150k Subscriber Giveaway

Published on: Feb 18, 2015 @ 0:19

Update: Winners have been announced!

We recently surpassed 150,000 YouTube supporters on our channel and we want to show our appreciation for that by having another giveaway!

If you missed our last giveaway, you’ve got another chance to participate and win with this one:

Thank You All

Before we get into the details of this new giveaway, I’ve really got to say that I’m truly grateful for the support you all give us. We’ve published over 270 videos since we started our channel back in late September, and the growth since then has been incredible.

For anyone curious, this was our very first video:

The team and I have received many heartwarming emails and comments that really make all of this so much more worthwhile.

It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate you guys, but hopefully this giveaway will help to show our gratitude for all of the support.

How To Enter

All you need to do is be a subscriber at our YT channel“Like” and comment on this video, and you’ll be entered to win.

From those who participate, 5 will be chosen at random on March 1st, and those people will win a gift card of their choice ($20 Amazon/XBL/PSN).

There’s no restrictions to who can enter: It’s a worldwide giveaway; all subscribers who have “Liked” and commented on this video are eligible.


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  • chris

    I remember that video when people were all trying to decipher what destiny was going to be about and all the crazy theories along with it twas a long long time ago…in a faraway place (;

    • Tenabrus

      the fan made story was much better than the nothing we were given

      • Christian

        You should try investing more time into the Lore (: That is where all of the good bits are hidden away. It is a shame they aren’t bulbing on the surface of every mission, but there are some incredible stories in those Grimmoire cards. It will really make you think.

        • Tenabrus

          Oh I know about the grimoire cards, like I said though wasted potential of having the entire game’s universe on their website when they could have incorporated it into the game. the lore behind each of the factions, enemies and planets is enough to rival even the Star Wars or Middle Earth universe but what do we get in the game?

          Here’s Mars, theres bad guys with a tank on it. Go make them dead.

          • Christian

            You can expect the next Game to be much more Lore incorporated. I just imagine that they expected players would be more interested in just shooting at stuff than having a fascinating story. With a game like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Skyrim being absolutely huge sellers (not really having very detailed storied incorporated either), being mostly about shooting bad guys and killing dragons with no larger motive than that, it’s easy to predict that players would rarely navigate away from shooting baddies. Since it is what players want I’d expect the next story to be more Lore Incorporated. Hopefully they will do some re-planning with the Comet.

  • the

    Congratulations! You’re my favorite Destiny source for news, reviews and advice.

  • Reflex

    Crazy how fast this site has grown! I come here daily, thanks for all the great content!

  • DaFrenchGamer

    You website is great man, I come everyday to check the latest news.
    This contest is a good thing!

  • Ultra Wookie

    Planet Destiny is awesome and you guys rock!

  • Just dropped my like and comment. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve entered on YouTube and I sincerely hope to win (but that’s what we all want).

    What I, personally, would like to do is Thank the entire Planet Destiny Staff for pushing out and publishing amazing Destiny content for the Community. Its people like you guys that really make the Destiny Community enjoyable and informative. So my offerings of Thanks is forever being a supporter!

  • XIV Alex

    Hope I win! thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jonny

    Congrats guys! WE DID IT!! 🙂

  • Packtray

    This site’s been really helpful! Thanks for what you do!

  • Jonny

    AWESOME! Amazing work you guys do! Everyday I love to go and see what new “Destiny” (hehe get it?) I will find! Thank you so much!