All Super Abilities

We’ve already covered how each class works and what the level 15 subclasses will bring to the table. With this video by Arekkz Gaming, we see every Super ability in action that have been revealed so far.

If you’d like to create your own class build, check out these talent calculators.

Personally, the Bladedancer has my vote…


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  • Nater-ater

    I’m really interested to see what the third set of subclasses are going to be. Titans have an offensive and defensive super. Warlocks have the massive damage and massive personal buff. And Hunters seem to be focused on anti-personal or small group destruction. What could round them out?

    • Drey

      Though I assume they’d wanna go speed buff and toughness if they can both be equipped.

    • WSquared88

      The third sub class will cover whatever type of elemental damage isnt covered in the other two sub classes. For warlock it is shock, titan is void, hunter is void.

      • Nater-ater

        That’s what I assumed, though for titan I’m pretty sure the last subclass will be solar. But I’m trying to figure out what their super abilities will be. Like the Voidwalker subclass super is Nova Bomb, and the Sundancer subclass super is radiance. What will be the arc super for Warlocks?

        • WSquared88

          It will be almost impossible to tell with the info we have right now. Maybe they will tell us soon though

  • Squatchmen

    Well Because I’m making a super balanced Titan, that’s also a Sniper, here are my results for the Striker Subclass

    And this is my skill tree for the Defender subclass