Relics of Destiny, Parts 2 & 3

Hey all, it’s Firestream.  The guys here were gracious enough to invite me to start contributing here, so here I am with my first post.  This is Parts 2 & 3 of a set of fan art I’m calling “Relics of Destiny”.  The inspiration came from the Become Legend eBook that just came out, of which I contributed a piece of art.  So, here you go!

RoD, Part 2 RoD, Part 3

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  • TimAuthor

    Thanks for posting Firestream, these look amazing.

  • CaptainNoah

    That Titan… It makes me smile.

  • Bubbais55

    Lol, that hive wizard, just strolling through a garden, trying to kill me…so relaxing….rage quits aren’t so bad….-WHA, WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?

  • Squatchmen

    Looks sweet!