Saturn/Europa in Destiny’s Sequel?

Published on: Nov 7, 2014 @ 17:38

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there’s 9.5 million registered players on Destiny and work has been started on the next Destiny title. In this article I’d like to explore possibilities of where that game will take us.

Destiny would benefit from a change of scenery, and ‘Destiny 2’ will most likely take us to new locations – but where?

There’s two Grimoire cards that talk about locations that we currently aren’t able to visit: Saturn & Jupiter.


Saturn’s rings have many derelict ships from the days of the Golden Age, including the Cassini, which you can see below.

Not much is known about Saturn other than what’s on the Grimoire cards. Saturn is in Destiny’s list of locations in the game’s database (with no content on it yet), and there’s 2 Grimoire cards for it as well. In an early ViDoc it was said that we’d actually be able to “go to Saturn.”

Out beyond the Reef its rings shine. Whatever was known of it in the Golden Age is long forgotten, but more ancient truth remains: Saturn has dozens of moons, including the mighty Titan, a world larger than Mercury. A Guardian’s ship might, in theory, reach Saturn, especially if supported by a larger vessel and good navigational data. But the hazards of the Reef and the Deep Black beyond threaten to devour anyone who makes the attempt.

Saturn Ghost Fragment: A cold giant shows its night face to you. Distant moons slide past – icy little comets enslaved by a splendid master. The lightning bolts and high clouds sweep away, and you burrow into a sea of liquid hydrogen that boils out of the long gash. You put yourself on the perfect trajectory, and for a fraction of an instant you allow yourself the luxury of confidence.

So… we’ll need “support” if we want to reach Saturn. Where will this support come from? The Queen of the Reef perhaps? Surely the hazards of the Reef could be navigated by the Queen herself. The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan, as explained in the Ghost Fragment: Legends 2 Grimoire card.


What’s not currently in the database is Jupiter, but like Saturn, there’s 2 Grimoire cards for this planet as well. Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in the Solar System, with several dozen “Jovian” moons. One of the moons, Europa, once had a human colony on it, but was lost during the Collapse. Jupiter is home to the mysterious Jovians, who are governed by the Nine.

These 2 images were shown at a private booth at E3 in 2013.

Based on the Grimoire, this planet seems to be a strong possibility for a future playable location.

Lord of worlds, massive Jupiter and its moons must have been a cornerstone of Golden Age civilization. But the nature and extent of human presence there is now unknown. Old records refer to cities in ice and world-spanning oceans, but perhaps this is only poetry. The City’s ships have rarely attempted any journey to Jupiter or beyond.

Humanity once had a colony on Europa but lost it during the Collapse

Jupiter Ghost Fragment: The largest body lets itself be pushed where it needs to be, seduced into nice, warm loving orbits. Persistence is the key. Seafloors transform and then yank themselves skyward, shattering the icy crust. New worlds awaken in the swirling depths. You build homes around this half-born sun ripped by storms and supersonic wind.

Worlds Unknown

What Planet are you looking most forward to visiting? If you could choose any Planet to explore, which would it be?


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  • Defqon

    Snow planets/moons would be nice to play on 🙂

  • Dannis Voong

    Sequel? Wasn’t Destiny supposed to be a “10 year game”? What the heck is this talk of a sequel? Plus, we’re stuck with just the only 5-ish areas (Earth, Moon, Venus, Jupiter & Reef; maybe Mercury)? Say it ain’t so!

    • It was always meant to be a franchise, not just 1 game with nothing but DLCs for 10 years.

      • Zaruma

        Wow, that’s actually really disappointing. I was really hoping for one extremely large “Destiny” and I remember stuff about a frozen area. I just assumed they’d add the extra locations as expansions.

        • I wonder if all the “old stuff” will still be playable, though. Even though it will be a new game, will you still be able to access the parts on Destiny 1? Might be hard if they do a major overhaul to how stuff functions in game….I’m still hoping for an extremely large Destiny, too, even with multiple games 🙂

          • I’d be shocked if it wasn’t

      • Micah Yang

        I hope this next game has a more open worldy feel to it with more rpg elements in it. I would be fine if the whole game was just on earth if it was bigger and more intricate.

