Secret Locations Revealed

If you’re looking for the 5 golden chests on Earth in the Cosmodrome, you’re covered. Chests were found in both story missions and on patrol.

You’ve also probably found a few ghosts here and there in your Destiny travels. This video will cover how to find 19 ghosts in both the Tower and on Earth, specifically in the Cosmodrome.

Ghost Fragments

Ghost Fragments

Tower 1: The City Age

Tower 2: The Last Word

Tower 3: Warlock

Cosmodrome 1: Darkness

Cosmodrome 2: Mysteries

Cosmodrome 3: Earth

Cosmodrome 4: Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome 5: Exo Stranger

Cosmodrome 6: Hunter

Cosmodrome 7: The Last Word 2

Cosmodrome 8: Fallen 2

Cosmodrome 9: Fallen

Cosmodrome 10: The Dark Age

Cosmodrome 11: Darkness 3

Cosmodrome 12: The Traveler 3

Cosmodrome 13: Abilities

Cosmodrome 14: Legends 2

Cosmodrome 15: Human

Cosmodrome 16: Jupiter

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