Radiant Materials, Raid Gear, Hard Mode

Published on: Dec 3, 2014 @ 11:58

Raid gear is going to be obtained and upgraded differently in The Dark Below!

The hard mode of Crota’s End – level 33 difficulty – will be available in January.


First off, the way upgrading raid gear has been completely changed.

As we showed in this article, Radiant Materials are used to upgrade the Legendary raid gear – instead of the Ascendant Materials that all other Legendary gear needs.

Radiant Energy and Radiant Shards are acquired exclusively in the Crota’s End raid.

dark below legendary raid gear

In addition, if you break down unwanted raid gear, you’ll also be able to get Radiant Materials.

Eris Morn offers the ability to switch out Radiant Energy for Radiant Shards and vice versa.

Drop Refinements

In Crota’s End, Bungie has added the ability for Destiny to track the drops you’ve already had, as well as how long its been since you received a particular item.

You’ll now have a more consistent reward experience with the raid, which will be available on December 9th.

Primary Raid Weapons

The new primary weapons will only be available through the hard mode of the Crota’s End raid, which is going to be released sometime in January.

To see all of the raid weapons, armor, and all of the new upgrade perks, check out this article.

The following are all primary raid weapons:

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  • Todd Michael Nery

    So what will we be able to do with our stockpile of Ascendant materials? Sitting with close to 300 ascendant shards and 330+ ascendant energies in my vault…

    • DaFox

      im so jealous ( -_-)

    • Mark

      You should be able to take say, 50 of those and be able to use them as exotic shards or something. As if we needed ANOTHER form of currency haha. But I still am stoked for the DLC ;D

    • Todd Michael Nery

      Bungie, if you could go ahead and add some form of conversion for ascendant materials to planetary materials that would be GREAT!!!

    • Use them on the new Legendary Crucible/Vanguard gear 🙂 listed it all in the middle of this article: http://planetdestiny.com/exotics-arenas-quests/

  • Hydreigon530

    ….wait the primaries will only drop on hard? That is such a terrible idea

    • Christian

      They are the most powerful, so it only makes sense.

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  • Oriel76

    First, dismantling all legendary (and VoG) gear we’ve earned so far cause they won’t be of any use.

    Then grind up reputation to acquire New legendary gear…

    Also, with 7000 Glimmers the upgraded Weaps or Armors it means no more than 3 items per week (Plus waiting the week end for Xur to be there) if they don’t extend the glimmer cap…

    Once you spend all that stuff for having your upgraded exotics you’ll need to upgrade them from the start ?!

    No Primary Raid Weaps til January ???

    With all those material needed for upgrading gear, we’re going to need more space in our inventory and in the vault…

    I’m kind of worry of how it’s going to be to grind up to 32…
    And… Will it be the same for DLC 2 ? We’ll we have to trow away everything again ?

    I’m from Borderlands, so I’m kind of ok to refresh my gear every level cap, but they weren’t that much stuff to considered…

    The only good news is the drop refinement (Still have to check if this works)

  • Hydreigon530

    Why won’t they also make the VoG have the same drop system, they should also update the raid that everyone has access to

  • Lee Juriet

    I wish they hadn’t fixed the ability to get the templar to float off his platform… because now my team has no idea what to do, and Hard Raid became even harder!

    • Robert

      That was the point. Templar was way too easy when you could just shove him off the platform.

      • Lee Juriet

        Not really, because he could still kill people really easily, and if you screwed up your team mix it took too long, he’d enrage, minotaurs would start spawning faster than ISIS spawns idiots, and then everyone dies.

        • Robert

          Honestly, if you were having a hard time cheesing the Templar you just didn’t have a very good team setup going in. As long as you have 2 or 3 warlocks and a couple of titans, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Takes 5 minutes at the most to cheese him.

        • Talentino Max

          you are bad….

    • Justin Jossart

      To beat the Templar on Hard you need 2 level 30’s. One of them grabs the Relic while the other watches his back. They take care of the 2 “hidden” oracles by standing where the back left oracle spawns. The other four Guardians stay up at the spawn point with snipers. They handle the other oracles and lay waste to the Templar when the Relic Bearer takes his shield down.

      However, the Templar is possible to beat on Hard mode with 6 level 29’s if you just beat it straight. Have Titans bubble shield on the teleport points. COMMUNICATE with your team especially regarding Minotaurs.

    • Gaou Chrys

      omg really templar on hard mode is hard?
      Actually hard mode on destiny mean normal mode on ‘mmo’, templar on hard mode is just a joke, i m just hoping for a real hard mode for cropta.
      Just an advice “never cheese” it s stupid cause at the end you don’t know what to do ….

  • Ethan

    They really need a better way to get ascendant materials for crucible players. So far the crucible drop rate is abysmal and it needs to be fixed. I don’t really like pve due to the lack of real meaty content but i still like to run the raid with my friends, but I will have to upgrade my full set of gear which takes forever when you are primarily a crucible player. After that I will have to get more materials to upgrade the Raid Gear and get to level 30. This really needs to be changed. Possibly just cut the number of shards and energy needed to 2 for each upgrade. Because as it goes i will need 18 for each piece of gear and that will never happen playing the crucible.

    • Why should they change it just because you don’t play some parts of the game? That doesn’t make much sense.

  • Sam

    Wait, is there anyway to upgrade your VoG Raid gear? I really like the look of it compared to the Crota’s End gear. Or am I going to have to collect all the Crota’s end gear just to hit level 32?

    • I don’t think so, however, there is a level 31 difficulty for VoG coming – so maybe that’ll have better gear… but that’s just pure speculation.