      • inquisitor314

        you know i know of another game who is just one but have thrived for over 10 years. its called expansion and they are what makes the game. You only build a new game if you fracked up on the first ones engine

    • Micah Yang

      It is! Hell yeah!!

  • Beltsu

    More then new planets, I’d love to go to more places ON EARTH. Should be awesome to visit different locations (imagine amazon forest or an ruined Paris or NY) and not be stuck on the cosmodrome.

    • Intertextual1

      I totally agree 🙂

    • Erick

      This would be nice

    • Micah Yang

      This is exactly what I want

  • Lee Juriet

    wait, this is rumored to be in the next game? WTF? add more content like should have been done to the game we already have first!

    • Petr Švancara

      I totally agree with you, it should be in this game. It seems like Bungie already close the door for the first Destiny. If they are thinking about next Destiny, it’s really bad then. Those planets should be like free content for every Guardian, even if it should be like DLC’s it should be much better than another Destiny 2 money-breaker. Bungie, what the hell happened to you?
      – Halogen

      • Michael MacDougall

        Bungie simply did this.

        They created the core of destiny. They built the DLC and implemented most of it into the game. That way, they can fine tweak it, test it and work on it while people are playing the game.

        Now, they have the ability to turn new content on like a switch. This in my opinion is great.

        I’m level 30. My hunter is almost level 30 and my titan has had no luck yet with raid gear. I have plenty to do, but more content is looking to be pretty nice about now.

        Why? Because i’m breezing through hardmode on my main character (with the right group) and aside from a few exotics and legendary raid weapons i’ve got all the gear I could want on just about all of my characters.

        I’ve played it every single day since it’s release. Every single day. Upwards of 5 hours every day on the weekends even. I’ve played it til 2 am. The content that they shipped the game with is extensive with that amount of game time. The dlc they’ve planned is lined up perfect to launch to keep the year going and give more stuff to do and play.

        After a year has passed, hell maybe even two the second one will come out.

        This is why it’s better for you they dont make destiny as a standalone 10 year game full of dlc. Any new people joining the game would be screwed. They would have to buy the game, then they would have to buy 2 DLC packs or more for every year the game has been out. It would be a mess.

        Of course they’re working on Destiny 2. I dont want to wait 3 years for it. Work away. Listen to the feedback (which they’ve proved they’re willing to do) and give me something else to dump hours into. I love destiny, and after playing other games and feeling the game mechanics. I miss destiny, and I come crawling right back.

        It’s a business model they’ve built and it benefits everyone. What’s the problem?

        • Petr Švancara

          listen, I also really like this game, I played it every day from it’s launch, like you say, I almost forget to play other games, I like the content in it, and even if there are some players that are complain about size of environments, number of weapons or character options etc. I still like this game more than anything before. I am also still great fan of the Halo universe, so I know for sure, that Bungie have a great designs, perfect ideas and game mechanics. But with this new consoles, there should be ideal time for creating something new, something potential, something epic, and in all cases, mainly something long-term!

          Look at the World of Warcraft, how long is it even exist, Destiny should be something like that, just a one big project, full of future expansions and additions. There is a way how Bungie can do it, but I think that they just don’t want to, or simply can’t do it this way, because of the contract. This new consoles would be there for long time, so there can’t be any kind of problem with them.

          I think that there is more players than me, that would love this “idea”.

          Future expansions should be their benefit, if they have big community, there is a huge profit from it, especially when you have a expensive DLC’s every month or even every week. DLC’s like new planets, just a large amount of data, it’s no problem for our HDD’s. Once again, look at the World of Warcratf, how “he” can do it. It should be pattern for Destiny.

          Another bad think is, that they are represent us already some future expansions for another continuation, this is bad man, this is bad. You not even properly start your new Ferrari, and sill, you want a new, and better car? Come on, this is just a stupid wasting of our time, I mean. . I already say it once, but I say it once again, I really like this game, I love Destiny like it is. But this game just should be long-term project exactly like World of warcraft or any other similar games like this. I guess, every guardian would appreciate this, rather than idea, that there would be another Destiny for every next 2 years. Like Call of Duty? Maybe. I forgot about Activison.

