Secrets of the Collapse

The Collapse: It’s Destiny’s biggest mystery. Strap in, because this video by Killworthy Gaming uncovers a few hints about what may have occurred in those final moments before the Traveler was silenced.

In other news, if you haven’t already claimed your ‘Planet View’ completion emblem, MoreConsole shows off what it looks like and the code to get it:

Finally, check out these amazing community creations!


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  • chris

    How crazy would it be if the traveler was really the darkness or the bad guy and we ended up helping it only to get betrayed
    But my guess on that videos info is similiar to his ideas of the Darkness being an entity that destroys solar systems which caused the fallen (hence the name) to lose their planet/s and want to take ours and since the vex are from the future maybe rasputin was really from the future as well and designed the vex to be a fail safe to either save the traveler or stop it hence why it fights others as well as us so what would be cool is if Rasputin knew that the Darkness would win so instead of completely losing he decided to sacrifice his future or his parralel timeline in order to send/build the traveler to go back in time to find guardians to defend against the oncoming apocalypse
    just a theory and bungie has so many ways they can go with the plot so im excited

  • McPixel99

    good theory

  • Kai Stewart

    Isn’t there an enemy known as the “Dark army”?