. If you rush to the right location and kill the Sword wielding hive you can pick it up (: Awesome.

  • jermzie

    The moon area has the room where that one chest wouldn’t open. When you start patrol go up the hill and off to the left…it’ll either be inside that dark room or in the building right outside of it as well. Try and see what activating your super does. A bladedancer smashes the ground and produces a wave.

    • Thomas Harrison

      all of the classes have the same super when smashing the ground

  • One of Nine

    I do hope the usage of the Crota sword is far deeper in the raid much like the Aegis powers in VoG.