          Anyway, no matter what Destiny is, I still like this game. But my faith in Bungie is slowly decreasing, I’m sorry. There was a better times, when they are making Halo. Believe me.

          – Halogen cz

          • Valentin Cuellar

            Yeah but the first Destiny also runs on last-gen consoles or were you not aware. If they want to take advantage of current gen technology and make this huge game your talking about then we definitely need a Destiny 2 and more importantly ditch last-gen.

          • Petr Švancara

            No, I don’t agree with your words. Last gen consoles are still here, and Destiny is available even for them. There is only changes in resolution and graphics, between this two generations. Destiny should be same as it is even for last gen consoles, Maybe you should have worse graphics in last gen consoles, but that is only difference. Destiny should be log-term game project, even for last gen consoles. This last gen consoles can still use every content that Bungie makes for this game in future expansions, so there is no problem with them at all. I don’t expect to have more Destiny games in such a way how Bungie already say it. They should rather make they first Destiny, to be the best game as much best it even could be. Ho long we even play it since the launch? And they already confirmed another sequel? This is sad. I’m not only one who want just a one, huge game, full of expansions and additions, a game that would be massive. I starting to lose faith in Bungie, this game should be one huge, open world experience for many years, and not something that have tons of continuations.
            – Halogen cz

    • WakkaWakka

      You do realize that to add these worlds in as DLC would be several GIGABYTES of data to download all at once? Yeah, if you thought server issues were bad now, just wait till you have 2+ million people each downloading 10 gigabytes all at once.

      • Petr Švancara

        Yes, I realize that these worlds should add several Gigabytes of data in our HDD. So what? You don’t play any modern games or what? Adding some stuff like this is just a normal way. I download more than 3 Gigabytes of data in Burnout Paradise, that was racing game. And what about Halo 4? Spartan Ops was totally free content, and it’s about 2,5 Gigabytes of data. We all have room for it i our HDD’s. I don’t see any kind of problem behind adding some content like this. People are already downloading some Xbox LIVE free games, they have even more than 8 Gigabytes. So what?
        – Halogen cz

      • OceansOfEuropa

        Google “Content Delivery Network” and don’t talk about software development if you don’t understand it.

        • Petr Švancara

          Mr. wise guy talking here? You propably never play some games that have massive dowload content in it right? Fuck your “content delivery network” fuck it. . We downolad this kind of content every month from Xbox LIVE. Games that have more than 8 gigabytes at all, but I think that I already say this. DLC’s that have bigger content in it, is just a harder to download, but not entirely impossible. So go to school, learn the basics.
          – Halogen cz

          • WakkaWakka

            First, the current game was about 12.5Gb on Xbox 360, not 8Gb. 4+ gigs is an appreciable difference when you multiply that by millions of players. Second, you are missing the fact these downloads would be taking place within a short period of time (presumably one day). Heck, It took most people about 25+ minutes in the US to download the most recent update, and that sucker was only 2.4Gb at most. Again, I reiterate to you that a conservatively estimated 250-300k (less than the estimated 9.5million players) downloads of >10Gb every hour would be the worst user experience for any Destiny player ever.

  • Petr Švancara

    Fuck Destiny 2! We already played first Destiny, those planets should be in first game, like a DLC or totally free content. I don’t want to hear about next game, every time when is some new game launch there is a rumors or talks about possible sequel, I don’t like this! I want to play first Destiny a really long time, I don’t want to hear anything about next game at all. This is just a bullshit. Destiny 2, Destiny 3, Destiny 4, Destiny 5? Jesus Christ, it’s like some sports game, Fifa 2013, Tiger Woods 2015, NBA 2016 and so on.
    – Halogen cz

    • WakkaWakka

      Hell, the whole game should be free, right?! Who do these people think they are, producing games with detailed worlds and plans for a story that will unfold over the span of 10 years?! And then they plan on charging me for all the hard work that they are putting in on a weekly basis to come up with new future content and stories?! The nerve of these people! They should give us the game for free, and unload all of the story right this very minute!

      Yes, that’s how you sound.

      • Michael MacDougall

        It’s funny because what can you even say to these self entitled idiots? If you dont like destiny, if you feel ripped off, move on. I’ve been ripped off by games before. I never had to take to the internet, find masses of groups and exclaim everything should be free.

        Destiny is a beautiful and awesome game. Maybe stop crying, produce some (LOGICAL) feedback and hope for it to be in the next installment.

        Shovel my face with DLC bungie and give me extra shit to play until your next installment. Loved the first one, i’m all yours.

        • delta 6655

          i just wish the game was more compleate, i love the game, but think about it, we just got this, and already they are eager for another large pile of money. when you want to start a franchise, your first game needs to be as good as possible for us, i mean they say 10 years. then say they wanna make another game, they preach we will always have something to do. umm, not really, once you reach the upper 20’s you get board really fast. i love the game, but i really think it could have been better, and in fact, would have been better if the lead writer hadent left/been fired. they had a whole gamewith sparrow races and varity, but he left and they started from scratch, ignoreing a good idea, i dont think destinys a bad game, but ignorence is still ignorence, and no excuse for not putting something in the game. destiny is a very good game, but then you relize how much it could have, and would have been. thats why a sequal so soon is such a rip off. halo had years between sequals, destiny has had maby a month and a half now. bungie could make evin more money if they fixed this destiny and added the things every one, i dont care how much you love destiny,wanted. theres still so much more it could have been.

  • Jack Chastain

    Couldn’t one of these worlds, most likely Jupiter, be in the “Comet” expansion pack that comes out in a year? Supposedly, it adds a wealth of new content (though that may not mean anything anymore…) so I could see a larger area being added (for lots of $$$ obvs). I’d be ok with that, or more areas on the planets we have (Old Chicago anyone?). Time will tell

  • Nick Lococo

    Destiny 2 is complete with 7 whole new story missions

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  • delta 6655

    ok, ok, this is stupid as hell. i dont blame them for a destiny 2, but so soon after release, god damnit you havent finshed this destiny you coporate whores. i was compleatly under the impreshion that destiny would be bigger before its second game came out. i dont need another cod game, and this is an mmo isent it? (its really not when you think about it) just im loseing faith in bungie

  • Alex Rochelle

    Ok ok, so let me get this straight. Bungie created grimoir cards of saturn and jupiter IN Destiny, which means it will be part of the content correct? if its not then why put it in the grimoir anyways because we wouldnt need to know about it until the sequel came out right? even if everything was scrapped they still put in the Saturn and Jupiter grimoir cards AFTER everything which again to me insinuates that it will be in this Destiny. Please PD stop worrying about “Destiny 2” unless there is absolute solid evidence that is what they are working on. The game they are working on could be another game under Activision maybe Bungie will help on the next COD who knows, so please stop speculating until evidence is shown, 90% of the fan base dont want to hear about destiny 2 when content isnt done on destiny.

    • Micah Yang

      Bungie cod? I hate you for saying that

      • DeLana Marie Jenkins

        technically bungie supported/helped in COD AW i watched the end credits of the game after completing it on veteran.

  • Micah Yang


  • Micah Yang

    If bungie can make an endless grind that is actually fun then we should give them some credit

  • OceansOfEuropa

    I’m very excited for Europa, as evidenced by my username 😀

  • inquisitor314

    With all due respect how about you dont explore. how about you press the iron to the developers heals like you where suppose to do the first time with your fellow gamer journalist and demand the real story. Press the issue of why a second title for a game that was not complete on it first title. how about not letting people down and creating half measure applications. You only make another game if you want more money. you improve and build on the current game if you wish to build your fan base and arent looking to make a killing on the market again from false advertisement. How about you do that instead of the hype machine you are trying to start up. It is an interesting notion but yeah how about you dont give bungie a pass this time.

  • Anthony

    I’m fine if they add content through DLC but I really hope this rumor of Destiny 2 is not true. I’m fine with paying for content for the original game but if its like another game I feel like there would be this disconnection between the first game and the second game. Does anybody kind of get where I’m coming from or did this make no sense?